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Sailor Ranko: Just Add Water: Chapter 13, Moment Of Triumph.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or eat my brain. My head is empty enough as it is.

Pantyhose Taro returned to his tent after flying around Nerima in a vain attempt to find Happosai. His immense body landed with a grace that hid the awesome strength that his cursed form possessed. He reached into his tent and pulled out a thermos and transformed back into human form. He noticed a piece of paper pinned to the door flap of his tent.

Dear Taro,

Rejoice my boy! I await you at the Juuban High School Gymnasium. I have chosen a new name for you that is worthy of a warrior of your stature. Meet me outside the gym after school gets out.

Your godfather,


Taro was very suspicious. Happosai had never written down the proposed name for his approval. He knew Happosai's idea of a great name didn't mesh with reality. He crushed the paper and walked to the koi pond in the backyard.

Pantyhose walked by Kasumi as she was taking down the laundry. "Hello Taro. It's nice to see you again. Would you like some tea?"

Pantyhose was thirsty. The letter mentioned that he was to meet after school and school was to be let out in about an hour. He had some time to kill. "Yes, I would like that. Do you also have something to eat?"

"Of course. Please come in." Kasumi led Taro into the dining room and gestured for him to sit down. She went to the kitchen to prepare him a small snack.

Taro took a look around. "You have a nice home."

"Thank you." Kasumi poured the tea and put some cookies on a plate. She placed the serving tray on the table. "Will you be staying long?"

Taro ate a cookie. It had been so long since he had had one. He enjoyed the flavor. "Mmm... This tastes good. I got a note from Happosai. I'll be leaving shortly."

Kasumi froze. "Happosai?"

"Yes. I'm meeting him at..." He fumbled for the paper and uncrushed it. "The Juuban High School Gymnasium. Could I trouble you for a map to this place?"

Kasumi grew very pale. "J-J-Juuban High School?"

"Yes. I'm supposed to meet him there after school."

Kasumi grew faint, "Oh my! I've g-g-got to go." She got up and bolted from the room. Ryoga and Akari were in the living room and saw Kasumi's blur run by into the upstairs bathroom. She slammed the door shut.

Pantyhose Taro shrugged, "I guess she really had to go." He sniffed the cookie. "I wonder if she ate Akane's cooking."

Kasumi locked the bathroom door. She pulled out the communicator. She dialed Akane's number and heard the beep and then a voicemail came on, "You've reached the voice mailbox of Sailor Io. Please leave a message."

"Uh Aka... Sailor Io, it's Kasumi. Taro is going to meet Happosai at the Juuban High School Gymnasium after school. Make sure you and the other Scouts are there." She killed the signal.

She dialed another number. "You've reached the voice mailbox of Sailor Sun. This had better be important! Have a nice day." Kasumi felt sad at hearing Sailor Sun's cocky voice. Kasumi repeated her message. She called each of the five inner scouts and left the same message. She didn't know their real names, only their scout names. They had to be in class at the moment and kept their communicators in silent mode. She hoped that someone would return her call soon.

Kasumi picked up the phone in the bathroom next to the furo. Akane had told her that if Happosai was found that she wanted Ukyou and Konatsu to assist since Konatsu's ninja abilities might be useful to track down Happosai once he tried to disappear again. Akane wasn't taking any chances. She wanted Ranma back the way he was.

Konatsu answered the phone in a cute girlish voice, "Ucchan's Okonomiyaki."

"Konatsu, this is Kasumi. Akane told me to ask you to help her catch Happosai. We heard that he's going to be at the Juuban High School Gym after school today. Can you and Ukyou meet Akane there?"

Konatsu stood at attention. "Of course. You can count on us." He hung up the phone and with lightning speed; he locked up the restaurant and ran to Furinkan High School to grab Ukyou. They had a great distance to travel in record time.

She went back downstairs and heard an argument. She rushed to the living room and saw Ryoga and Taro were ready to start fighting.

Taro shouted, "You will not touch Happosai until after he gives me my new name!"

