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Sailor Ranko: Tunnel Vision: Chapter 30, Epilogue.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me upload chapters to without checking them.

The Sailor Senshi were all in human guise at the Saotome apartment. They had all regained their memories of the nightmare that could have happened. Most were in shock and the rest were in mourning. Mourning for the losses that they had had but at the same time didn't have. Such was the burden of knowledge of another timeline.

Mamoru and Usagi were still on the balcony taking in the sights of Juuban in the early evening. Usagi was doing all the hugging while Mamoru was simply trying to survive her crushing grip. Usagi occasionally looked up at her boyfriend, making sure that he was real and that she wasn't still in the nightmare of the future three weeks. She softly cooed as she snuggled against his chest listening to his beating heart. It was a moment she never wanted to end.

Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru were on the couch with Hotaru hugging her parents and Michiru running her hand through her daughter's hair. Hotaru was blessed in never actually seeing her parents die. Only the feeling was what she experienced. She never wanted to feel that ever again.

Ranma and Akane were sitting at the dining room table with Makoto and Ami. Ranma was sitting in a stupor. He was still trying to connect how events did and didn't happen. He remembered going to Colorado yesterday with Setsuna and at the same time remembered staying up with Ami in a tutoring session. It was freaking out his fragile little mind. He finally spoke up to Ami, "So, this is what time travel is like?"

Ami reflected on this, "Not always. When we fought Queen Beryl, we had our memories erased and forgot we were all Senshi. Then when the Ail and Ann came with the Doom Tree, we had our memories restored."

Makoto sighed, "There was that time we ended up one thousand years in the future and met ourselves. I still don't know how that was possible."

Ranma and Akane shot looks at each other. Akane stuttered, "A.. A.. A thousand years? You are going to live a thousand years?"

Ami was more scientific about this matter. "It's possible that being a Senshi allows us not to age. Pluto for example is a lot older than she looks. However, it's possible that we all just live normal lives and saw reincarnations of ourselves born in the thirtieth century."

Akane was flush. "I knew that being a Senshi was a life-long commitment. When you said lifetime, I didn't know it meant lifetimes. Wow. I like it." Akane gave a huge grin about how her martial arts will improve with almost limitless training.

Ranma slowly laid his head on the table. His destiny was going way off course from what he originally had planned, "Why do I fight it? Why do I even bother staying a guy?"

Akane slid over and gave a hug to her husband. He just lay there contemplating his fate. Rei came to the table and sat down. It was getting crowded since the table was made for four people and not five. Rei placed a glass of water on the table in front of Ranma and slid it to him. She smiled an evil grin, "Want to do the honor?"

"Not tonight. I don't want to." Ranma whimpered. He whispered to himself but Akane heard, "One thousand years..."

Akane smirked, "Yep and you'll be stuck with me for all of them."

"One thousand years..."

Akane grinned. Life was good. She finally had Ranma. He finally treated her as a martial arts equal. She was Sailor Io. She will be her husband for one thousand years. She thought, "Let's see Shampoo or Ukyou top that!"

Haruka and family were getting up to leave, "Well, see you at the next scout meeting. I doubt it will be as interesting as this one." They went out the front door. Setsuna was nowhere in sight. She just disappeared in her usual way.

Minako came to the table, "I've got to go too. I've got school and I've got a lot to think about." She collected Artemis, which caused Ranma to jerk upright and become rigid as a board. She too followed the others out the door.

"C-C-Cat!" Ranma stuttered.

Ami turned to Ranma; "You had better do something about your fear of cats. I don't like the idea of hiding Luna and Artemis or Diana from you for the next millennia."

Ranma was in fear, "Diana?"

Makoto giggled, "That's right, you've never met her. She and Chibi-Usa sometimes come from the future to visit us. Diana is Luna and Artemis's kitten. Cute little thing."

"Another c-c-cat..." Ranma sunk in his chair.

Akane was fascinated, "Chibi-Usa? Was she the pink haired girl who hung out with Usagi?"

Rei grinned, "Why yes, she is the daughter of Usagi and Mamoru. They are destined to be married and have a daughter in the thirtieth century."

Akane just sat there unmoving. It took a moment for those words to register. "D-Daughter?" She turned to Usagi and Mamoru who were lip-locked on the balcony. Akane sighed; she wanted Ranma to be just a little bit more romantic. Akane thought how lucky Usagi was going to be in the fact that she was going to be a mother in the thirtieth century.

Thirtieth century? She was going to wait one thousand years to be a mother? Akane was aghast, "Uh, she going to wait to have kids until the year three thousand?"

Ami pondered that thought. "Well, we only know of Chiba-Usa. Usagi could easily have had more. Unless she was only in the thirtieth century because Usagi was reborn at that time."

Rei was rubbing her head. "Can we stop talking about the future? My head hurts and these memories are freaking me out. I mean I already know what I am going to do tomorrow."

"Me too." Makoto glanced at Ranma and Akane. "Hey, I remember you two not being at school for a few days. What happened?"

Akane thought about what was to happen tonight. "Well, we were supposed to go to dinner at my folks place tonight and.... Oh my god!"

Ranma already had jumped from his seat. "Sun Star Power, Make Up!" The mist of water came from his wand and transformed him into Ranko. A moment later Sailor Sun stood there. "Akane, what are you waiting for?"

"Io Lumina Power, Make Up!" Akane shortly became Sailor Io.

Rei, Ami and Makoto were worried. "What happened?"

Sailor Sun grabbed Io, "We've got to prevent my dad's murder." They flashed out.

Rei looked at her friends, "Murder?"


The two Senshi appeared on a very busy sidewalk in front of the Itabashi Manufacturing Center. It was the newest factory that Omni-Consumer Products had built in Japan. There were hundreds of workers milling about since it was after five o'clock and the shifts were changing. Sailor Sun and Io were not expecting to be surrounded by hundreds of factory workers and both girls looked at each other in surprise.

Io glared at Sun and moved her hand into a position to reach into mallet space, "You didn't screw up the teleport again did you?"

