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Sailor Ranko: Tunnel Vision: Chapter 25, The Vow.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me upload chapters to without checking them.

Sun was in agony, she teleported with Ami and twisted her bad arm. She could feel the bullet fragments being forced out by the Senshi healing magic. She bit her lip and used all her might to lay Ami on the medical table. Mamoru was already sealed in a box in the storage room. Sun didn't want to think about Ami being placed alongside him.

Sailor Uranus came to see what the loud groan was about. She saw Sun sprawled out on the floor of sickbay. She was surprised to see Ami in human form on the table. Sun was using all her effort to stay conscious. She turned to look at Uranus, "Get Saturn here now!" Sun squeezed her bandage to help deaden the pain. She fell down and hit the floor.

Uranus froze. She got a good look at Ami and saw her neck was purple and wasn't the right shape. She staggered back and ran to get Saturn.

The other Senshi beamed in. They ran into sickbay and stood in a circle around Ami. Saturn gave a look of pure shock at seeing her friend in this condition. The other Senshi gave looks of hope to each other and said little prayers waiting for a miracle.

Saturn placed her hands on Ami's neck and the healing magic refused to work. Saturn began to cry. She ran her hands on Ami's head, her heart and her chest. Nothing worked. Saturn didn't want her friend to be this way. Saturn kept trying again and again; she didn't want to give up. Her friend was hanging on by a thread. She wanted to believe it. She wanted a miracle.

Thirty minutes went by and nothing was accomplished. Sun woke up and joined Mars and Jupiter and they sat in a little circle silently in mourning. Venus and Moon stood by Ami holding her hands hoping that she would awaken in any moment.

Io went to Moon, "It's over."

Moon turned to Io with an expression of anger, "It's NOT over! She can't be dead! She just can't be!" Sailor Moon lost it. She fell to her knees before Io and openly cried. "We are all supposed to be together in the Crystal Millennium!" Venus and Saturn lowered their heads and pulled away their hands. Everyone lowered their heads and mourned.


The single T-800 approached the home on the outskirts of Juuban. The diary said that four Senshi lived at this address. One was listed as a young girl. It went to the front door and knocked. "Candy gram for Hotaru."

It waited and knocked again. It gently forced the door open. It searched the house and found that it had not been occupied for over a week. It found names and addresses of relatives in distance parts of Japan. It will visit these people in due time.

It went to the garage area and found the cars that belonged to Haruka. It found her motorcycle and examined it for traps. It found the keys hanging on a hook in the kitchen and tried to start the bike. The bike refused to start. The machine took an hour going through spare parts and repaired the motorcycle. It filled the tank by siphoning gasoline from the sports car and sped off to the Saotome's.


The other Senshi were in the dining area with Kasumi collectively in mourning. Saturn was devastated. No amount of effort she put into her healing magic could undo what was done to her friend. Pluto could still hear an occasional scream of anguish from Jupiter or Venus. Pluto was cold as ice. She took a deep breath and entered sickbay.

Pluto was alone with Ami. She gently touched Ami's head with her scepter. As before with Mamoru, she wanted to try to preserve the memories of those who had fallen. When it was time for them to be reborn, it would befall her or the felines to help revive the memories of their past lives.

She hated this part. It was like in the Silver Millennium when Queen Beryl destroyed the moon kingdom. It took over one thousand years for the Senshi to be a complete team. Now, they are no longer whole again.

Pluto thought, "This job sucks."


The T-800 approached a small apartment. The name on the door read 'Mr. and Mrs. Saotome'. The nameplate didn't compute. There were supposed to be two females at this residence yet the word 'Mr.' was listed. It assumed that this might have been a pseudonym used to throw off visitors. It knocked. In a female voice it said, "Avon calling."

As before, it forced open the door and found an apartment that appeared to have been unused for some time. Dust and broken glass were everywhere. Only an area in the bedroom near the dresser drawer seemed to have been disturbed. It searched the home and found some papers that described a dojo in Nerima. This could have been the current location of the Saotomes. It checked the old dust covered mail on the floor near the mail slot and found an unopened letter.

The letter from Shampoo read...

To darling Ranma,

I miss you. Why you no want Shampoo? I want you come to Cat Cafe. Please I want speak with you. My honor at stake. You visit. You have place here.

Wo ai ni, (I love you),


The machine checked maps of Japan. The return address was in a location in Nerima. It would go there to see if Mr. Shampoo knew anything of value. Ms. Ranma Saotome had a place there. It was likely that she could be found there.

The terminator got back on the motorcycle. It was bad to the bone. It checked its shotgun, UZI and Glock 34 with laser sight. It sped off to Nerima.


