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Sailor Ranko: Just Add Water: Chapter 15, Epilogue.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make wear a chicken suit in front of "El Pollo Loco".

Nodoka and Kasumi didn't say much to each other during the train ride from Juuban. Both girls were deep in thought at the betrayal and cowardice that their men had shown in Ranma and Akane's hour of need.

Kasumi didn't show any of her true emotions. She kept her smile but deep down inside, she was ashamed of her father. While Ranma and Akane were risking their lives, Soun spent his time hiding in a bush. She grew up with respect for her father and had put up with his emotional outbursts. She chalked it up to his never getting over the loss of his wife. She saw that her father was a coward. Kasumi didn't know where her father was right now. He was probably at a bar with Mr. Saotome. She felt let down. She hoped her father would be more courageous in time. She just didn't know how much more time he would need.

Nodoka was furious at her husband. Their son was fighting for love and justice and all Genma could think about was a cure for his curse. She reflected on all the lies and deceit that she had suffered through all those years and openly questioned in her mind if Genma would ever be redeemed. She sighed at the hopelessness of her situation. The Saotome family home was destroyed. It was wiped out by three girls fighting over who would get what they thought was an engagement ring from Ranma. She giggled at the thought of so many girls fighting over her son.

Nodoka had to live at the Tendos since she had nowhere else to go. Genma had a low paying job and all the money was going to the Tendos to pay for living expenses. They would never be able to save any money to rebuild their home. She thought about getting a job, but she didn't want to be supporting her husband. Her husband was supposed to support her.

Nodoka missed her son. He had been missing from her life for so long and the visits she got were few and far between. She wanted to find a way to be able to be a bigger influence on her son's life. She needed to talk to Ranma about how she felt and about what she wanted. Maybe he could offer some sort of solution. For now, she was content to live with the Tendos. She enjoyed being their surrogate mother. It gave Kasumi a chance to live her own life instead of being the mother to her family.

The train stopped. The two women left and began the long walk home. Kasumi paused at Dr. Tofu's office. She smiled at the building and thought about the man inside. Nodoka took notice, "You like him?"

Kasumi didn't turn to face Nodoka. She kept her gaze on the building. "Yes, I like him." Kasumi started to walk home again.

"Has he asked you out?"

Kasumi lost a little of her glow. "No."

"Why not?"

"I don't know. I borrow books from him from time to time and he just doesn't seem to see me." She stood up straight again. She thought about her future. Akane was married and living with her husband in Juuban. Nabiki was going to graduate in two months. She was going to be a free woman. Her job was almost finished. She needed to plan for her own life. "Maybe I should ask him out."

Nodoka put her arm around Kasumi's shoulder. "Maybe you should."

As the girls walked over the horizon, a brown haired man with fogged up glasses danced with a skeleton in the front walkway of his office. He had the misfortune of seeing a beautiful woman outside his practice and it caused a predictable effect on him. It was sad really.


Ranko and Akane finally got home from the celebration at the ice cream shop. They plopped on the couch. Ranko wanted to stay female for a while. She was glad to be able to become female again. She glanced at the clock. It was pretty late in the evening.

Akane had recovered from the ice cream binge that the two girls came from. Ranko had set a new speed record in devouring a banana split. Usagi didn't even come close.

Akane started tidying up the living room and went to the kitchen to empty the trash. Ranko playfully examined her female body. "Ah, it's good to be back."

Akane peeked out of the kitchen. "You mean back to being a girl."

Ranko stood up and went to the bedroom. She stood before the mirror. "You never really appreciate things until they are taken from you." She produced her henshin stick and admired the craftsmanship. She held it to her face and gave it a tiny kiss. "Sun Star Power! Make Up!"

Akane gave a sigh and put down the sealed trash bag. She came to the bedroom just as Ranko finished her transformation. "You're going to wear that thing out!"

Sailor Sun held her arms to her waist. She just stared at herself in the mirror. She touched her tiara and felt the warm gold metal along her forehead. She turned to Akane. "Dear, please transform right now."

Akane stood next to the redhead and pulled her yellow henshin stick from nothingness. She called out her transformation phrase and spun in the air. She stood alongside her husband and held Sun's shoulders. Sun gently held Io's waist and slowly embraced her. Sun placed her head on Io's shoulder. "I thought I would never be able to do this again."