Sun looked at the wall surrounding the complex. It was exactly the same height, color and texture as before, but without all the barbed wire. The wall was broken up by five loading gates and an employee entrance with cars streaming out and in. A bus stop was filled with people and several food vendors had carts feeding the hungry mass. Ukyou would make a killing if she could have an okonomiyaki cart here. This was nothing like the peace and quiet the factory had when her father worked here three weeks ago. Was it three weeks ago? Was it yesterday? Time travel sucks.

"Wait here." Sun leapt to the top of the wall. She stood with her legs apart and balanced herself perfectly on the thin lip at the top. She had a great view of the parking lot and the hundreds of workers below. The men all stopped and gawked at the pretty soldier of love and justice standing above them. They had a great view of what's under her skirt. Sun stood there for about half a minute looking for anything that could have been something that would cause her father's death. Only after the tenth man made a wolf whistle did Sun realize the free show she was giving the men.

Sun looked down at the group of ten men directly below her and noticed they were all staring at her. Some had nosebleeds and were drooling. Sun froze and blushed. She quickly turned and hopped down next to Io who was mumbling something about lack of feminine modesty. Sun put her gloved hand to her chin and pondered what happened. "What gives? Did they fire everyone tonight?"

Some workers overheard Sun's statement and started murmuring among themselves. Io saw Sun's blunder, "No! No, she was only kidding!" Io turned and gave a stern look to her companion and grabbed her hand and started walking down the sidewalk away from the main group of workers. She got the end of the wall and turned the corner only to run straight into Genma Saotome.

She bounced off of her father-in-law and onto the ground. Sailor Sun got wide eyed at seeing her father alive. She held back the urge to smack him in the head for being so stupid as to steal something that was going to kill him. Genma looked at Sun and then at Io just like the other twenty workers who had gathered around. Genma gave a wolf whistle and a goofy grin as he gazed at Sailor Sun. He muttered, "Ah, to be twenty years old again."

Sun gave a look of controlled anger at Genma and reached over to Io and pulled her to her feet. "I think we've seen enough here."

She was about to teleport when across the street there was a call "Sailor Scouts! Over here!" Sailor Pluto was standing by a lamppost with a smug look on her face.

Sun and Io ignored their growing fan club and crossed the street toward Pluto. Once they were next to her she burst out laughing. Sun crossed her arms, "Ok, what's so funny?"

Pluto chuckled, "You."

Sun and Io looked at each other. Sun was not happy being mocked, "Me?"

Pluto giggled, "Let's talk someplace more private."

Sun looked around at the growing crowd and Io was fending off people asking if she was Sailor Mercury. Pluto smirked, "See you at your place." She vanished.

Sun grabbed Io just as she was about to mallet a guy who attempted to touch her skirt. "Sun Beam Transport!"


Pluto was already on the couch when the two Senshi returned. The other girls were still sitting at the dining room table wondering where Sun and Io went. Pluto began, "Didn't you think something was weird about the factory in the first place?"

"Uh, yeah. And your point?" Sun was starting to fume. Pluto was enjoying a private joke at Sun's expense.

"In this timeline, your father was never in danger. Skynet controlled the factory. As a result, there was no Skynet, no danger. The only people you should worry about are the ones he might steal from."

"And I'm supposed to figure this out how? You could have told me during the meeting instead of me making a fool of myself over there."

The other girls focused their attention to Sun. Juicy gossip was always good.

"I don't have to do anything special for you to make a fool of yourself." Pluto started to laugh really hard.

"And she says I'm obnoxious." Sun sighed. She put her head in her hand, "You knew I was going to stand on the wall like that didn't you?"

Pluto stopped laughing only long enough to give an incriminating grin. Then she chuckled. "I'm sorry Sun, but after seeing you on the monitor... I... He he he..."

Sun wanted to pummel Pluto right there and then. She took a deep breath and thought about what had happened. They all needed a laugh. She sat next to Pluto and laughed with her. Sun deep in her mind thought, "Pluto, You are so dead." Sun will get revenge someday.

Usagi and Rei went to Io. Usagi pleaded with Io, "Well? What happened?"

Rei joined in, "What's this about a murder?"

Io held her hands out to calm the other girls, "False alarm. It never happened."

Rei breathed a sigh of relief, "You had us worried."

Io just shook her head slowly, "I've got to teach Sun about feminine modesty."

The other girls went pale and their minds boggled. Usagi turned to Sun, "You didn't embarrass the Scouts did you?"

Io changed to Akane and went to the dining table and started cleaning up the dishes, "No, just herself."

Makoto sunk in her chair, "You're not going to tell us what happened are you?"

Akane replied, "No." She went to the kitchen with the dishes and hummed to herself just like her biggest sister.

"Drat!" Usagi whined.


"Are you sure about this?" Io asked Sun.

"I can see the back of the dojo clearly. No one is there." Sun called out, "Sun Beam Transport!"

The two Senshi appeared at the back of the Tendo Dojo. They took a look around and saw no one was around and changed to Ranko and Akane. Ranko stood up with confidence, "See, I got us here in time and we saved bus fare too!"

Akane was not impressed, "You know, sooner or later someone here is going to find out our little secret. I can trust everyone but Happosai and Nabiki to keep quiet. We really shouldn't push our luck."

Ranko smiled, "Hey what could happen?" She turned to walk to the house when the resident pervert jumped her.

Happosai squeezed Ranko's breasts and happily exclaimed, "Ranma! Glad to see the both of you!"

"Why you little..." Ranko clasped both hands together and smashed him into the ground. Akane produced her trademark mallet and joined in. The two girls proceeded to stomp on the little freak for a minute until Kasumi came out.

Kasumi glowed, "When you are done greeting Happosai, you can come to dinner."

Ranko stopped and got the hungry eyes, "Dinner?" She ran leaving a dust cloud straight up the walk to the dining room.

"Wait for me Ranma!" Akane smacked Happosai with a mallet one more time for good measure and ran after her. Akane paused for a moment to look at Kasumi. Akane then broke into a run after Ranko.