The T-800 found the remains of the Cat Cafe. The building was only about two meters high. The rest was blown away by the blast. It easily entered the cafe. The T-800 searched the area but found very little of value. Everything was burnt to a crisp or broken trash. It found a staircase filled with debris. It changed its vision to infrared and saw three heat signatures under the ground. One was a small signature, about the size of a child. The other two were adults. One of those people could be Mr. Shampoo. It began to dig out the basement stairway.


Shampoo was scared. They have been in the storeroom for over a week. The flashlight long ago ran out and Cologne refused to give Mousse the replacement set of batteries. Cologne had no idea how long they would have to stay down in the storeroom. She was concerned that Mousse would waste the batteries trying to woo Shampoo.

Mousse was overjoyed that he was able to spend so much time in the company of Shampoo. Shampoo however kept stabbing Mousse's feelings in the heart by always pining for Ranma. Mousse was heartbroken when he heard Shampoo calling out for Ranma in her sleep. Mousse was frustrated. He thought, "Even if that creep is dead, she still wants him."

There was a scraping sound at the door. Cologne awoke from her meditation and approached the door. She put her ear to the door and listened. She retreated back to Shampoo and held her granddaughter's mouth. "Shampoo, be quiet." She then used her walking stick to silence Mousse by touching his neck and knocked him out. She pulled the batteries from her hiding place and fixed the flashlight.

The scraping got louder. Then the sound became digging. The sound became a loud sound of a shovel like tool hitting the door. Cologne felt danger coming from behind the door. "Quiet child." She told her granddaughter again.

The digging from behind the door stopped. The doorknob started to jiggle. The door was locked. A knock came at the door. "This is the police. Is anyone alive in there?"

Shampoo gave a little jump and tried to giggle in joy. She thought they were being rescued. Cologne grabbed Shampoo and held her mouth tight to keep her quiet. Cologne was worried. She knew this person would force his way in, and her danger sense was going into overdrive.

The door shook. The door was being forced open but it held. The door was made of thin steel plates on a solid wood door. The door shook violently after a loud bang caused by a kick. Mousse woke up from all the noise and turned to look at the door. "What's going on?"

Cologne was angry at the sound that Mousse made. It didn't matter since the intruder was coming in no matter what. "Shampoo! Mousse! Whoever is coming is not friendly." All three took defensive poses.

The door was kicked down. A man blocked the door. It stood there looking at the three. It scanned them. None of them matched the girls it was looking for. "I am looking for Ranma Saotome."

Shampoo turned cold and then angry. "Why you want husband?"

Husband? It stopped for a moment as it tried to reason this out. Ranma is male. This woman in front of it must have been Akane Saotome. It turned to Cologne, "Old woman, identify."

Cologne jumped forward and planted a kick in the terminator's chest. She bounced off and fell to the floor clutching her foot. "OW! Be careful, he's not human!"

The machine pulled out an UZI 9mm submachine gun. It aimed it at Cologne. Mousse threw a clawed chain and yanked the gun away from the machine before it had a chance to pull back the action. The terminator pulled out a shotgun. Mousse sent another chain and disarmed it again. The machine started to walk into the room straight to Mousse.

Mousse jumped in front of Shampoo. "You will not hurt my love!" Mousse charged and used a hidden blade and started to slice at the machines skin. He cut and punched but the machine simply acted as if he wasn't doing anything to it at all. The machine punched Mousse and flung him into a wall.

The terminator faced Shampoo who raised her battle aura. "Akane Saotome, Identify." Shampoo charged at the mention of that hated name and struck the machines head with her bonbori. The clubs bounced off and it tried to grab Shampoo's arm. Shampoo was too fast and started a series of quick kicks to throw her opponent off balance. She only landed three blows before she jumped back. She underestimated the weight and body mass of this foe. She had to rethink her attack.

The machine was pulling up pictures of Akane Saotome in its database and found no file. It found a file for Akane Tendo and this girl before it looked nothing like her. It concluded that Akane Tendo was Sailor Io and this girl was the wife of Ranma Saotome. The man next to her was Ranma Saotome since he called her his love.

Cologne felt the danger level increase beyond words. "Shampoo! Don't get near it! Run!" She used all her might and threw her walking stick to trip the terminator's feet as it walked towards Shampoo. It almost tripped but its brute strength was able to snap the stick in two. Shampoo leapt to the side, did a flip and ran out the door. The terminator shifted its attention to Mousse. It struck with a clenched fist at Mousse's head but it missed. It looked around for its target and found a duck sitting in its place.

Cologne held the small water bottle she squirted at Mousse. "You owe me duck-boy." The machine pulled back and could not accept the duck was Mousse. The duck started to bite the terminator's leg and it kicked the duck into the wall crushing his ribcage.

