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Sailor Ranko: Tunnel Vision: Chapter 19, The Day After.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me upload chapters to without checking them.

The Sailor Senshi was getting worried for Sailor Sun. She had teleported to Earth and hadn't come back in over a minute. She usually only took fifteen seconds to teleport, grab someone and return.

Sailor Io felt something in her soul. She gave a look of pure terror and placed her hands on her face and screamed, "DAD! NABIKI! NOOOOOOO!!!" She then dropped to her knees and sobbed. The other Senshi backed away from Io as she bowed to the ground and started beating the floor with her fist. "NO! NO! NO!" Io curled into a ball and fell over loudly distraught and in total anguish.

Venus went over to Io to comfort her. Io didn't even notice her holding her shoulder. Io shrank further and further clutching her knees to her chest. Venus was overcome by emotion and wept alongside Io for the pain she was suffering from. Venus was deathly afraid for her family as well.

Sailor Moon hadn't moved from her spot since the girls teleported to the space station. She was almost in a coma, totally dazed and still wishing that this were a dream she would soon awaken from. She wanted so much to be in Mamoru's arms and being just a normal girl in a normal life.

Sailor Jupiter didn't have any family to speak of other than the Senshi. She was thinking of their missing member, "Sun is taking a little long to get back isn't she?"

Mars was worried too; she was sitting on the floor worrying about her own family. "I hope she's alright."

Uranus heard the conversation and left Saturn and Neptune to go to the other Senshi, "I think she may have passed out. She was really tired when she brought me here. I had to slap her to wake her to get Luna and Artemis here."

Mars was not comforted with that thought, "I hope that she's just late." Mars didn't want to even think that Sun could have been caught in some sort trouble. Mars outright rejected the idea that Tokyo got hit with a bomb while Sun was there. She would have felt her father or grandfather's pain if it had happened. Mars heard another sob from Io. That brought reality crashing down on her hope. "Where did Sun go?"

Jupiter thought about where did Sun have family, "Didn't she have a mother in Nerima... Oh no!" It dawned on Jupiter that Io's family shared the same home as Sun's mother. "Io, your family is in Nerima. Isn't it?"

Io was not listening. She was in a fetal position stricken with grief. Jupiter and Mars bowed their heads and held each other. They hoped beyond hope that Sun was all right.


The wind started to die down and reversed direction to northern Tokyo. The wind picked up speed and pulled debris toward the rising fireball above ground zero. Sailor Sun held her arms over her head in an attempt save herself from injury. She forced herself deeper into the koi pond using the water as a shield but she was running out of time. She could only hold her breath for two minutes and she already starting to turn blue.

Sun burst out of the pond, took a breath and went back under hoping that a house wouldn't fall on her. Minutes passed that felt like hours before the wind finally died down. Sun noticed the sound of the wind had diminished from under the water and finally raised her head to take a look around.

What she saw was a scene from hell. The sky was filled with thick black smoke and city around her was glowing red from the thousands of fires that burned everywhere. The stone wall surrounding the Tendo residence was shattered with only little stubs here and there remaining. The house was only about one and a half meters tall. Everything above that was ripped off and taken away by the shock wave. The garden was scorched and small fires dotted the ground. The shadow of the wall surrounding the residence was what spared the lowest part of the house from instant incineration when the bomb went off.

Sun slowly got up, shook her head and rubbed her ears. Her eardrums felt a throbbing since the volume of the explosion almost made her deaf. She started limping toward the remains of the house. She could feel that her leg was broken. Each step was filled with pain and agony, but she kept limping to the house. She had to know her mother's fate. She found a burnt thick piece of wood and picked it up and used it as a crutch. She paused to regain her balance and continued her agonizing journey.

She finally made it to the area that was once the dining room. All the furniture was missing. Sun looked up to where her mother's room was. She had begun to cry. She knew that her mother was dead. She didn't have to see the body. Her Senshi senses and her soul confirmed what she saw in those last crucial seconds. Sun leaned against her crutch and cried.

She was sobbing for over fifteen minutes. Going over and over in her head of how could she have prevented this. Why didn't she have her mother live with her in Juuban? Why didn't she get her while they were waiting for Sailor Moon to arrive? Why didn't she train harder so she wouldn't have passed out when she took Uranus to her station? Why? Why? Why?