Kasumi bowed to the crater that contained Happosai's inert form. "When you are done resting. Dinner is ready." She walked humming to herself back to the house.

Happosai groaned, "P-P-Pretty lady."


Nodoka was overjoyed that her extended family could be together for dinner. It had been over a month since Ranma and Akane moved out to Juuban and she missed the company of her son. Ranko sat at the table ready to eat everything when Akane pointed at her breasts giving her a clue that she should change back for her mother's sake. Ranko went upstairs to the bathroom to change back into Ranma.

"Well now, I see you two lovebirds are finally settling in." Soun happily announced. The long drawn out plan had worked. The Saotomes and the Tendos were now joined in marriage.

Ranma and Akane blushed a little and looked away from each other. They then scooted closer to one another and slowly turned to each other's eyes and smiled. They wanted to kiss but were afraid what sort of reaction Nodoka or Soun would have. They didn't need any more embarrassment. Nodoka sat next to Ranma, "It's nice to see you my son."

Ranma looked into the eyes of his mother. He saw a vision in his eyes of the possible future and tears welled up. Without thinking he reached out and grabbed his mother and held her close to him. He cried, "Please forgive me."

Nodoka was surprised at Ranma's sudden emotional outburst. She slowly put her hands around her son's back and returned a gentle hug. She grimaced a bit wondering what Ranma had done, "I was the one who asked forgiveness my son." She nestled next to her son's head. She was a little confused about the embrace, but she treasured it anyways.

Akane went pale. She knew why Ranma was emotional and couldn't tell anyone why. It would blow their cover. Nabiki gave the predatory gaze to the pair, as she was famous for. Nabiki knew there was something more about this embrace and she knew money could be attached. She gave a little smile and leaned over to Akane, "Well sis? What did Ranma do this time?"

Akane gave a little unconvincing smile, "He just misses his mother. That's all."

"Yeah right." Nabiki picked up her chopsticks and took notice of Ranma. She was going to figure this out. It was probably great blackmail material.

"Mom." Ranma pulled back, "I need to talk to you." He stood up and gently pulled Nodoka from the table. Nodoka was a little nervous at Ranma's sudden emotional change. Ranma gestured to Akane to come as well.

Akane put down her chopsticks and went with them. Nabiki followed. Ranma turned to Nabiki. "This is private." Ranma had a stern look in his eyes as if he was going to pummel Nabiki if she butted in. Nabiki sat back down.

Nabiki thought, "Oh, now I'm really interested. Should be worth twenty thousand yen to the right buyer."

Ranma led Akane and Nodoka out the gate and down the block to an alley. He used his Senshi senses to make sure that neither Happosai nor Nabiki were anywhere close. "Mom, remember when I told you I didn't know who I was?"

Nodoka remembered, "Yes."

He held Akane's hand. "I want to show you who I am." Akane was nervous. She didn't know what Ranma was going to do. He removed his shirt and turned to Akane in a fighting stance. "Akane, spar with me."

Akane unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off showing her muscled body underneath. She had on a sports bra and a left her knee length skirt on. Akane took a defensive stance. Ranma took a leap and Akane dodged. She did a back kick, which Ranma flipped around and leapt over. Ranma hopped onto the alley wall and tried to punch Akane from above. She dodged and placed a punch on Ranma's head. He was ready for the punch and grabbed her arm and threw her over his head. She grabbed his arm and used her motion as she flew to throw Ranma against a wall. Ranma landed on the wall with his legs first and flung himself back to Akane.

Nodoka watched the two sparring in a completely synchronized ballet of motion. Both combatants were almost equally matched with Ranma still just a hair better than Akane. Each was going all out, neither was holding back.

Ranma jumped back and landed away from the fight. Akane saw this was the end of the match. She was just starting to sweat. She gave a gleeful smile, "I was just getting into it."

Ranma bowed to Akane and she returned the favor. Ranma turned to face his mother. "I am the heir to the Anything Goes school of Martial Arts. I am a student and will someday be the master. I am Ranma Saotome, husband of Akane Saotome."

Akane beamed at the declaration. She truly loved what her husband had become and the respect he had finally shown her.

Ranma looked around and found a faucet. He put his shirt back on. He turned on the water and filled his hand with the cold fresh liquid. He threw a handful on his face and the hair changed color. She shut off the water and stood before her mother.

"Mother, I am also Ranko Saotome, Martial Artist and life long companion to Akane Saotome. I am a woman. I am your daughter." She proceeded to perform a difficult kata that involved great flexibility. It was poetry in motion. Akane also performed the kata alongside Ranko in perfect harmony.

Nodoka smiled. Even in this form, she could tell that she was destined for greatness. Ranko finished her kata and went up to Nodoka and gave her a hug. "I am the daughter you didn't know you had." Ranko closed her eyes and softly let a tear flow from her eye. Nodoka held her daughter and felt the love she had for her.

Only months ago, Nodoka would have wanted Ranma's head removed for being unmanly. Now, Nodoka truly embraced what her daughter had become. Akane was moved by what she was seeing. She silently wished that her own mother were alive so that she can see how far that Akane had grown. Akane watched the two holding each other while using her Senshi senses to make sure that unwanted guests didn't interrupt Ranko's embrace.

Ranko let go of her mother. She stood back and produced her henshin stick. Akane put her hands on her mouth. "Ranko!"

Ranko turned to Akane, "She already knows." Ranko turned to her mother. "I am also a Sailor Senshi. I am Sailor Sun. Sun Star Power, Make Up!"

Nodoka looked in awe as her daughter transformed before her. A tear welled in her eye, as she knew the honor it was to be a Senshi, an honor that her child was given and blessed the Saotome family name.

Sun checked the area again with her Senshi powers and felt a presence. "One moment please." She leapt over the alley wall and shouts were heard. Happosai gave a distant shout, "Where did you come from? Can we talk this over?"

Sailor Sun spoke, "You are a creature of evil and shouldn't fondle girls. You disgrace your family name by your actions. By the power of our sun, I will punish you! Searing Plasma Blast!" A sound of a small explosion followed and Happosai went flying into the air trailing smoke and flame.