The machine scanned the room. Ranma Saotome had escaped. It turned to the doorway and ran out looking for Akane. As the machine was running out the door, it grabbed a large can of broth and threw it at Cologne. She was stunned and was smashed against the wall. It wanted no one to follow it. It paused to pick up its weapons and ran up the stairs.

Shampoo was gawking at the destruction of the cafe. She heard the can hit Cologne and realized that she had to make a break for it. She ran out into the street and ran as far as she could away from home. The machine was in hot pursuit.

It saw Shampoo leap onto a nearby pile of debris and jump at high speed. It got on the motorcycle and gave chase.

It drove at over one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour and never lost control. Shampoo saw that it was catching up to her so she started darting in random directions to lose it.

Shampoo tried every trick she could think of to ditch her pursuer. She doubled back, she jumped through ruined buildings, and she even ran into the drainage ditch. The machine was always just right behind her. It pulled out its shotgun and started firing it at Shampoo. She was able to barely dodge the blasts with ki jumps and precisely timed dodges behind concrete barriers. She was getting tired and this guy showed no hint of giving up. Shampoo saw Furinkan High School ahead and thought the forest near it would be great cover. She ran for it.


Sailor Sun's Senshi sense kicked it. She could feel something was wrong on Earth. She heard a name being called from a familiar voice. "Ranma! Ranma! Save me!"

Everyone at the table were either weeping for Mercury or just sitting comatose. Sun was sitting with her head down on the table when she suddenly sat up straight and gave a distant look. Sailor Io saw that Sun had stiffened. Io asked, "What's wrong?"

"Shampoo. She's in trouble. I can feel it." Sun stared into space.

Io thought about Shampoo and felt the same feeling. She knew what they have to do. She slid next to Sun and held her waist. "Ready when you are."

Sun looked at her arm. It had mostly healed. It would take another hour to fully heal but it was good enough for now. "Let's go."

The two Senshi vanished. A surprised Sailor Moon stood up and asked, "Where did they run off to?"


The two Senshi appeared in the baseball field of Furinkan High School. Sun saw that Shampoo was heading this way. The two spread out and waited for Shampoo to arrive.

In a moment, a tired Amazon leapt off of a large pile of debris and ran straight through the field. She saw the Senshi and ran toward them. "Help! He's after me!"

Shampoo ran past Sun and stood behind them. "Big ugly man want kill Ranma! Help fight?"

The two got wide eyed at that remark. They both turned to where a motorcycle engine sound was coming from. Sun without looking at Io asked, "I can dodge gunfire, can you?"

Io smirked at Sun's wound, "Better than you."

Sun looked at her arm, "Lucky shot."

The machine rode toward the field and gunned the motorcycle's engine. It popped the front wheel up and crashed through the bent chain link fence and rolled at high speed down the embankment. It made a beeline towards Shampoo and slowed down. It scanned the Senshi and saw that these matched Sun and Io. It produced the Uzi and fired it at Sun.

Sun jumped to the side and rolled on the ground. She gave a yelp of pain from her old wound. Io fired a Lava Blast at the motorcycle blowing it to pieces. The machine rolled on the ground and the gun flew out of its hand.

Io saw where the thing landed and fired Lava Blast again to finish the job. She shattered the machines legs and set it on fire. She ran to aid Sun.

"Oh man." Was all Sun could say. She underestimated how much of her wound was actually healed. She held her bandage tight to stop the throbbing and soften the pain.

"Thank you Senshi." Shampoo made a little bow. Io and Sun giggled a little in the fact that Shampoo didn't recognized who they were. Sun liked Shampoo as a friend and had deep respect for her martial arts skill. Sun was glad that Shampoo wasn't going to drag her off to a wedding chapel. Shampoo innocently asked, "I have favor to ask. Can you take me to Ranma?" Sun drooped, maybe she was going to drag her off to get married.

Sun groaned, she would bluff, "I don't know who Ranma is." Sun looked at the burning terminator and got a bad feeling. "Let's get out of here."

Io had the feeling too, she turned to see the terminator was walking rapidly only using its arms for locomotion. It was the strangest thing that the three had ever seen. The machine was missing everything below the waist and was on fire balancing itself on the arms. It was moving back and forth in an attempt to approach them without giving them a clear shot.

"Oh no you don't!" Io fired Lava Blast again but the machine dodged it and jumped towards Sailor Sun. Sun rolled to the side ignoring the pain in her arm. She needed to focus for a moment to teleport. It was difficult to focus with a flaming half man trying to jump you.

