Becky's Burger Emporium Fiction, Programming and Mayhem

Who am I? I'm a computer programmer, game designer, writer, engineer, pilot, nurse, pastry chef, markswoman, loving mother even though my kids have grown up and moved on.

You can find me on
ICQ at #15317363 or find me on Facebook, Twitter or Skype as burgerbecky, and on Discord as Burgerbecky.

I was born and raised in Whittier California, a suburb of Los Angeles, and had a childhood I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I was the Atari 2600 National Space Invaders Champion in 1980 which spring-boarded my career in the video game industry.

I'm responsible for games such as The Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate, Dragon Wars, Tass Times in ToneTown, Borrowed Time, Mindshadow, The Tracer Sanction, Out of This World SNES, DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D for the 3DO and dozens of Macintosh and Apple IIgs conversions.

Here is an interview that Digital Press did with me
click here to read it.

In 1983, I've helped found
Interplay Productions and was with the company when it was just four people on a porch all the way to a 600+ employee publicly traded company. Also in 1995, I co-founded Logicware Inc. and published Macintosh titles under that brand. I founded on my own game company, Contraband Entertainment in 1999 and it was sold to Olde Sküül in 2013. I was at Electronic Arts, Boone Corporation, Mumbo Jumbo Games, Barking Lizards Technologies, Sensory Sweep Studios, on Xbox 360 technology at Microsoft's Xbox division and on Playstation 3 and 4 and Playstation Vita technology at Sony Computer Entertainment's Research and Development division. I've contributed code to over 200 video game titles for every video game platform.

My main hobby is writing fiction, based on some of my favorite animes such as Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon. I write a daily webcomic called
The Adventures of Sailor Ranko, and I write numerous novels; both fan fiction and original fiction.

I'm also known for baking very fattening cakes with "Death by Chocolate" being my favorite. Yum Yum!

Programming is also a hobby of mine where
Burgerlib is result of over 30 years of work.

I’m Jennell Jaquays widow, and I live in Heath, Texas.