Io returned the embrace. "We beat him. We beat Happosai and his pet."

Sun closed her eyes and concentrated on a destination. "Sun Beam Transport!"

In a moment the two changed into a beam of light. Io felt her very being was pulled in every direction and suddenly the feeling was gone as she stood next to Sun on a desolate landscape. The air felt strange and Io felt a little nausea since the gravity wasn't normal.

Sailor Sun looked up at the sky holding the hands of her beloved. "I thought I'd never see this again." Above the girls was the Earth with only one quarter of it bathed in sunlight. The rest of the Earth was in darkness. Io realized that they were standing on the moon. Sun let go of one hand and led Io by the other to the ruins of an ancient structure.

Sun took Io to a stone bench and sat down on it. Io sat beside her and was stunned by the magnificent columns all around them. The stars above them were hundreds of times more numerous than from a view on Earth. Io took a breath and slowly exhaled it. "How am I breathing?"

Sun recalled ancient memories from her past life. In the Crystal Millennium, everyone knew these things. In the present, only a select few knew about Senshi magic. "You're a Sailor Senshi now. Your transformation allows you to exist in space and on any of the planets." She waved her hand to show her surroundings. "You're just like the rest of us."

Io bent down and picked up some moon dust. She held a small amount in her hand and blew it away making a small cloud that slowly settled back down. The motion was much different than on Earth. The dust took its time falling and didn't scatter since there was no air to move it around. Io didn't question why she was able to breathe. She just enjoyed the moment. "Sun, is this where you took your mother?"

"I brought her here. I wanted to show her our past."

Io looked at the ruins. "What happened here?"

Sailor Sun gave the story of the fall of the moon kingdom. She talked about her sacrifice that gave her the right to wear a Sailor uniform. She told Io of what she knew of Crystal Tokyo. Io was in awe that all of this history was totally forgotten by the people of Earth.

Sun ended her story. "Well, that's everything I can remember. I still don't have all my memories. Honestly, I don't really know if I want to remember everything."

"Why is that?"

"As a girl, I'm Ranko. I have my own life now. Angwyn Weaver was what I used to be. I'm not her anymore. I don't want her taking over my life. I want to live my own life with you."

Io saw the love in Sun's eyes that she had for her. Io took Sun's hands. Sun continued, "I remember that in my past life, I suffered pain and anguish and lived for revenge. For a long time I led an empty life only to sacrifice myself at the end." She held Io's hands tight. "I never want to live an empty lonely life again."

Io promised, "We'll never be lonely. You'll always have me. I'll always have you."

Sun had a mischievous gleam in her eye. "If you can catch me!" She started to run but had to adjust to compensate for the lack of gravity. Io started to follow but bounded off the surface and very high into the sky. Io looked down and saw Sun sticking her tongue out and mocking her. Io slowly came back down and the two girls played on the moon's surface for hours.

The two were covered in moon dust and were in desperate need of a bath when they were done wrestling with each other. Sun held her soul mate and teleported them again.

Castle Io had not had visitors since the other nine Senshi gathered to create the henshin stick for their newest member. Io and Sun spent a good half hour exploring the ancient building made of bright orange yellow volcanic stone. The surface of the castle was worn and eroded. Io was concerned the building would collapse at any minute from age. They took a tour of the surface of the moon Io. They played with the sulfurous dust and rocks and sat together watching a volcano erupt near the horizon. The two sat on the roof of the castle and watched Ganymede float by and Jupiter's storm clouds ever so slowly moved along the surface of the giant planet. They slept in each other's arms for a few hours. Sun was happy that the communicators had an alarm clock installed.


The two Senshi reappeared in their apartment. It was seven o'clock in the morning. Io closed her eyes and refused to let go of Sun. She didn't want the moment to end. Sun gently touched Io's bluish hair and caressed it softly. They felt the warmth of their bodies against each other and let their love flow between them.

There was a knock at the door. Both girls quickly reverted to their normal forms. Akane was furious that someone would ruin such a beautiful romantic moment. "Who's visiting us at this hour?"