Ryoga got very close to Taro, "I'm going to kill that little pervert!"

Taro flared a battle aura, "Over my dead body!"

Ryoga rolled up his sleeve, "That would be me my pleasure!"

Taro threw a punch which Ryoga dodged and caused Akari to jump back in surprise. Taro punched with his other arm and threw Ryoga across the room into the TV.

Taro realized the time and grabbed a phone book that was sitting next to the telephone. He ran outside.

Ryoga pulled himself away from the TV. He saw Akari on the ground shivering. "Don't worry dear." He got up to track down Taro. Kasumi hopped into the kitchen to avoid being run over by a very pissed Ryoga.

Outside, Taro quickly ran to the koi pond, jumped in and took to the sky. Ryoga took a stand and aimed into the air, "SHI-SHI-HOKODAN!" The blast hit Taro's rump and pushed him higher into the wild blue yonder. Taro shot a look back and wanted to dive bomb Ryoga for that attack. He decided that his new name was more important. He opened the phone book and looked at the map of Tokyo contained within. He found the area of Juuban and turned south to find the high school.

Ryoga was fuming. He pointed his finger and hit a concrete stepping stone. "BAKUSAI TENKETSU!" The stone shattered into a cloud of pebbles. He stormed into the house, past Kasumi and to the closet by the doorway. He pulled out his backpack and umbrella. He switched to a fresh bandanna and psyched himself up for battle. "Akari, let's go to Juuban and get you cured."

Akari was bouncing with glee. They went to the front yard and called Katsunishiki. They got on the pig's back and Ryoga started traveling south. He was going in the right direction. He had to cure his wife.

Soun and Genma came out of the dojo. They were sparring when they heard the racket. Soun saw the broken stone and went to the house, "Kasumi, what happened?"

"Oh, father, Happosai is going to be at the Juuban High School Gymnasium after school today."

Genma and Soun looked at each other. "Let's go!"

Nodoka stepped out of the laundry room; "I'm coming to Juuban with you!" She held her wrapped katana tightly and had a face of someone who wanted to administer some pain.

Genma and Soun took a step back. When they spoke, they meant that they wanted to go as far away as possible from Happosai.

Kasumi took off her apron, "I know where the cab stop is. Besides," she pulled out some grocery money that Nabiki had given her. "I think I'm the who has to pay the fare."

Soun and Genma made sheepish grins and looked nowhere in particular. They thought it was time for another training journey. They knew that Kasumi and Nodoka were going to make sure that they went to Juuban. They were doomed.


Akane felt her communicator vibrate. She was in the middle of a history test and couldn't be disturbed. The alarm code wasn't sent so it didn't vibrate in a way that would have had her make any excuse to leave the class. She would wait until the test was over before she would listen to her message.

Ranma and Usagi came to the same conclusions shortly thereafter.

Ami was giving an example of proper use of the English word 'collision' by banging two erasers together when she felt her communicator vibrate. She finished the lesson and asked the teacher if she could take a bathroom break. The teacher mentioned that the class would be over in half an hour and asked if she could wait. Ami didn't feel the alarm vibration so she agreed. She continued the tutoring.


Konatsu arrived at Furinkan High and whooshed into Ukyou's classroom and swept her away. The class just felt a wind rush through the room and Ukyou vanished. The teacher shrugged and continued the class as if nothing happened.

Konatsu was carrying Ukyou across the rooftops of Nerima. "Ukyou, were have to get to Juuban High right now. Happosai is going to be there."

Ukyou hopped out of Konatsu's arms and ran alongside of him, "Who told you?"

"Kasumi. Akane is going to meet us there."

Ukyou was very jealous that Akane was a Sailor Senshi. She felt better thinking about the fact that Akane took her up on her offer for help. She increased her speed and ran as fast as she could to Juuban.

The two of them leaped across a street and passed the Cat Cafe. Shampoo saw the two running to the south. "Hmm, where they go in hurry?" Shampoo was suspicious and hopped on her bicycle and followed them. Mousse saw Shampoo leave and he ran to chase her and smacked into a light pole. He put his glasses on and ran after Shampoo.