Sun hopped back into the alley dusting off her gloved hands. "Problem solved." She paused for a moment, "Did I make a speech? Oh man, I've been hanging around Sailor Moon too long."

Sailor Sun looked at Akane. Akane didn't know what Sun wanted to do. Nodoka turned to Akane, "So, how do you feel about being married to a Sailor Senshi?"

Akane blushed, "Well, uh..."

Akane had her hands behind her back and held her head down. She was kicking around a small rock. Nodoka went to Akane, "Is there something the matter?"

"Oh Auntie Saotome... I mean, mother... I..." She deep down inside wanted to tell Nodoka her secret.

Sailor Sun held her mother's shoulder. Nodoka looked at Sun. Sun said with a smile, "What she is trying to say mom. She is a Sailor Scout too."

Nodoka spun to Akane with eyes of amazement. "Akane! That's nothing to be embarrassed about. It is a great honor. How is it like being Sailor Mercury?"

Akane rolled her eyes to the sky and held her arms up. "Not again! ARGH!!"

Nodoka put her hands to her face, "Did I say something wrong?"

Sun was snickering. "She is Sailor Io."

Nodoka realized her mistake, "Oh."

Sun held out her hand, "Let me show you our new world." Nodoka took her hand. "Akane, could you tell them that we'll be gone for a little while?"

Akane smiled. "Sure Sun. Don't take too long."

Sun called out, "Sun Beam Transport!" She and her mother disappeared.

Akane stood in the alley. She looked up into the stars. She was a little envious of the tour of the solar system that Sun must be giving her mother. Akane knew she would get her tour soon. She went back to the house to tell the others that they will be out for a while and to eat their share of food before Sun comes back and eats it for them.


Sailor Sun and Nodoka were five hundred kilometers above the Earth, directly over Japan. Nodoka was scared out her mind. The nausea of zero gravity only lasted for a minute. Sun held her tight. The Senshi magic allowed for the two of them to breath and to speak to each other in the vacuum of space. Nodoka gazed at the surface of the Earth as they floated in orbit. Sailor Sun pointed out the Great Wall of China and the island of Japan. Nodoka was completely overwhelmed by the view. They floated in space for ten minutes. Nodoka kept looking at the Earth, gazing at the moon and staring in amazement at her magical daughter.

Sun teleported the two of them to the ruins of the Moon kingdom. There she escorted her mother and showed her where once one thousand years ago, the great battle was fought and lost. Sun told her mother the fragments of her past life that she could remember and told her what she knew of the destiny of the scouts and what they wanted to do for all mankind.

After Sun told her tale, Nodoka gazed in childlike wonder at her surroundings. She was on the moon standing on the dusty surface. She for a moment couldn't breathe since she strayed too far away from Sailor Sun, but her daughter rushed to her aid and touched her to restore the magic field allowing her to survive. Nodoka kneeled in front of her daughter and bowed completely to the ground covering the front of her kimono with moon dust. She wept in how she ever doubted her daughter's honor and had shunned her in the past. Sun knelt down and held her mother tight. "Thank you for being my mom."

Sun gently lifted her mother up and they flashed back to Earth outside the Tendo Dojo. Sun transformed back to Ranko. She grinned, "Well mom, that's who I am. This is what I have become."

Nodoka brushed off the dust from her kimono slowly shaking her head from side to side. Ranko took her hand and pulled her to the house, "I'm starved. Let's eat." Ranko then couldn't hold out any longer and let go of her mother and ran to the house to devour anything edible. Nodoka slowly followed and entered the dining room. Ranko was already seated with a bowl of rice being shoveled into her mouth and an empty bowl in front of her.

Nodoka frowned, "Ranko! Slow down!" She sat next to her daughter and took a pair of chopsticks and slapped her on the thigh.

That got Ranko's attention. "Hey! Why'd you do that for?"

Nodoka gave a mother's look of disapproval, "If you are going to be a girl right now. Act like one." Akane and Kasumi chuckled.

Nabiki pulled out her camera and snapped a picture of Ranko and mom. She put the camera down and saw the gray dust on the front of Nodoka's kimono. Nabiki made some mental notes; the gray dust didn't make sense. "Mrs. Saotome, where have you been? Your kimono is dirty."

Nodoka looked at her kimono and shrugged. "So it is. I will have to wash it tomorrow."

Nabiki was hoping for a better answer than that. "So, Saotome..."

Akane and Ranko glared at Nabiki, "Yes?"

Nabiki forgot that Akane is now a Saotome. She was so used to calling Ranko by that name. "So Ranko, did you get a job yet?"

Ranko sighed, "Uh... I have an interview at a restaurant later tonight." She then silently added so no one would hear, "As a waitress."

Nodoka was happy to hear that, "That's very good. How about you Akane?"

Akane was proud of herself, "I got a part-time job at a little clothing store. I don't work many hours, so I'm still looking for something better."

Genma finally arrived in the front door. He was wearing a janitor's uniform covered with dust spots. "I'm home!" The clan at the dinner table turned to look at him.

Nodoka was a little upset, "You are late. Dinner is almost over."

"I would have been on time had I not missed the bus. I bumped into one of those Sailor Senshi and she caused quite a ruckus." Genma made a grin thinking about how cute the redhead was.

Ranko and Akane started looking in any direction except at Genma.

"Well I'm starving!" Genma plopped down at the table was displeased at the lack of food. "Is this all that's left?"

Nodoka stared at her husband, "Sailor Senshi?"

Ranko and Akane were thinking about how nice it would be to be outside.

"Yeah." Genma stuffed his face with rice. "There was this red haired one and a short haired brunette and they were teasing the men at the factory. It took me a half an hour just to get to the bus stop since the crowd was so dense."

Ranko gagged. Akane just sat still looking at the ceiling. Nabiki took notice.

Nodoka continued her grilling, "And?"

"That's it. I heard the red head was showing off. I didn't see that. Boy, I wish I could have..."

