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Sailor Ranko: Tunnel Vision: Chapter 2, Practice Makes Perfect.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me upload chapters to without checking them.

"Sun you Jerk!!!" screamed Sailor Io as she once again fired her Lava Blast at her currently female husband. As usual, Sailor Sun stuck her tongue out and easily dodged her attack. The battleground was littered with smoking craters that were rapidly increasing in number. "Searing Plasma Blast!" cried Sun and she counter attacked and watched Io take a flying leap behind a boulder that in seconds was smashed to kingdom come.

The training exercise was going very well with Ranko as Sailor Sun in one corner and Akane as Sailor Io in the other. Sailor Io had just about mastered her powers and would do very well in a fight with the youma. At her skill level now, she could probably take on an entire army single-handed. Since there had not been any youma attacks in weeks, Sailor Sun took it upon herself to train the newest member of the Senshi in controlled combat.

At least that was what Sailor Sun called it. Sailor Mars called it controlled chaos. Sailor Jupiter called it controlled mayhem. Sailor Mercury called it out of control. Sailor Moon called it quits and gave up trying to stop it. With wanton destruction in their wake, the other Sailor Senshi had to be called in just to help minimize the damage. Sailor Neptune was called in the most since she had water powers much to her dismay. Neptune got really tired putting out the forest fires caused by Sun and Io's antics. Only after a scolding by Neptune and Uranus did Sun and Io bother to find a place to train that wasn't flammable.

Death Valley, California became the new training ground for two magical pyromaniacs. Sun and Io got into their training so much that everyday they can be found blasting old junk cars, rocks and sand dunes. Since Sailor Sun's ability to teleport only worked during daylight, they had to make sure they stopped their fun before nightfall.

"Ok, Sun, you win this time," gasped Io as she fell on her hands breathing very hard. Her yellow Sailor uniform was drenched in sweat from all the exercise. She thought she should transform back to Akane to quickly clean herself up.

"Of course, because I'm the superior being!" cried Sun triumphantly. Io looked up at Sun and with super human speed produced the hammer O'chi and smacked Sun into the ground.

"You're still a jerk!"

"You're still a tomboy!"




"Hey, you married one!"

Io didn't have a comeback to that remark, so she did what now came naturally and jumped Sun and gave her a hug.

They both lay there on the desert floor and looked into each other's eyes. After a moment they then both looked at the afternoon sky.

"Oh, how I love to look at the sunset, it's so romantic," sighed Io. She turned to look at Sun whose eyes just bugged out.

"Uh oh... Time to go." She stood up pulling Io close to her and invoked her teleportation magic, "Sun Beam Transport!" In a flash, the two of them were whisked away back to their home in Juuban Japan.

Minutes later, a U.S. marine corps jeep drove up to the rim of the battleground. The single occupant got out and just as well rehearsed, took pictures of the carnage.

"Sooner or later I'm going to find the rednecks who did this and throw them in the brig," thought Corporal Gonzalez. He then began looking for the evidence he needed to convince his commander that this was more than good ol' boys having a good time. As before, he didn't find any proof that any normal weapons were fired. No shell casings, no LAW rocket launchers, no beer cans, no dynamite sticks, nothing. He had shown the craters to others, but they just thought it was some of their fellow marine's previous work. It was a military training ground after all. Gonzalez sighed, "Sooner or later I'll find these morons. I've got to catch them before someone gets hurt."

Setsuna was reading the morning paper when a very strange chill went up her spine.
This is not normal, she thought. It felt like something was in the time stream. This ripple was very faint and she probably would have not even noticed it unless she was relaxed like she was at that moment. She thought about the events that were supposed to transpire in the next few days and found nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the next week was going to be as uneventful as the last month.

"It's about time," thought Setsuna. "I really need this vacation."

Ranma and Akane were late again to school. Running at top speed, they rushed onto the school grounds just as the bell rang. They got to their seats with detention slips already waiting for them. "Looks like we've got company," whispered Akane as she noticed Usagi's seat was empty. A few minutes later, right on time if you went by Usagi's clock, Usagi came into class out of breath and sat on her detention slip.

A day at Juuban High School went like any other day. Unlike Furikan High where every lunch break and after school session involved property damage, Juuban was normal. Since the youma had not been coming to Juuban, the only source of excitement had been the women's gymnastic meets, Akane's attempts at swimming or Makoto's attempted boyfriend of the day.

Ami, Minako and Makoto got together with Usagi, Akane and Ranma during lunch break. Minako suggested that they all go to the mall after school. In unison, the three late risers produced their detention slips with a dejected look on their faces. Ami said, "Usagi! You have an alarm clock. Why don't you use it?"

"I used it!" cried Usagi. "And I used the snooze button at least three times and it still won't get me up in time for school!"

"What else is new?" Ami sighed, she turned to Ranma, "And what's your excuse Ranma?"

"Uh.. Well we were..." Ranma stuttered.

"Training," said Akane. "Yes, we were training again."