Cologne wondered why they left so quickly. She went back to the doing the dishes when the plate she picked up snapped in two. "This is a bad sign," she said to herself. She grabbed her cane and followed Mousse.

Konatsu turned to Ukyou. "We're being followed."

Ukyou couldn't turn her head. She had to focus all of her energy to keep up the pace. "Who's following us?"


Ukyou didn't want to waste time to ditch Shampoo. "That's ok. She might actually try to help."

"Or she might drag Ranma off to China." Konatsu giggled and jumped to the next building with Ukyou right behind him. They were followed by Shampoo on the ground, Mousse as a duck flying in the air and Cologne hopping on a stick. It was a rather odd procession.

What did you expect? It's Nerima.


Genma was sitting in the front seat of the cab. Nodoka, Soun and Kasumi were in the back seat. Genma suggested, "Why don't we take the scenic route? It will avoid traffic."

The cab driver looked at him as if he had sprouted another head. "This route I'm taking is the fastest."

Nodoka raised a weak battle aura and unwrapped her new katana so that Genma could see it. "We are going to defend our son. Or do you wish for I to do it for you?"

Genma gulped. "Yes dear."


Class ended. Akane, Usagi and Ranma exited the classroom and found a private place to meet. It was difficult since the school was filled with wandering students who were trying to go home. Numerous students were going to the gym to see the exhibition volleyball game.

They found a classroom that had just emptied and shut the door. Ranma hit the play button on his communicator. They all heard Kasumi's message. Usagi was a little mad, "Akane! Why didn't you show your sister the alarm button? This was REALLY important!"

"I thought I did. Anyways, we know where Happosai is going to be. What's the plan?"

Ranma thought about it. "Akane, you and Minako go and play volleyball." He paused for a thought, "take Makoto with you in my place. Keep an eye out for Happosai if he decides to do something to the game. I'll be outside waiting for Taro and see if I can keep him from doing something stupid." Ranma reached into his backpack and pulled out a thermos. "I'm going to get some hot water so I can use it on Taro."

Usagi nodded, "I'll have Sailor Mars stand by with her ward. It should be able to banish the creature. I'll have the other scouts group together and we'll be close by. If anything happens," she turned to Minako, "anything at all. You call us in."

Ranma punched his fists together, "Finally I'm going to make that old freak pay."

Akane gave an evil grin, "Leave some for me."

Usagi gave an unusually evil grin, "I want some too." She held in her hand her moon scepter.

Ranma shuddered, "I hope we don't end up destroying the High School. I kind of like it here."


A bus pulled up at the front gates of Juuban High. The St. Hebereke High School Martial Arts Volleyball team spilled out and grabbed their equipment. Kodachi took a look at the High School. She was dressed in a black tank top and black shorts with matching sneakers. "Hmm... I thought this place would be more upscale." She saw the students milling about. She smiled and happily thought, "Now I'll get to teach that hussy Akane the error of her ways. How dare she take Ranma away from me! After my darling Ranma sees Akane humiliated, he will come rushing into my arms." She spun around and flower petals filled the air in a cyclone of black. She gave her psychotic laugh and pranced toward the gym with her team following.

Tatewaki and Sasuke came out of the bus last. Kuno looked at the high school as well, "Ah, the fair Akane Tendo and the pig-tailed one. I am here to escort you away to a life of bliss."

Sasuke held back his nausea.


Happosai was on the roof of the main high school building. He had two buckets of water next to him. They were both filled with uncursed Jusendo water. He had bound the magic of the water to his demonic power. Now he needed to curse the waters to invoke his final spell.

He placed the offerings into the first bucket. He dropped a bra, a panty, a thong, and a leather thing he found in some girl's dresser and a set of boxer shorts for girls who wore that sort of thing. He stirred them with a metal pole until they all sank the bottom. The water glowed for a moment as the magic absorbed the aura.