BONK! Genma was pounded in the head with Akane's mallet. It was Nodoka who was holding it. Nodoka handed the mallet back to Akane, "Thank you."

Ranko made a sheepish grin. "I guess it's time to go. I have a job interview I can't miss." She glanced at Nabiki and frowned.

"Work is good for you Ranko." Nabiki smirked. "Try it sometime."

Ranko mocked Nabiki's words and stood up from the table. She then stuck her tongue out and started out the door. Akane stood up and gave a little bow.

Kasumi saw her sister was leaving, "See you at the wedding!"

Akane stopped, "Wedding?"

"Why Ryoga and Akari's wedding. Didn't you get an invitation?" Kasumi asked.

Ranko and Akane looked at each other. Akane answered, "That's right! See you then!" She turned to Ranko, "Want to change back right now?"

Ranko was about to answer but stopped. "Uh... Why bother? I'll get splashed on the way home anyways. See you uh..."

Nabiki looked at the couple, "In three days."

"That's right." Akane smiled, trying to hide that she was really confused about the timeline.

Ranko stopped at the doorway. "Akane, wait a minute." Ranko went back to the dining room and gave a hug to her mother. "I'll visit often mom. That's a promise."

Nodoka was overjoyed. She saw her daughter walk out the door hand in hand with Akane. She turned to her husband and shook her head. "You know Genma, it's all your fault our son is like that." She leaned over to Genma's unconscious body and gave him a kiss. "Thank you for dropping him into that spring." She then picked up Akane's mallet. She got an angry look in her eyes, "This is for dropping him in a room full of cats!"



Ranma and Akane were under the usual tree at lunchtime at Juuban High School. They were contemplating the events at Ryoga's wedding and were trying to figure out how to keep history from repeating itself.

Usagi was wide eyed, "You mean this Chinese girl wants to be Ranma's SECOND wife?"

Makoto blushed, "You lady killer you!"

Ranma sat up, "It's not like that!"

Akane chimed in, "Oh she is serious. Last time, er... Hmm..." Time was confusing. "After Ranma's birthday, she proclaimed that she accepted me and that she wanted to be his second wife. The really weird part was that she wanted to bear his son."

Minako bugged her eyes out. "His son? Is she that desperate to be a mother?"

Akane answered, "No, that's not the weird part. You see. Shampoo is a Chinese Amazon. They want daughters. They don't want sons. The fact that she announced to him that she wants a son I guess is to try to use Japanese tradition on Ranma to get him to agree to marry her. She is trying everything in the book to get him."

Rei just shook her head, "Ranma, how do you get yourself into these messes?"

Ranma sat thinking about the upcoming fight between Shampoo and Akane. "There has got to be a way to get rid of her and keep her honor."

"Well, isn't the goal to get hitched?" Rei asked. "Does it have to be you?"

Akane pondered the question, "Right now, yes. He defeated her in a fight and now she has to marry him. If we could get Mousse to beat her or Ranma, then maybe she will go with him."

Minako liked the idea, "Mousse is the guy who is in love with Shampoo right?"

"In love? He can't stop talking about her. He is obsessed. The sad thing is that she just doesn't notice him since she is dedicated in snatching lover boy here." Akane gestured to Ranma.

That got the girls to giggle. Ranma fell backwards onto the grass. "There has got to be a way for Mousse to defeat Shampoo."

The group sat for a while and considered many plans that were doomed to failure. Finally, Usagi of all people came up with a plan that didn't suck. They all agreed it was worth a shot. Ranma had nothing to lose.


A week ago, Akari saw that her grandfather was watching game shows on TV. She kindly asked Grandfather to help her prepare and send out the invitations to the wedding. Each invitation had a beautiful note asking for the guest to attend the ceremony. It needed a map to the farmhouse and directions so people can find their way.

Grandfather made perfect accurate maps for all the wedding guests to find their way to the wedding. Ryoga was happy that he didn't do it. He sucked at map making.


Ranma and Akane transformed into Senshi to avoid paying bus fare. Sailor Io looked at Sun, "Don't screw up like last time." Sun smiled, "No problem, Sun Beam Transport!" In moments they appeared above a well outside of the farmhouse and fell in. They climbed out of the water and transformed back to Ranko and Akane. They performed a ki jump to get out of the well.

Akane slapped Ranko, "No problem eh?"

Akari was surprised that the Saotomes had arrived late; everyone else seemed to be arriving early for some reason.

Ryoga saw Ranko and produced a kettle of hot water. He poured some on a now drenched Ranma, "Ranma, I have a favor to ask."

Ranma was curious, "What favor?" He already knew what the favor was.


Mr. and Mrs. Hibiki got their invitation a week in advance via overnight delivery. It took them a week going from Niigata to Akita to Aomori to Sendai to Yokohama and finally to northern Tokyo. They made it with fifteen minutes to spare. They were so proud of their son and they loved their new daughter-in-law to be. Ryoga hinted to Akari that his parents were hard to get in touch with. She should make the most of their visit today.


Miss Hinako came alone. She got the invitation since she was sometimes Ryoga's English teacher at Furinkan High when he wasn't traveling the countryside. Miss Hinako didn't know why she came for the wedding of a student she really didn't know very well. She just felt she should be here.


The Tendos, and Mr. and Mrs. Genma Saotome arrived in plenty of time. Nabiki didn't trust any map that came from a Hibiki, current or future, so she used her computer to get directions. She was surprised to find the map they got was accurate. They had no problem at getting to the wedding. Ryoga greeted them and led them into the barn where the ceremony was to take place. Kasumi went with Akari and helped her get into her wedding dress. Akari was a vision of loveliness. She had a blue flower in her hair and wore a western style dress. She had a crown of flower petals circling her head and held a large bouquet for a girl so small. She giggled and asked for a favor from Kasumi.

Soun stood alone. He remembered his own wedding day and reflected on his wife. He sighed. He looked at the darkening sky, "I miss you. No one can ever fill my heart like you did. I will always have you in my heart." He blew a silent kiss to the wind for his departed wife.