Minako smirked, "Let me guess. 8 hour time difference?"

Makoto added, "So what's the damage this time?"

"Rocks. Lot's of rocks." Akane giggled, "Now if I can get the rocks out of Ranma's head."

"Hey! I won fair and square." Ranma said.


"Any time!"

"Ok, bring it on!" Akane stood up and took a fighting stance.

"Now, now you two," glared Makoto, "this isn't Furinkan, we can't be starting fights here."

"Coming from a girl who was kicked out of school for fighting, that is the pot calling the kettle black." Ami then took a sip of her juice and just stretched out on the grass.

"Please sit down Akane and enjoy your lunch," Makoto said and looked at Usagi's hungry eyes, "before it vanishes."

"Well, if you are not hungry..." pleaded Usagi.

"Usagi, how in the world do you not pork out?" Ranma asked. "Akane and I have a strict workout routine so we burn up all of our calories, but how do you do it?"

"I dunno. Lucky I guess."

"Maybe it just falls in that black hole in her head," whispered Minako.

"You're being mean to me!" Usagi started crying.

"Minako, that wasn't very nice," Ami then moved over to Usagi to get to stop the tears.

"Why does she have to be so mean to me?!"

"Ok, ok, I'm sorry Usagi. I didn't mean it." Minako said, she then added silently, "you crybaby."

"Now, about the mall after school, do you want to meet us there?" asked Ami.

"We've got homework to make up," said Akane. "We were uh... sidetracked."

"8 hour difference?" repeated Minako.

Akane looked at Ranma who gave a 'Who me?' look. "Yes. 8 hour difference."

"I wanna go! Please meet me at the ice cream shop!" shouted Usagi as she started bouncing up and down in excitement.

"Ok, meet us there at 4:30 and don't be late." Ami knew that Usagi will be there on time. She was never late when it involved ice cream.

"Well, I guess I can see where the calories go," said Ranma as he watched Usagi bounce like a beach ball at the very thought of ice cream.

The bell rang ending lunch break. And the gang went off to their respective classrooms.

Detention time came and the room was filled with the usual suspects. Akane took the time to actually get a head start on the evening's homework. Usagi just sat there thinking about Mamoru. Ranma was doodling in his notebook when the teacher walked by.

"What are you drawing?" asked the teacher.

"Uh nothing." replied Ranma as he tried to cover up his really bad rendition of Sailor Io.

"Unless you have an art class, you'd better start using your time more effectively Mr. Saotome. You have been here far too many times in the last month and I expect you to exercise more discipline in your studies. And this goes for all of you." The teacher was now directing his speech at the entire room. "Our principal is bringing in a specially trained teacher who has experience with problem students. If you all know what's good for you, you had better start following the school rules and become better citizens."

The teacher went to his desk and sat down.
I can't wait for the new teacher to arrive, he thought. I heard she is a real terror.

Usagi walked to the mall and a crowd of onlookers, police cars and fire trucks surrounded the entryway. She got really nervous as she pushed her way into the crowd. I hope Ami and the others are ok, she thought. She used her Senshi powers to detect evil. She felt no evil present here.

"Usagi! Over here!" called Rei who was with the others across the street.

Usagi turned, and pushed herself out of the crowd and joined her friends. "What's going on?"

"I don't know, but it's really bad. I saw at least eight people on stretchers, Ami?" Rei turned to Ami who was using her little computer.

"I'm trying to see if there is a news report, maybe that will tell us something. Ah, got it."

The speaker on Ami's computer started playing the local news radio channel. "There are four confirmed dead including the terrorist in this attack. We only now got word that Sarin gas was involved. More news when it arrives. Headline report: Sarin gas attack at Juuban mall, one terrorist involved, 4 confirmed dead..."

"Oh no! How? Why?" gasped Usagi.

"I don't know, but this is something for the police. Let's go home." Makoto then started to leave and the others just went their separate ways. The mood was totally spoiled by someone's stupid act.

Usagi got home and plopped herself on her bed. And I so wanted to have some ice cream! She selfishly thought, totally forgetting what happened at the mall.

Usagi's mother came in the room, "Usagi! Naru wants you to call her. She seemed upset. Did you two get in a fight at school?"

"No mom, but I'll call her," replied Usagi as she reached for the phone. The phone rang a few times before Naru picked up.

"Usagi! My mom just got home. Something terrible happened at the mall!"

"What happened? We were at the mall too but after it was all over, I think."

"Some guy ran around the mall saying something like 'Revenge is mine!' Mom got a little sick and she just got back from the hospital."

"Is she ok?"

"I think so, she is right now resting in her bed. Oh, Usagi, I was so worried. I called Umino and he is on his way here to be with me."

"At least your mom is alright."

"Ok, well I have to go now, my mom is calling me. Bye."

Usagi hung up the phone. And sat down. Her best friend almost lost her mother today. She thought about her own mother and laid down on her bed and closed her eyes.
I can't handle this, she thought. She slept.

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