The two girls went to the front door and Akane opened it. Tatewaki Kuno stood there with two bouquets of roses, one on each arm. "Ah! Akane Tendo and the pig-tailed one, I am here to sweep you off your feet!" He thrust out the roses to Akane and Ranko.

Ranko went rigid. She was furious. "Kuno! When are you going to take the hint that we are not interested in you in the slightest!" She turned red with anger.

Akane started to vibrate in fury. She grabbed the flowers meant for her and slapped Kuno in the face with it. "How dare you bother us at this time of the morning!"

Tatewaki ignored the facts as usual. "'Tis but a moment to be treasured. To be in the company of ravishing beauty such as this, I am humbled and will allow you to be in my presence."

Ranko took a step closer. "You really don't get it do you buster! Akane and I are not interested. You got that numbskull?!"

Kuno took the approach the wrong way. He glomped her. "Oh, my pig tailed goddess, you have come so that I may date with you." He stood up staring at the ceiling. He pulled out a fan and opened it while holding Ranko in his other arm. "We shall mark this day. It will be as glorious as our first date together. Ah what a glorious day that was."

Ranko didn't want that horrible memory to be brought back in the open. She almost kissed Kuno on that day in a desperate attempt to take Kuno's magic sword to break her curse. Ranko regretted the decision to date with this psychopath. Ranko punched his face. "Let go of me you pervert!" She squirmed out of his grip.

Kuno rubbed his cheek. "The only pervert is Saotome."

Akane punched Kuno in the other cheek. "Don't call my husband a pervert!" Akane thought, "Only I can call him that."

Ranko cross her arms and took a defiant stance. "Kuno, go back to Nerima and leave us alone. There is nothing for you here."

Kuno rubbed his other cheek. "I see that Akane Tendo is still in the grasp of the sorcerer Ranma Saotome." He held out his hand for Ranko. "Come my love, he has no power over someone as fiery as you."

Ranko prepared to kick Kuno out the door. She paused and had a terrible idea. "Oh Kuno, it's too late. I've already fallen in love."

"You can't be under the influence of that dread Saotome. I cannot permit it." Kuno reached for his bokken and prepared to pull it out.

Ranko batted her eyes to Akane. "Why yes! I am in love with a Saotome." She reached over and grabbed a startled Akane and kissed her on the lips.

Kuno gasped. "W-w-what?"

They stopped their kiss and looked at Kuno. "We're both Saotomes."

"No!" He pulled out his bokken. "That defiler of women has corrupted your pure morals! Where is he?"

Ranko kicked Kuno out into the hall. She stood in the doorway of the apartment. "I'm right here stupid."

Kuno shook his head to clear it out. "I see you there my love. Where is Ranma Saotome?"

Akane ran back into the apartment. Ranko fought the urge to ki blast Kuno right there and then. "I'm Ranma Saotome you idiot! How many times do I have to tell you that!"

"His power over you is great. He made you take his name." Tatewaki stood up with his bokken ready for action. Ranko had to step back to get out of range since the hallway was narrow and the doorframe was too close for comfort.

Akane tapped Ranko's shoulder. Ranko took the cup of hot water. She checked her clothes, yep, red shirt and black pants. "Ok Kuno, I'm going to do this one more time just for you. Watch carefully and you'll see that I'm Ranma." She took the cup over her head and slowly poured.

Kuno saw the change right before his eyes. His pathetic excuse for a brain disposed of the information in moments. "So you are a sorcerer! Where is the pig tailed girl?"

Ranma handed the cup to Akane. He shouted, "I'm the pig tailed girl you moron!" He made a face of disgust. "You're in love with a guy! Quite frankly, you're not my type!"

"How DARE you project your perversions on me!" Kuno charged. "Strike! Strike! Strike!" His flurry of bokken blows was only a brown blur. Ranma had to give ground since the doorway didn't allow Ranma any space to dodge or counterattack. Akane retreated to the kitchen. Ranma took a stand in the center of the tiny living room.

Ranma waited for an opening. He parried the strikes until Kuno overextended one and Ranma grabbed the bokken. He got in Kuno's face and held his eyes to Kuno's. "Listen you single minded excuse for a martial artist. Akane and I are married and the pig tailed girl is me!"

Kuno gave an expression of disgust and rage. "How dare you claim that the fair Akane Tendo would marry the likes of you?"