He looked at the passing clouds. He had a question to ask her. "Darling, it's been so long. I'm a lonely old man. What shall I do?"

The wind picked up and a small Japanese Bobtail cat appeared. It sat down near Soun and raised its left paw as if it was beckoning him. It looked at Soun and ran down the pathway towards the farmhouse.

He walked in the same direction as the cat and saw Miss Hinako coming towards the barn. She was looking like a lost child. She glanced up at Soun and smiled. Soun walked past her and stopped. He turned around. "Miss Hinako." She turned around. "I would be honored if you would join us."

She smiled again, "I would be honored as well." She gave a small bow and followed Soun to the barn. She was happy. She was going to enjoy the wedding.


The barn was where the ceremony was to take place. There was hay on the floor and high rafters. The pigs and horses were placed in a corral outside. The main area had many folding chairs in it with an aisle going down the middle. Tissue paper streamers and flowers decorated the room.

The barn started to fill with guests. Ukyou and Konatsu took their seats. Soun sat with Miss Hinako on his right and Nabiki on his left. Akane sat behind them. The Hibiki's sat in front. Hiroshi and Daisuke arrived. Shortly afterward came Yuka and Sayuri. Any excuse for free food was good enough for them. Akari's cousins and other family members came as well as people from Ryoga's past.

Nodoka looked at the ceremony and thought of the attempted marriage of Ranma and Akane. She remembered how she almost sacrificed her womanhood to protect her son's femininity when Genma spilled the Nannniichuan. Nodoka thought, "Oh, Genma, you almost blew it."

Soun reached for and held Miss Hinako's hand. She gave a little giggle and placed her head on his shoulder.

Outside the barn, Ryoga and Ranma were greeting the guests and seating them on the Groom or the Bride's side. Ryoga was sweating like a pig. Ranma took out his handkerchief and wiped away the sweat, "C'mon P... Ryoga. Calm down."

"You were going to say Pork Butt weren't you?" Ryoga was having second thoughts about having Ranma as his best man.

Ranma just grinned. Ranma heard a voice he didn't expect and froze in shock. "Ranma darling! What a pleasure it is to see you here!" Ranma couldn't believe he was hearing THAT voice. He turned to look at the form of Kodachi Kuno in a formal dress. Behind her were Satsuke and her brother Tatewaki.

Tatewaki Kuno stood steadfast, "I see the vile cur Ranma Saotome has chosen to disgrace himself with his presence here. No matter, my presence is enough to bless the union of Ryoga Hibiki and Akari Unryuu." Tatewaki looked at Ryoga, "I take it you have invited the fair Akane Tendo and the pig-tailed girl to these proceedings?"

Ranma raised his battle aura; "Her name is Akane Saotome now you jerk."

Tatewaki laughed, "Surely you jest Saotome! I was in attendance of the joke you called a wedding. The proceedings did not occur since I forbade it."

"Since when do I need your permission to get married?" Ranma was holding back the urge to punch Tatewaki into orbit.

"But Ranma darling, why do you care? You have me to marry! Let's go before the priest and marry right now!" Kodachi clapped her hands together. The thought of making tonight her honeymoon with her love slave sent chills down her spine and forbidden thoughts through her head.

"I'm already married to Akane!" Ranma held up his left hand to show his simple gold band on his ring finger.

Kodachi stopped clapping. Tatewaki froze. Satsuke didn't care. Ryoga was wishing this was a bad dream, he knew what was going to happen and he didn't need Sailor Pluto's help. Tatewaki started to shake and pulled out his bokken. "You dare mock me! You are not married to Akane! She is to wed a Kuno!" He took a swing at Ranma. Ranma grabbed the bokken and held it still.

"You want more proof!" Ranma pushed aside the bokken and reached into his tuxedo pocket and got his wallet. He pulled out the copy of the marriage certificate and handed it to Tatewaki. Kodachi swiped it from Tatewaki's hand. She looked it over. "Oh Ranma! How could you let that hussy take you from me!" She swooned and started to faint, Satsuke leapt under Kodachi to catch her. Tatewaki took back the certificate and read it.

Tatewaki smirked, "A convincing looking forgery. No matter, I shall free the fair Akane Tendo from your grasp." He stepped around Ranma and went into the barn.

"Her name is Akane Saotome you moron." Ranma followed him into the barn.

Ryoga leaned against the barn door. "This isn't happening."

Akane was chatting with Miss Hinako when she heard the voice she didn't want to hear. "Ah! The fair maiden is here to embrace her true love. It is I, Tatewaki Kuno, age eighteen, the shining star of the Furinkan High School Kendo club. I am here for you to embrace me and I shall take you away to everlasting bliss!"

Akane's face went pale. She didn't remember this in the alternate timeline. She turned around to see if she imagined the voice. Nope, he was real, too real. He produced a bouquet of flowers and gave her a big hug. "I see you are happy to see me as well. Let us bond and exchange our vows."

Akane went ballistic. A second later, Tatewaki went ballistic, propelled by a ki powered kick out the barn door. "Don't touch me you pervert!"

Ranma was smacked with Tatewaki's body and they both went out the front door. Soon they were joined with Kodachi and the three of them hit the dirt and rolled in a large ball and stopped at the base of a tree. Ryoga saw the tangled trio and hoped that Ranma's tuxedo wasn't torn. He didn't want to lose his security deposit.

Kodachi pushed her brother off of her. She grabbed Ranma, "Oh my darling, you have come back to me! Let's wed!" Ranma was a little woozy and Kodachi picked him up, put him over her shoulder and carried him back to the barn. "Oh, priest! Can you fit us in?"

Akane was waiting at the barn entrance. "What do you think you are doing with my HUSBAND?!" She took a fighting stance and had a blue glow surrounding her.

Kodachi stopped, "Your husband?"

Akane pulled out her left hand and showed Kodachi her simple gold band wedding ring. It was a perfect match to the one Ranma was wearing. "Put my husband down and get your grimy hands away from him."

Kodachi gently put Ranma down. She patted his cheeks, "Tell me this isn't true! You didn't actually marry the witch did you?"

