Becky's Burger Emporium Fiction, Programming and Mayhem

Here are places on the web I think are neat.

Professional links:
Olde Sküül, a place where I’m one of the owners. Why? I don't know. It sounded like a good idea at the time.
Contraband Entertainment, a cool place that made some awesome games!

Personal links:
SheWired, news and events happening in the lesbian community.
Slashdot, news and events happening in the geekette community.

Fanfiction links:, lot's of fan fiction can be found here.
Asgera's Lair, home of "Warrior of Hope".
Joe Fenton's home page, home of "Pink Sugar and Spice".
Cory Rose's home page, home of "Princess of the Moon".
Kevin Hammel's home page, home of "Honor and Love" and "Twice in a Millennium".
Tail Kinker's home page, home of "Risa".
Fiction by Deborah Goldsmith, home of "Genma's Daughter" and "Equal Halves".
The Temple of Ranma's Seifuku, a website devoted to Ranma as a Sailor Senshi.
I can haz Cheezburger!, a site filled with humorous pictures of cats and even sillier captions.

Webcomics I like:
Sailor Ranko: The Webcomic, is a webcomic version of the Sailor Ranko novels.
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, is a very funny online comic about a guy who becomes a magical girl. Poor guy.
The Wotch, a webcomic about a magical girl, a school full of nutcases and the occasional monster.
The Wotch: Cheer!, a webcomic about four guys who magically turned into female cheerleaders, a school full of even more nutcases and the occasional monster.
Venus Ascending, a Sci-Fi spoof with the cast of Venus Envy recast as the crew of the starship Venus Ascending. In space, no one can hear you freak out.
Girl Genius, a comic that has everything. Adventure! Romance! Mad Science! What more could you possibly want?
Crossworlds, what if there was a world where mythical creatures exist and humans don't? Comedy and Drama abounds.
Sailor Sun, a comic about a pair of stars from a Sailor Moon fanfic that suddenly find themselves unemployed.
Dead Winter, mmm... Brains!

Windows based software for development:
Doxygen, a tool to create documentation for "C" source code.
Graphviz, a tool to generate graphs and other visual representations. This is required by Doxygen.
Open Watcom 1.9, an open source freeware "C++" compiler for MS-DOS and Win32 development.
Perforce, a source and asset control system. It's free for personal use.
Active Python, a distribution of the Python language.
Active Perl, a distribution of the Perl scripting language.
Active Tcl, a distribution of the Tcl system.
Microsoft XNA Developer Connection, all you need to know about C# development.
Sony Computer Entertainment, the place where I used to work at. Why? I don't know. It sounded like a good idea at the time.