In the second bucket he poured in a scoop of ash. He stirred with the other side of the pole until the ash dissolved and the water glowed and returned to normal. He had the spell components ready.


Minako was in the girl's locker room in her volleyball uniform. She exited and found the coach. "I'm telling you, forfeit the match!"

The coach was surprised, Minako never backed down from a sports challenge. "It's a little late for that. Besides, this is the first time that we've had the gym packed. Everyone wants to see this game." He pointed to the gym. There was a large crowd of people trying to get in. "This Martial Arts Volleyball has really sparked interest in the student body."

Minako pulled out the rulebook that Akane gave her from her gym bag. "Have you read these rules? The game ends when the other team is knocked out. I mean knocked unconscious!"

"With Ranko, Akane and you on the team, we can't lose! Ranko and Akane could probably wipe out an army."

Minako waved the book in the coach's face, "Hate to break it to you, but Ranko can't make it."

The coach was shocked, "WHAT! I saw Ranma in class today."

"Well, something happened to his curse and he can't change right now."

The coach was getting desperate. "Can you dye his hair?"

Minako stood on her toes and yelled, "Don't go there! Don't you even think THAT!"

The coach got more desperate, "Is Akane going to play?"

Minako put the rulebook back in her bag. "Yes, she's getting into her uniform right now. I've got Makoto changing into a volleyball uniform to take Ranko's place."

"Whew! That's right! She's a martial artist. I guess that you, Akane and Makoto will have to be in front. Let's gather the team and I'll explain the rules."

Minako nodded and went back to the locker room.


Sailor Mercury was on the roof of the school scanning the area for magical or demonic energy. She was getting very frustrated that nothing was showing up. This demon was very skilled in hiding itself from other magic users.

Mercury looked below. The spaces between the school buildings were almost empty of people since they had gone into the gym or had gone home. She breathed a sigh of relief. The fewer people around here, the lesser the odds of someone getting hurt. She saw Ukyou and Konatsu run up to the entrance of the gym and they were looking for someone. Mercury smiled. Konatsu spun and saw Mercury and pointed her out to Ukyou. They both waved. Mercury waved back. Ranma appeared and talked to them. The three separated and ran off to look for Happosai and Taro.

Mercury looked at the roofs of the other buildings and after a few moments of slowly scanning with her visor, a dot started to appear. The dot turned into a line and it was getting longer. She homed in on the signal. It was the same magical signature as the water that hit Akari and Ranma. She scanned the building the magic was flowing through and gasped.

It was in the plumbing and it was heading straight for the girl's locker room. Mercury pulled out her communicator and gave the general alarm code. She yelled into the speaker as she jumped off the building, "There is magic water heading for the girl's locker room! It's in the plumbing! Avoid the water at all costs!"

Akane had just put on her uniform. Some of the other girls were going to take a shower since they came from gymnastics class and needed to clean themselves up before they played volleyball. Akane heard the showers go on and felt a sense of danger. Makoto glanced at Akane as their Sailor Senshi communicators gave of the general alarm beep. They grabbed their communicators and listened as they ran to the showers. Akane shouted, "TURN OFF THE WATER!" She saw Yoko was about to get wet and she shoved her out of the stall. Akane turned off the water just in time. She looked at the pipe and felt that something bad was inside the tubing and was about to reach the nozzle. Makoto turned off the other shower stall that had running water.

Akane turned to the crowd of half-naked girls, "Don't use the showers. Trust me, you don't want this water touching you." Minako entered and almost smashed into the two girls. She had gotten the message as well.

Sailor Mercury ran inside. She looked around, "I'm going to have to ask everyone to leave the locker room. It's not safe here. Please leave immediately and DON'T TOUCH ANY WATER!"

Everyone who was dressed left right that instant. The years of youma attacks have trained the people of Juuban to listen to any Senshi who gave an evacuation order without question. The rest got dressed in seconds and ran out as well.