Sun still hadn't gotten over the death of her father. Now her mother was dead. She was an orphan. She had no family anymore. She just stood there taking it all in. She didn't want accept that her mother was gone. She gritted her teeth so hard that she almost shattered them. In a sudden movement she stared in the sky and screamed loud enough to wake the dead, "AAARRRGGGHHH!"

She screamed for a minute. Sailor Sun took a deep breath. She thought of her wife Sailor Io. She remembered she still had family. She paused and looked around the ruins. She felt a presence in the area, a human presence. She thought she was imagining things. No one could have survived. Sun thought, "I survived."

Sun followed her senses. It led her to the remains of the kitchen. The floor was completely covered with burnt foodstuffs and broken dishes that fell from the kitchen counters. Sun saw a lump in the ashes and reached over to touch it. It felt firm and warm. Sun cast aside her crutch and fell next to the lump and started removing debris. It was under the kitchen counter that had shifted onto the floor. Carefully, she used all her Senshi enhanced strength to gently move the counter off the lump and cast it aside. She tried to pull a piece of fabric away and found that someone was wearing it. "Uhhhh..." Came from the body.

"Kasumi?" Sun asked. She was hardly recognizable, she had the right side of her body covered with burns and her dress was seared to her flesh. Sun tried to hold back her nausea at the sight of innocent Kasumi in this condition. Kasumi by some miracle had survived, but without medical attention, she was a goner.

Sun barely had any energy left for a teleport. She focused all of her magic and concentrated on the space station. She gently held Kasumi and invoked her spell, "Sun Beam Transport!"


Jupiter was wearing a hole in the station floor with her nervous pacing. Sun had been gone for far too long and Io had only just now stopped weeping. Io was a total wreck. Moon finally sat down but was still in a zombie like state. Pluto was a lost cause. Mars was following Jupiter in the pacing contest to see who can log the most kilometers in a circle.

A flash appeared in the center of the main lobby of the space station and two people appeared. Mars and Jupiter quickly ran to see Sailor Sun and stopped just before they got there. Both girls gave out a scream when they saw Kasumi.

Sun was barely able to talk, "P-P-Please get Saturn here..." Sun fell unconscious.

Jupiter fainted, she couldn't believe what she saw was Kasumi. Mars almost fell over as well, but she was able to stagger over to Saturn and call her over. Uranus got to Kasumi first and gasped. She turned to intercept Saturn. "Saturn, please close your eyes."

Saturn stopped; Uranus intentionally blocked her view of the two fallen girls. Uranus begged, "Please, don't look. Can you heal without looking?"

Saturn said, "I... I don't know."

Uranus took another look at Kasumi. She saw Sailor Sun's unnaturally bent leg. She debated in her mind if she should let her daughter see the sight on the floor. She turned to face Saturn. "She needs you to heal her. She is hurt really bad."

Saturn could see in Uranus's eyes that the injuries must have been terrible. Saturn didn't know if she could do it. She didn't really know Sailor Sun or her friend but she didn't want to let anyone down. "I want to help."

Uranus let go of her daughter and dropped her hands. Saturn walked around her parent and held back a scream. She saw that the tall girl that Sun had brought was almost dead. The injury was nothing like anything she had ever seen. The right side of her body from the head to the waist had second and third degree burns. Her clothes were melted into her skin and she hardly looked human. The left side of her was perfectly normal. If she were standing from the left side, you would have thought that Kasumi was perfectly healthy.

Saturn kneeled next to Kasumi and laid her hands on the right side of her chest. "Uhh..." Kasumi moved a little. Saturn felt sick at the touch of the gooey skin. She had to be careful since the skin wanted to peel off in her hands. She healed a small area of skin and moved a few centimeters and began healing again. A smell like a burnt steak finally touched Saturn's nose and she pulled back. It was terrible.

"Please save her." Sailor Io was kneeling next to Saturn. "She is my sister. She is all I have left."

Saturn saw the look on Io's face as she was kneeling over her injured sister. "I'll try." Saturn got more courage from seeing the despair in Io's eyes and placed her hands on Kasumi's face. She couldn't let her die with the face she had at this moment.

Io saw her sister's face slowly restore to the sister she had. She managed a smile, a smile of hope.

Sailor Sun rolled over away from Kasumi. She grimaced her face and kicked her leg back into place. "OW!" The Senshi healing magic of her Sailor fuku was already working healing her body. She lay face down on the floor barely conscious. She felt a body lay next to her. Io whispered to Sun, "Thank you."