"Who are you calling a witch?" Akane placed her hands over her head, "Thunder Hammer Strike!" She shot a blast of ki and Kodachi leapt out of her dress and into the air. She was wearing only a gymnastic leotard and slippers. Akane wondered aloud, "Does she always wear that under her clothes?"

Kodachi landed and produced a pair of gymnastic clubs. She charged Akane. Akane blocked the blows and hopped back. She did another ki blast but aimed at the clubs and knocked them out of Kodachi's hands. Akane then jumped and kicked Kodachi to the ground. Kodachi tried to get up, but Akane did a spin kick and knocked the mad woman out cold.

"Honestly." Akane muttered. She turned to her husband. "Get up sleepy head before I use water on you." She gently tapped Ranma with the tip of her shoe to get him up.

Tatewaki grabbed Akane from behind. "Ignore that foul creature. He has no power over you anymore. I am ready to hear you profess your undying love for me!"

"I profess this!" Akane kicked Tatewaki into the sky and beyond the trees. Akane looked back at Ranma who was still out cold. She went over to the farmhouse and got a glass of water to make good on her threat. She knelt next to Ranma, "Wake up!" She slashed his face.

Ranko woke up, "Huh? What happened?"

Akane put her hand down and helped Ranko up. "Whoops, I forgot to use warm water. Let's get some and change you back."

Ranko started following Akane to the farmhouse and noticed the unconscious Kodachi. "Oh I hope she doesn't wake up before Shampoo shows up."

"Airen!" Shampoo showed up and attached herself to Ranko. Ranko just closed her eyes. "Weren't you supposed to show up thirty minutes from now?"

"I no understand? You marry Shampoo thirty minutes? Ok!" Shampoo gave out a childlike giggle.

"That's not what I said!" Ranko stammered.

"Ah the pig-tailed one! You are here to embrace me and profess your love to the only one worthy of your heart!" Tatewaki grabbed Ranko and squeezed her tight.

Shampoo was fuming. Only she can grab Ranko, "Hey! You stay away from husband! Ranma marry Shampoo!"

Tatewaki was confused as to why this Chinese girl was angry with him, "You can have Ranma! I only desire the red haired goddess and Akane Tendo."

Shampoo pulled out her bonbori. She was pissed, "You let go of husband!"

Tatewaki glanced around. He didn't see any husband anywhere. Ranko made an evil grin. "Aiya!" Shampoo hit Tatewaki on the head and followed up with a kick. He spun around and fell to the ground on top of Kodachi.

Ranko was impressed. Shampoo was able to take out Tatewaki without even getting close to Ranko. Cologne appeared and touched a pressure point on both of the Kunos. "That should keep them down until we can settle this."

"Yes, let's settle this once and for all." Ranko was expecting them later but now was a good time as any. Ranko noticed that duck-boy was missing. "Hey, where is Mousse?"

Shampoo didn't really care. "He inside. Becoming man again."

Ranko looked at Cologne. "Cologne, I am already married. Why are you even still bothering?"

Cologne sighed, "Son-in-law, you are already married to Shampoo when you defeated her. Just come with us to China and take your place among the Amazons."

"No way! I didn't challenge her to a marriage fight!" Ranko turned to Shampoo, "Why don't you realize that Mousse is the one for you?"

Shampoo was insulted, "Mousse no want. Mousse weak. He no give me good daughter." Shampoo hopped over to Ranko and hugged her, "I know you give me daughter. You make good teacher to our daughter."

"Let go of me!" Ranko pushed aside Shampoo. "Shampoo! I like you as a friend but this marriage thing is not going to happen!"

Shampoo gave a puppy dog look. "But Airen, Wo Ai Ni." She held Ranko's face and pulled herself close for a kiss.

"Ranma!" Akane couldn't take it anymore. Her battle aura was flaming and her mallet was super-sized.

"Don't look at me! Look at her! She started it!" Ranko took a step back and tripped over Tatewaki's body and fell to the ground. Shampoo wasted no time hopping onto Ranko and started snuggling.

"Get off my HUSBAND!" Akane was really steamed and wanted so badly to smack Shampoo into next week.

"We share!" Shampoo happily exclaimed.

"We do not share!" Ranko took the distraction and slid away from Shampoo's grip. She jumped over to Akane's side.

Shampoo took a stance facing Akane. Mousse approached Ranko, "Shampoo, you don't have to fight Ranma!"

Ranko turned to Mousse, "You moron! Shampoo is over there." Ranko punched Mousse into a grove of trees. Ranko turned to Akane, "Shampoo is all yours." Ranko ran over to the trees to check on Mousse.

Akane cracked her knuckles, "Just like last time!"

Shampoo laughed, "Pervert girl think I no train! I am better than at Dojo." Shampoo charged and feigned an attack. Akane wasn't fooled and snuck in a punch. Shampoo spun around with her bonbori extended and tried to hit Akane with a whirlwind attack. Akane just gave Shampoo some ground and waited for her to make a move. Shampoo started to approach Akane while spinning and Akane launched a ki attack, "Thunder Hammer Strike!"

The ki blast was deflected by the bonbori. Shampoo jumped into the air and tried to land on Akane. Akane jumped to the side and kicked Shampoo over. The two took positions and sized each other up.

Mousse came from the trees and stood before Shampoo. "I challenge you for marriage!"

Shampoo looked to the sky in disgust, "Not again Mousse. I busy now. Bother me later."

Akane looked at Mousse and then at Shampoo. "We can finish this later. I think he wants to play now."

Shampoo shook her head, "No matter. Battle will be short. Mousse lose quickly like always." Shampoo ran to Mousse to plant her foot in his head and he blocked the kick and ducked under Shampoo. He then swung a karate chop and hit Shampoo on the neck almost stunning her.

Shampoo fell to the ground. She rolled away from Mousse to rethink her strategy. "Mousse get good all sudden. No matter, still stupid Mousse."

Mousse softened his stance a little, "I didn't mean to hurt you Shampoo."

