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Ah! My Goddess : Special Assignment
A Completed One Chapter Drama.

A war broke out somewhere in the world. The goddesses must help out in a department in Heaven that's currently overworked. Based on the sad state of human affairs.

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Ranma 1/2 : Ryoga for Dinner
A Completed One Chapter Dark Comedy.

"Sorrow" sent me a story in script form and I redid it in prose form. Ranma solves the Ryoga problem once and for all. icon 250x73

Ace Ventura / Ranma 1/2 : When Charlotte Calls
A Completed One Chapter Comedy.

Azusa's pet pig, Charlotte, has been stolen by the evil Akane Tendo. Well, that's what Azusa thinks anyways. So who can she call to solve her dilemma and save the pig tailed one from the vile clutches of Ranma Soatome and Akane Tendo? Why, this is a job for Ace Ventura! What if the great Pet Detective, Ace Ventura, had to face Ranma Saotome? Who will emerge victorious? Who really cares? Based on an idea from Joseph Fenton. Blame him for this waste of words.

Online or PDF file.

Ace Ventura / Ranma 1/2 : Suddenly Seeking Panda
A Completed Three Chapter Comedy.

No! Not again! The Ueno zoo's prize Panda, Bon-Bon, has gone missing, and the only one who can bring him back is the legendary pet detective, Ace Ventura! At least, that's who they ended up with anyways. Why is Genma Saotome nervous? What does he have to do with a missing panda? What does any of the Ranma cast have to do with this mess? And why did I write this story in the first place? Read, to find out...

Online or PDF file.

Oh! My Goddess / Ranma 1/2 : Happosai's Life of DOOM
An in-progress PG rated comedy.
Yes, it’s PG rated, you sickos.

Hild is tired of her demon minions always being bested by Belldandy and her sisters. Checking Midgard, she finds a human worthy of descending to become a Demon First Class of Perverted Sex. Woah, big mistake. Now, a prophecy must be fulfilled to stop the little demonic freak, but will our heroes make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Happosai's reign of terror?

Online only.

Independence Day / Ranma 1/2 / 801 Airbats : Independence Day
An in-progress heavy drama with comedic elements.

July 2nd, they arrive. July 3rd, they attack. July 4th is the day we attempt to strike back. Who lives? Who dies? Massive destruction on a global scale as the aliens' immense ships and impenetrable shields make it all but impossible to stop them.

Online only.

Ranma 1/2 : The Ranma Show
A coming soon drama with comedic elements.

Ranma 1/2 is a popular TV show watched by people all over the world. Strange thing is, Ranma is totally unaware that his life is being recorded and the world around him is completely fake. He lives in a virtual reality world where the laws of physics are optional. In time Ranma discovers the truth of his world. What does he do about it?

Ranma 1/2 : Destiny's Child: Living in the Past
A coming soon drama with comedic elements.

A sequel to Duncan "Fire" Zillman's epic story Destiny's Child. Ranma and Rei make a perfect couple as Saturn Knight and Sailor Mars. Setsuna, still bitter over Ranma's locking her out of the time gates, envisions the perfect revenge. She arranges a chance meeting between Ranma and a strangely familiar person whose existence threatens to tear Ranma's life apart.