Sailor Mercury was alone in the locker room. She scanned the plumbing. She saw in one of the stalls, the magical water was only three meters away from the nozzle. Someone was only seconds away from losing her femininity.

Sailors Io, Jupiter and Venus arrived after a short while and then all four of them looked around the room for any signs of Happosai. Io turned to the others, "I'm going to search the roof."

Mercury nodded, "I'm coming too. The source of the water is there."

Venus and Jupiter nodded. Venus said, "I'll stay here and call you if he shows up."

The three Senshi ran to the exit. Io was the first to get outside. She saw Ranma, Ukyou and Konatsu run up. Io called to them, "Great! I need you to be on the lookout for Happosai. He's here somewhere. The girl's shower is loaded with Nannichuan. I'm going to the roof to find its source."

Ranma held onto his thermos of hot water, "I'm staying at the entrance of the gym." He looked at the thermos, "I've got to deal with Taro."

Io jumped to the roof after the other two Senshi. Konatsu and Ukyou followed Io. Sailor Jupiter was amazed at how many people from Nerima could jump that high.

Io landed on the roof and took a look around. She sensed something close. She heard a whimper. She quietly moved along the open area of the roof and saw the target of everyone's attention. She held a finger to her mouth to let the other Senshi know to be quiet and pointed at Happosai. Everyone froze. Io whispered to Konatsu. "There is the little freak. Sneak up and get him."

Happosai was hanging over the side of the roof. He was peeking in an upper window to the girl's locker room. It appeared that he wanted to see what was going to happen if the tainted water touched them. "C'mon pretty lady. You can take off that dress. I won't mind." He was watching Sailor Venus as she was searching for him in the locker room.

Konatsu crept up to the old man. He didn't want to blow this opportunity to put an end to his reign of terror. He was only four meters away when he made a leap and landed on the old freak. "Gotcha!"

Happosai was shocked. He didn't sense him coming. He spoke in a demonic voice, "How dare you touch me!"

Konatsu almost let him go from the loudness and the ferocity in Happosai's new voice. The eyes glowed a sickly yellow color and he smiled with a very toothy grin. He laughed, "Ha ha ha!"

Konatsu squeezed Happosai to try to crush his windpipe. He faded away leaving nothing but empty space in Konatsu's grasp. "ARGH! Where did that pip squeak go?" He turned and looked in all directions trying to see where he went.

He saw a badly build platform with a steel drum on top of it and plumbing attached at the bottom. He approached it but stopped when he got five meters away. He backed off.

Io stomped on the ground. Io wanted to mallet something. Jupiter was amazed at Io's anger. Jupiter exclaimed, "Whoa!"

"I had that little runt in my hands!" Konatsu held out his arms and made grasping motions with his hands. "I tried to hold him and he just laughed and disappeared. ARGH!"

Ukyou pointed out the drum of water to everyone else. "Is that the water?"

Mercury pulled out her communicator, "All Scouts, Happosai is here. I repeat Happosai is here. He can teleport so shoot first and ask questions later."

Jupiter pointed at the drum as well, "Is that what I think it is?"

Io watched the drum. "If it's really Nannichuan. We just saved those girls from becoming guys."

Ukyou stood back, "Nannichuan! Mousse or Ryoga would kill for that!"

Jupiter took a few steps away from the drum. "Keep that stuff away from me."

Mercury pulled down her visor and scanned the drum. "It has an anti-magic field." She stood very close to it. "I can barely detect any magical aura. However put this here must be incredibly powerful to be able to avoid my visor." The anti-magic field only covered the drum, it didn't cover the entire plumbing system. Mercury was happy that the demon made that mistake. She wouldn't have been able to prevent a tragedy if it had done that. She adjusted her visor to compensate for the anti-magic field. The drum lit up like a Christmas tree on her screen. She hopped away from the drum. "It's the same stuff that got Akari!"

Io slammed her fist into her open palm hand, "So Happosai really was trying to change women into men."

Jupiter took another step away from the drum, "How do we get rid of that stuff?"