Shampoo decided how to end the fight and feigned a bonbori hit to his ribs. She swung around and attempted a kick to his head. Mousse ducked and gave a heel thrust into Shampoo's jaw. He followed through with a knee to the stomach and a head butt to knock her out cold.

Cologne was impressed. She hopped over to Shampoo to see if she was ok. Mousse was flabbergasted, "Oh Shampoo! I hurt my beloved Shampoo!" He ran back to the grove of trees and out of sight. A thud could be heard as if someone ran into a tree.

Cologne shook her head. "Stupid Mousse." Cologne turned to Akane. Akane had hardly broken a sweat. There was no doubt in Cologne's mind as to whom would win a fight between Shampoo and the new and improved Akane. She sighed, "Akane, will you honor and protect the son-in-law for the rest of your days?"

"Cologne, stop calling him that." Akane answered.

"Will you?" Cologne was serious.

"Yes. I love him."

Cologne didn't like the answer. She knew what was going on. She had no idea how Ranma disguised himself as Mousse but his aura gave him away. Shampoo now had two official husbands. Only time will tell if she could accept Mousse. "Wake up my child."

Shampoo blinked her eyes. She quickly sat up. "Where is Mousse?"

Cologne pointed to the trees, "He ran over there. He was afraid he had hurt you."

Shampoo was feeling her jaw where Mousse had hit her, "Mousse win?" She didn't want to hear the answer.

Cologne answered, "Yes. He won."

Shampoo looked at the ground, "Stupid Mousse. He must have trained in secret. Tricked me."

Cologne hopped on her stick towards the trees. "Come Shampoo."

Inside the grove of trees was Ranko sitting next to an unconscious Mousse. There was an indentation in the bark of the tree near Mousse that looked like where he smacked his head. Ranko turned to Cologne and Shampoo, "What did you do to him?"

Shampoo went over to Mousse, "Silly Mousse. Why you want Shampoo?"

Mousse awoke to the sound of his beloved, "Because I love you Shampoo. I've always loved you."

"How you beat Shampoo?"

"I beat you? I beat you!" Mousse was overjoyed. He paused since he didn't remember fighting Shampoo.

Ranko looked at the tree, "Did you hit your head so hard that you forgot your marriage fight?"

Mousse looked at the tree and felt the bump on his head. "Marriage fight?"

Cologne stepped in, "Mousse, you challenged Shampoo for her hand in marriage and you fought well. Shampoo is your wife once she accepts you as her husband." Cologne turned to Shampoo, "Do you accept Mousse as your husband?"

"I no know." Shampoo sighed, "I decide later."

"Very well. By Amazon law Mousse, you have satisfied everything you need to become Shampoo's husband. Once she gives the declaration of acceptance, you will be married." Cologne hopped over Ranko and stared at her. "You owe me big time." She looked around to make sure no one else could hear. "Former son-in-law." She hopped away.

Ranko felt deep respect for Cologne. She knew someday Cologne would want to collect on this debt. She hoped it didn't involve wedding bells. Ranko left Shampoo and Mousse in the grove and stepped out into the path to the barn. Akane was there with a glass of hot water and changed her husband back to Ranma. She dusted off his Tuxedo and escorted him arm in arm back to the barn. Ryoga was still pounding his head into the wall, hoping he would wake up.

Akane gave a kiss to Ranma and left him with Ryoga. She went back to her seat and finally took a break. This time around, she was going to see Ryoga's wedding. She loved weddings. She was a little saddened that hers was ruined, but the wedding insurance was good enough for her. She looked in front and saw how her father was sitting with Miss Hinako. She gave a little smile. Nabiki was leering at Miss Hinako showing her disapproval of her moving in on her father. Akane glanced at the walkway between the chairs and saw Ranma nudging Ryoga to the altar. She felt proud that P-Chan was finally going to find happiness.


The wedding went without a hitch. The Kuno's were out cold thanks to Colognes pressure point technique and Shampoo was busy with Mousse out in the trees. Cologne looked at Ranma during the ceremony with mixed feelings. She wanted so badly for Ranma to join the Amazon tribe. Seeing how Akane has turned into a fierce warrior worthy of the Amazons, Ranma was in good hands. Cologne was happy that Shampoo had a way to save face. The final decision still rested with her. Cologne felt deep respect for the former son-in-law.

After Ryoga and Akari left to go to the farmhouse and most of the people joined them, Shampoo came into the barn. "What happened?"

Cologne smiled, "Ryoga got married."


The reception was wining and dining at its finest. There was dancing, karaoke, drinking and feasting. Everyone including Shampoo went home happy. She now had two husbands to choose from. One she could have right now, the other would take some effort.

That evening after all the guests had gone home, Grandfather told the happy couple that he would be gone for a few days. He promptly left the lovebirds alone.

Ryoga went to Akari's bedroom. He fell on the bed tired from the day's activities and was proud of himself that he made it through the day. He lay there thinking that this was all a dream and that he would awaken any moment now. Akari came in wearing pig print pajamas. She gave her husband a kiss and turned out the lights.

They both lost their virginity shortly thereafter.


Ranma and Akane stayed at the reception until the middle of the night. They had a great time. After most of the guests had left, they jumped in the well, transformed into Sailor Scouts and teleported home. It was cheaper than bus fare.

They didn't bother to change back; they just hopped into bed and quickly fell asleep. In the morning before sunrise, they got up. Sailor Sun was happy the plan worked. She pulled out of subspace Sailor Moon's disguise pen. In the right hands, it can make a convincing Mousse. She smiled. Sometimes Usagi could actually come up with a plan that worked.

Sailor Sun turned to Io and kissed her on the cheek. Sun stood up and gazed at herself in the mirror. She looked good. She loved her fuku. She loved what she had become. Sailor Io awoke and stood next to Sailor Sun.

Sailor Sun turned to her wife. "Dear, I think one thousand years with you is not enough time."

Io embraced the shorter girl, "We were destined to be together Sun. For this life, and the next."

The two Senshi didn't know what was stored in the future for them. But they knew, that they would face it together.

That was good enough for them.

The end... For now...

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