Io didn't know what else to say to Sun. She didn't return with her mother and she didn't seem to be in a hurry to return to Earth. Io knew what this meant and closed her eyes and hugged Sun.


Several hours had passed since Tuxedo Mask jumped into the bathtub. It had been very quiet, too quiet. He finally came up out of the water and removed his top hat from his face. He didn't breathe any air, but he opened his eyes expecting them to feel pain. There was no pain. He took a breath and the air seemed normal.

He got out of the tub and fumbled around in the dark bathroom. Sometime ago, the power went out and plunged the bathroom into darkness. He took his soaking wet form over to the bathroom door and put his ear to it. He heard very distant sounds but nothing nearby. He dropped to the floor and slowly pulled away the towel that blocked the air from entering under the door. He smelled the air from the other side and felt no ill effects.

He cleared the door and slowly opened it. The room was dark since it was now late in the evening and the sun had already gone down. He went into his bedroom and tried to turn on the TV. There was no power anywhere. He went to the window and took a look outside. The view was right out of the twilight zone. The city of Los Angeles lay before him but no activity of any kind was visible. The freeways were devoid of traffic; all the lights of the city were turned off. Only the moon gave any illumination anywhere in the city. It was if the city died in the last five hours.

Tuxedo Mask transformed to Mamoru and back into Tuxedo Mask again. The transformation gave him a new set of dry clothes but didn't correct the fact that his skin had pruned for being in water for so long. He went over to the phone to call Usagi. The line was dead. He went to his suitcase and got his Senshi communicator. He turned it on and dialed Usagi's number. The communicator displayed the message, "Number not in service."

"Where could she be?" Asked Tuxedo Mask. He heard gunfire in the city. He made a quick gaze and saw a tiny flash from several kilometers away. Gunfire, good or bad, meant that someone else was alive. He had to find the survivors and find a way home. Tuxedo Mask breathed a small sigh of relief. He was so happy Chibi Usa was back in the 30th century. A little girl like that should never see what he was witnessing right now.


Shampoo lay in the darkness terrified. The horrible thunderclap and the resulting sound coming from the Cat Cafe above made her shrivel up and hope that Ranma would come to rescue her. Cologne was meditating in another corner and Mousse was hugging a Shampoo sized statue. They all sat in the darkness for several hours before Mousse fumbled around and found a flashlight. He turned it on and put his glasses on.

"Shampoo, are you ok?" He went over to Shampoo and held the light away from her eyes but close enough so they can see. Shampoo was sitting scared, like a little girl. Shampoo got a very good look at Mousse's face. He truly was concerned for her. She looked away. She didn't want to give in to him despite the fact that deep down inside, she knew that he was the one she was destined for. Her stubbornness was what kept denying the fact that Ranma was never hers. Mousse was just as stubborn as she was. He would wait forever if need be for Shampoo.

Shampoo cracked a smile. She held Mousse and spoke in Chinese, "I am O.K. Thank you for worrying about me."


Kasumi groaned. She was in a large beautiful bed in what appeared to be a futuristic room. She saw a window that had a view of outer space. Sitting next to her were two girls, one on each side of her, dressed in mini-skirts and white leotards.

"What happened? Where am I?" Kasumi instinctively touched her face. It was perfect. She felt that her clothes were a little tight on her and saw she was wearing a Juuban High School girl's dress. She pulled up her right sleeve and looked at her right arm and saw that it was healthy. She thought that she must have been having a strange dream. She glanced at both of the two girls sitting next to her. "Who are you?"

Sailor Io gulped. She didn't know if she should speak. Sailor Sun did it for her, "Kasumi."

Kasumi turned to Sailor Sun. "Yes?"

Sailor Sun turned her face away, "Are you ok?"

"I think so. I need to cook dinner. Can you take me home?" Kasumi smiled.

Sailor Io started to cry. She didn't move from her chair. Far in a corner, Sailor Saturn was peeking at this reunion.

Kasumi looked at the crying Sailor Io. "Why are you crying?" From behind her, she heard more tears. She turned to Sailor Sun who was sniffing. "Was it something I said?"

Sailor Sun saw that Io was breaking down. She decided to break the news, "Kasumi."


"Do you remember what happened? What was the last thing you remember?" Sun touched her hand.

"I was in the kitchen making dinner for father when there was a bright light." Kasumi was beginning to think this was not a dream.

"Do you remember anything else after that?"

Kasumi thought about it but she felt like it was a memory she didn't want to remember. "No, not really."