Akane grabbed Kuno by the collar and pulled him down to her face. "I married him because I love him and not you!" She shoved him against the wall. She pointed her finger toward the open door. "Get out!"

Ranma threw the bokken out the front door. "I think you should do what she says."

Kuno looked at Akane. "I will rescue you Akane. You have my word."

Akane twitched her eyes and shook in pure rage. "Have you had too many blows to the head? What is with you? Get the hell out of my life!" She grabbed a cup from the kitchen counter and threw it at Kuno. The old tea that was in it splashed Ranma on the back of his head.

Kuno glomped Ranko. "Ah pig tailed one, you have escaped from your prison!"

Ranko wasn't playing nice anymore. She kneed his groin. Kuno clutched his private parts and fell the floor groaning. Ranko stood back so Kuno can get a good look at Ranko. "Notice my clothes? I'm wearing Ranma's clothes because I AM RANMA you idiot! I've got a curse that changes me when I'm hit with cold water. The whole school knows about it."

Kuno knelt on the floor. "So cold water is how I free you from your prison?"

Akane and Ranko groaned. Akane went behind Kuno and knocked him out. Akane watched Kuno hit the floor. Ranko pondered the situation. "Was he brain damaged at birth? Or is this something that runs in their family."

Akane laughed, "Let's see, we have Kodachi, Tatewaki and their father the principal. I'd say it runs in the family."

Ranko pondered some more. "He wants a girlfriend. I know just the perfect one." Ranko walked to the bathroom and shut the door. "Sun Star Power! Make Up!" Sailor Sun came out. She picked up Kuno. "Sun Beam Transport!"

Akane stood wide-eyed. She hoped Sun wouldn't do anything really stupid. She went to the hallway to get the bokken and closed the front door.

She sat down for a while on the couch. She peeked at the clock. It was getting close to time to get to school. She hoped that Sun didn't teleport somewhere that it was still nighttime and pass out from lack of sunlight.

Akane was worried. Sun had been gone for over half an hour. She thought about calling Usagi and have her try to sense where Sun was. Akane concentrated and couldn't detect where Sun was. Her powers were still very new and her range was limited.

A flash appeared and Sun looked around. Sun reverted back to Ranko.

Akane saw that Kuno was missing. "What did you do with Tatewaki?"

Ranko gave an evil grin. "Someone else is bothering him now." Ranko went to the bathroom to get ready for school.

A few minutes later, Ranma and Akane ran off for another day at high school. The fun never stopped at the Saotome household.


"Henrietta! Henrietta! Come back here!" Azusa Shiratori shouted as she chased her new toy around the mansion.

Kuno ran quickly, "My name is Tatewaki Kuno! It's not Henrietta!"

"No Henrietta! Come back to Azusa!"

Tatewaki was dressed in a cute girl's dress with a nice pink bow in his hair. He looked just like a cute life sized doll. He was adorable.

"It's time for tea Henrietta!" Azusa's roller skates were much faster than Kuno's running ability. She glomped him and dragged him back to the mansion.


They played for hours.


Ukyou awoke to her alarm at five in the morning. She awoke to start a new day in her new life. Ukyou had made some hard choices before she went to bed. Her old dreams were now just memories. She had a new dream. She was going to devote her life to make this dream a reality. She was going to train like she had never trained before. She assisted in the battle, but she was not the decisive warrior. She needed to improve her battle skills.

Ukyou had decided on the path she wanted to follow. She wanted to make a difference. She was going to make a difference. She got dressed in her blue overcoat and black leggings. She went into the alley next to her restaurant and began her warm up exercises. Konatsu stood by watching his mistress. Ukyou pulled out her battle spatula and practiced moves. She called out, "Konatsu!"

"Yes mistress?"

"I want to practice against shurikens." Ukyou held out her weapon in a defense stance.

"Are you sure about that?" He quickly changed into his female ninja outfit and held his throwing stars ready.

"I'll never learn unless I practice." Ukyou had a look of fierce determination. She was going to be the best.

Konatsu began the training. He administered first aid fifteen minutes later to a very discouraged Ukyou. He asked, "Oh mistress, why are you doing this to yourself?"

Ukyou smiled. "I'm going to make a difference."

Konatsu saw it in her eyes. She was right. She was.

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