Shampoo threw a bonbori at the flaming thing that caused the skin to fly off exposing the metal underneath. Shampoo screamed at the sight before her. The machine took the advantage and grabbed her and held her throat.

Io wanted to blast the thing but couldn't since Shampoo was in its grasp. She stood her ground.

"Where is Ranma Saotome?" The machine demanded from Shampoo.

"I don't know!" Shampoo gasped.

"Tell me where is Ranma Saotome. NOW!" It tightened its grip.

Sailor Sun stood up. "You want Ranma Saotome?"

The machine turned to look at Sun. "Give the location of Ranma Saotome or I will kill her."

Io saw what Sun was going to do. "Don't do it!"

"I have your word. If I produce Ranma Saotome, you will release Shampoo unharmed." Sun ordered.

The machine was confused. It checked its database and found Xian Pu was a match for the girl before it. The girl was not Akane Tendo. It turned its metal skull and uttered, "You have my word."

Io held her hands in a pleading gesture, "Sun... Don't."

Sun changed to Ranko. She was wearing her red chinese shirt and black pants. "I am Ranma Saotome."

The machine was even more confused. The clothes changing before it didn't make logical sense. The diary did associate Sailor Sun with Ranma Saotome. The man in the basement was not Ranma Saotome. That was proof enough. "Come closer."

Shampoo was wide eyed at Ranko was standing there. She was overjoyed that her beloved was going to rescue her. She looked at the machine holding her and realized that it was planning to kill Ranma. "Ranma! Get away."

"Release Shampoo first." Ranko demanded as she took a step forward. She glanced at Io who was standing ready to blow the machine to bits.

It snapped Shampoo's neck and released her. It charged Ranko. Ranko made a high ki jump which took the machine by surprise. It had calculated that its charge was inescapable. It calculated wrong. "Lava Blast!" Io sent a wad of lava at the machine ripping off on arm. It still kept moving.

Ranko landed nearby, ignoring her pain she sent a ki blast, "Moko Takabisha" and blew the torso into tiny pieces with the head flying into the air.

Both Ranko and Io had to take a deep breath. They examined the machine parts and were convinced that it wasn't going to get up again.

They went over to Shampoo. Ranko took it hard. Shampoo was dead. Ranko couldn't handle this. She was losing too many friends to these robots. She buried her hands into her face and silently screamed.

Io sat next to the distraught Ranko. "There was nothing you could have done." She held her female husband and looked down at Shampoo.

"That thing had no honor. It didn't know the meaning of honor!" Ranko screamed. "It promised that it wouldn't hurt her." She clenched her fists and opened them again. "I've never had an opponent that had no honor like this."

Ranko's soul filled with pure fury. She started to breath heavily and slowly shook her head from side to side in deep emotion. Images of everyone she knew who had suffered flashed though her head, Kasumi, Soun, Nabiki, and Konatsu. She vowed, "You bastards killed my mother. You killed Ukyou. You killed Ami. Now you killed Shampoo." She paused and held her fist tight, "I'm going to kill you. I'm going to make sure you pay for what you have done."

Ranko slowly stood up and glanced around to see if anyone was around. She transformed back in to Sailor Sun. She went over to the head of the terminator and picked it up. A fierce aura of fire burned around her as she stared in the dead eyes of the metal skull. Like Sailor Moon so many times in the past, Sun made her speech, "This is our world. You shall not ruin it. There is no room in it for those without honor. By the power of our life giving Sun, I will punish you!"

With the power of her fury and her Senshi magic, she crushed the skull in her hand.


Sailor Sun beamed to the Cat Cafe. She surveyed the damage and sighed. She held the lifeless body of Shampoo in her arms. "Why did you have to get involved in this?" She found the stairway to the basement and slowly walked down.

Cologne was sitting at the bottom already in mourning. She already knew what happened. Mousse's unconscious duck body lay in a corner. Cologne didn't want him to make a scene.

Cologne bowed, "Thank you for bringing her home Sailor Senshi."

Sun gently placed her body down. "Please forgive me, I couldn't save her. She fought bravely. She died with honor. She gave honor to the Amazon tribe." Sun made a gentle bow and turned to leave.

Cologne was a little suspicious. How did she know Shampoo was an Amazon? "What is your name?"

Sun stopped. She turned around and gazed at Colognes eyes. "I am Sailor Sun."

"Did you know Shampoo?" Cologne pried.

Sun didn't want to lie. So she bowed her head and turned and slowly walked up the stairs.

Io was waiting for her upstairs. She ran from Furinkan. Sun embraced Io and the two of them teleported to the space station.

Cologne looked at her granddaughter. "Why?" She closed her eyes and thought about how she was going to tell Mousse.




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