Sun glanced at Io who was finally regaining her composure. "Nerima was hit with a bomb. Your house was destroyed. I'm sorry."

"Oh, that's ok. I'll have the carpenter come by and fix our home. It's not the first time." Kasumi smiled. She looked at her clothes again. "Odd. Where is my apron?"

"Kasumi, there is no carpenter anymore. The entire city was destroyed." Sun continued trying to get Kasumi to understand what really happened.

"Oh my." That was all she could say about that.

"I've got terrible news."

Kasumi lost her smile. Her eyes glazed over.

Sun hesitated. She looked down at the bed. "I'm afraid that your father..." Sun couldn't say it.

"No." Kasumi took it in. She fell back on the bed and closed her eyes. "Father..."

Sun tried to finish her sentence, "And Nabiki..."

Kasumi clenched her eyes and shrank her face. She was filled with grief. After a moment she opened her empty lifeless eyes, "Akane?"

"I'm here." Io whispered.

Kasumi regained a smile and sat up and looked around the room. Io forgot that her Senshi disguise magic prevented Kasumi from recognizing her. Even though Sailor Io looked just like Akane in a Sailor Senshi uniform, Kasumi didn't see her. "Where is Akane?"

Io took Kasumi's hand and looked into her eyes. "I'm right here."

Kasumi gazed into Io's eyes in return. She could barely see her. She noticed that this girl resembled Akane but she didn't make the association. "Akane?"

She nodded her head. "Yes, It's me."

"That is such a cute outfit." Kasumi once again regained her glow.

"Thank you." Io blushed.

"Why are you dressed like that?"

"Uh..." Io decided that she would confess to her only living relative, "I am a Sailor Scout. My name is Sailor Io."

"Oh, how nice." Kasumi gave a thought, "Where is Ranma?"

"Uh... He's ok." Io blew her cover, she didn't want to blow Sun's.

Kasumi had another thought. "Happosai? Where is he?"

Sun and Io shot glances at each other. Neither had even a single thought about his fate. "That freak of nature will probably outlive us all." Said a frustrated Sailor Sun.

Kasumi took pause at that statement. She slowly turned to look at Sun, "Ranma?"

Sun slowly nodded her head.

"How did you? Are you both..." Kasumi turned her head back and forth looking at the two Senshi.

"Yes, we are both Sailor Senshi." Io said.

"Oh, how wonderful." Kasumi beamed. She then slowly dropped her smile and softly sulked. She didn't know what was going to become of her.

Sailor Io reached for her sister and gave her a tight embrace. Sun embraced both girls together. They gave their collective blessings to each other and held out some hope that things will turn out somehow.

Saturn cracked a smile from her hiding place. She was happy that the Senshi of destruction could also be the Senshi of healing. "Instead of being a nurse, I'm going to be a doctor."


Ryoga awoke in a pool of warm water. He was completely encased in darkness. He fumbled around and found his clothes. He got dressed and started to climb up. He hit the ceiling and found himself trapped.

He had thought about how he got here. Wasn't the well water supposed to be cold? He started to dig and the soft earth fell easily. After thirty minutes he climbed about five meters until he hit hard stone. He used his breaking point technique, "BAKUSAI TENKETSU!" He smashed the stone of the well wall and saw the night sky. He climbed out of the well and noticed that it wasn't night. It was dark from and massive amount of smoke in the air above him. There was plenty of light around him from all the fires everywhere. He turned to the farmhouse and saw that it was gone. The entire farm was gone. It was completely swept away as if it were never there.

Ryoga sat down. He gazed at the spot where Akari stood and saw what he needed to see. On the stone wall was a shadow of the lower half of Akari. The shadow was backwards. The wall was scorched everywhere except where Akari stood. Ryoga stood up and ripped the section of the well wall off and gently laid it on the ground. He could feel her presence. He touched the unburned area of the wall and shed a tear. He lay there on top of what little trace of Akari's existence there was left on this Earth. He missed her. He lay there for over an hour.

He knew it was too good to be true. He knew it must have been a dream. He was finally awake now. He searched the wreckage and found his backpack and umbrella. He found some canned goods and other supplies and filled his backpack. He walked down the path to the main road. He stopped and looked at the foundation of the farmhouse. He thought, "Thank you Akari. You have shown me true happiness. More happiness than I ever deserved." He paused, "I loved you."

He walked down the road. He didn't know where he was going or what he was going to do. He was awake. He went back to his old life.

He was going to get lost.

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