Mercury whipped out her computer and posed the question to it. The answer was evaporation or dumping it into the ground. "We dump it."

Io and Jupiter shot glances to each other. They both said, "I'm not going near it!"

Ukyou was wide eyed, "Happosai wants to change women into men? That is wrong on so many levels."

Mercury suggested, "Let's have Ranma get rid of it."

Io bit the tip of her gloved hand, "Uh, I don't think that's a good idea. I think he should avoid it too."

"Well, do you know any other man who can do it?"

Konatsu made himself scarce. He was a guy, but he didn't want to get near any magical water either.

Ukyou looked around, "Konatsu?"

Io turned to look at the people below. She saw the right man for the job. It was someone she really didn't care whatever happened to him. "I found him. Be right back." Io jumped off the building and landed right in front of Tatewaki Kuno. She made a pose.

Tatewaki gazed at the vision of loveliness in front of him. "Sailor Io, I will date with you!"

Io grabbed him, "Whatever!" She jumped to the roof with Kuno. They landed near the drum. "Kuno, I need you to take that drum downstairs to the ground and dump the water in the grass." Ukyou buried her head in her hands in shame.

Kuno made a valiant pose, "I will do it after you promise to go on a date with me."

Io wished the barrel were spring of drowned cockroach. Then she wouldn't feel so back squashing Tatewaki after she splashed him with it. "Fine, why did I even think I could count on you?" She smiled. "I'll get Ranma to do it."

Tatewaki was insulted. "That foul creature is not worthy to give assistance to the honored Senshi!" He went to the barrel and pulled from the platform. The pipe burst and started splashing the water all over the roof. The girls and Konatsu jumped off the roof and onto the neighboring building. Tatewaki walked over to the gymnasium roof toward the fire escape with the Nannichuan splashing everywhere.

Sailor Io looked to the sky in disgust. "Why was I so stupid to even think that he could do anything right?" She aimed, "Thunder Hammer Strike!" She shot a ball of ki at Tatewaki's head knocking him out. The drum fell over and made a pool of water on the roof over the gym. The water didn't spill off the building, as Io feared had Tatewaki made it to the fire escape. The thought of that water spraying onto the crowd below was terrifying.

Mercury scanned the water. "The magic is already dissipating. It should be safe in a short while." She raised her voice a little, "Girls, avoid the roof over there."


The gymnasium was filled to capacity. Students were on bleachers on two sides of the gym and they had their school banners up. Kodachi and her team set up the Martial Arts Volleyball net and were ready to start the game. She went to the Juuban coach, "Where is your team? We are ready to play."

The Juuban coach looked around, "I'll see what's taking them so long."

A girl screamed. "Get it off of me!" Happosai was burying his head in her chest. Her boyfriend slammed the little man off of her and he bounced off the floor and into the rafters.

In a corner emerged Sailor Moon and Mars. Mars watched the little man, "Happosai!" Moon and Mars ran after him.

Happosai jumped down to the scoreboard. There he looked at everyone and laughed. Sailor Moon called in all the scouts. She stood in the center of the volleyball court with Mars at her side. "I'm Sailor Moon! I right wrongs and fight injustice! You have no right casting evil spells that will harm the lives of innocents. In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!" She and Mars made a set of poses.

Happosai just sat there watching the two. For some strange reason, the speech had a paralyzing effect on him and he couldn't move. He had no clue why.

The other scouts appeared and made a circle of six girls. They all took positions to attack.

Happosai clapped his hands. All the doors were sealed shut to the gym. "Now foolish mortals! A world of pain is upon you!"

Sailor Moon pulled out her scepter, "Girls, let's show him some pain!" The scouts all cast their attack spells and they hit a powerful force field that was protecting Happosai.

"Ha ha ha! You are no match for me! I laugh at you! Here I go! HA HA HA HA!" He made a demonic laugh. He turned to the window of the gym and saw a shadow growing on it. "It's about time you showed up."

Pantyhose Taro in his cursed form flew in the window and shattered it. The people in the bleachers directly below scattered to avoid the glass. Taro flew to the scoreboard and grabbed a strangely happy Happosai. He held Happosai tight. Taro reached into his backpack and splashed himself with hot water.

Ranma jumped through the broken window. "Taro!"

Taro had his attention riveted on Happosai. "What is my new name?"

Sailor Moon was confused.

Ranma shouted again. "TARO!"

Taro stared at Happosai and started crushing him. "What do you want fem-boy?"

"Taro, listen to me. It's not Happosai. It's a demon that looks like Happosai. He's not going to give you a new name!"

"That's where you are wrong Ranma!" Happosai shouted.

"Why you!" Ranma jumped at Happosai but the force field was back up and he bounced off of thin air.

Taro held back a smile, "I've waited a long time for this. What will my new name be?"

"Leotard Taro!" Happosai proudly proclaimed.

"That is a women's garment!"

"No it's not, it's named after Jules Leotard, the creator of the Leotard."

Taro was red with rage. "That is still a women's garment!"

"Corset Taro?"

"WHAT! I didn't come all the way from China for this!" Taro held the old man tight and slammed him against the scoreboard. "You give me a name that is not an INSULT!"

"Brassier Taro?"

He slammed him again.

"Thong Taro?"

He punched Happosai.

Happosai was in serious pain. He began to give off a yellow glow. "Ok! Ok!"

Taro put his face next to Happosai. "What is my name?"

"PANTYHOSE TARO!" Happosai shouted.

Pantyhose Taro filled with anger and rage. The pain he felt at the sheer waste of time coursed through his veins. "You evil little man!" He pulled back his arm to give him another punch when Happosai started to change.

Ranma got up from the ground and saw the transformation. The scouts encircled Happosai so he couldn't escape.

Happosai looked at Taro, "You are PANTYHOSE TARO FOREVER!"

"DIE!" Taro punched Happosai with all his might. The hopelessness of his situation and the stupid name he had to live with caused great suffering through Taro's soul. He smashed Happosai into the scoreboard and almost caused him to explode into a gooey mess. A bright flash of yellow light erupted and Taro was thrown to the ground.

The yellow light began to grow and take a form. It became a six-meter tall demon. Its weight caused the scoreboard to bend and buckle. Reddish gray skin with horns like a bull with the lower half of its body like that of a giant goat. The teeth were too numerous to count and razor sharp. He stood up and laughed in a deep bass pitch, "Ha ha ha!!! The pain! It fills me! It is neat!"
The demon stepped off the crushed scoreboard onto the hardwood floor of the gym. Its hoofs left footprints because of its tremendous weight. It effortlessly pushed aside Taro outside of the force field. "Thank you Pantyhose Taro for sharing your pain with me."

Happosai lay on the ground at the demon's feet. His bruised and battered body twitched and he tried to heal from his massive trauma.

The demon looked down at Happosai, "Now I will fulfill your darkest nightmare. I will then evolve to my higher form!"

Happosai was proud of himself. He had saved the world. He kept his thoughts focused on the second most loved thing in his life. It took an immense effort and only through his mastery of martial arts mind techniques was he able to fool the demon. His most loved things in the world were safe. He never let the demon know that women was the most precious thing in the world to him.

The moment the demon demanded its price. Happosai knew that he could doom the world. He made massive efforts to shut out of his mind the thing he loved the most. He couldn't shut out his desire for Ranma's girl side. He couldn't shut out how cute he found Akari was. He couldn't shut out his desire for women's underwear. He had to devote all of his mental energy to shut out the object of his perverse desires. He had succeeded. He hoped that the people of the world would give him a new underwear collection as a reward for a job well done.

The demon raised his arms in triumph. A bucket of water appeared in each hand. "HA HA HA! Now feel the power! Feel my dark evil!" It looked down to Happosai again, "Now your greatest love will be destroyed!" It turned to the crowd of warriors and bellowed out, "I will now destroy all the underwear in the world!"

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