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Sailor Ranko: Tunnel Vision: Chapter 16, Ryoga And Akari.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me upload chapters to without checking them.

The Brotherhood of America got a package from another hate group in the United States. They didn't think their friends would deliver on their promise but there it was. Four crates, each one contained a Stinger anti-aircraft missile. Their mysterious friend told them that they would be able to use them in a day or two.

They will be contacted soon as to the time and place to hit the United States where it hurts.


Usagi and Mamoru were on their constantly postponed date. Usagi kept having scout meetings and Mamoru was busy at college. They went to a romantic movie together. Mamoru would rather be watching the latest Jackie Chan film, but he wanted to give this moment to Usagi.

After the movie, they went to a nice teppan restaurant and Usagi cheered as the chef tossed shrimp and mushrooms in the air and made them land in a perfect circle on her plate. He juggled the eggs and cracked them on the fried rice all synced to a little song he was humming. The chef then started tossing shrimp parts into Mamoru's mouth. He sent a few towards Usagi, which bounced off her face onto every other patron at the table. Usagi was rather annoyed and it made Mamoru laugh at the whole thing. Usagi laughed as well and snuggled next to her boyfriend.

Mamoru took Usagi to the ice cream parlor and tolerated her complete lack of feminine grace. She devoured the ice cream like a lion that had been denied meat for a month. Mamoru loved Usagi. Usagi could only think of Mamoru.

Mamoru concluded the date with a stroll towards Usagi's house on a nice warm Tokyo night. When they got to Usagi's home he had to give her the news, "Usagi, I'm going away for a few days. There is a seminar in Los Angeles that I need to attend."

"Ah... Why do you have to go? Oh, where is Los Angeles?" Usagi didn't like the idea that Mamoru would be half a world away.

"It's in California in the United States. I'll be back in a few days. You won't even notice I've been gone." Mamoru assured her. He gave her a goodbye kiss and his trademark red rose and went home.

Usagi watched him walk away. She had a strange feeling that he shouldn't go. She swooned and went to bed.


Akari saw that her grandfather was spending a lot of time watching news on TV. There were reports that North Korea was preparing to attack South Korea. Grandfather had many friends in South Korea and he was worrying about them. She didn't want to bother him so she asked Ryoga to help her prepare and send out the invitations to their wedding. Ryoga at first hesitated, but he just couldn't say no. Each invitation had a beautiful note asking for the guest to attend the ceremony. It needed a map to the farmhouse and directions so people can find their way.

Ryoga gulped. He knew what this meant. Akari had asked him, so he made the maps.


"I thought they lived outside of Tokyo?" Ukyou was angry. She and Konatsu were wandering the streets of Yokohama for an hour. The directions said for them to take a train west and then south and then east and then north.

It finally dawned on them that the directions were in a complete circle and the destination was only thirty kilometers north of Ucchan's. They hopped the next train and vowed never to use a map from the Hibiki's ever again.


Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno were in Aomori. The map said to go north and to keep going north. It didn't say to stop in the northern area of Tokyo. It said just go north. So they ended up in the northernmost point of the island of Honshu. They missed the wedding. It wasn't a big loss.


Mr. and Mrs. Hibiki got their invitation a week in advance via overnight delivery. It took them a week going from Niigata to Akita to Aomori to Sendai to Yokohama and finally to northern Tokyo. They made it with fifteen minutes to spare. They were so proud of their son and they loved their new daughter-in-law to be. Ryoga hinted to Akari that his parents were hard to get in touch with. She should make the most of their visit today.


Ranma and Akane had just entered Osaka when they realized that Ryoga must have made the map. They hid themselves and transformed into Sailor Senshi and teleported back to Juuban. There, they took the invitation, found the return address and grabbed a real map. In moments they appeared above a well outside of the farmhouse and fell in. They climbed out of the water and transformed back to Ranko and Akane. They performed a ki jump to get out of the well.

Akari was surprised that the Saotomes had arrived early; everyone else seemed to be arriving late for some reason.

Ryoga saw Ranko and produced a kettle of hot water. He poured some on a now drenched Ranma, "Ranma, I have a favor to ask."

Ranma was curious, "What favor?"


Mousse was a duck and flew high above northern Tokyo. He quacked and flew in a circle over the farmhouse. Their map took them to Tokyo bay and instructed them to swim for a kilometer into the pacific. Cologne wondered if Ryoga didn't want Shampoo to attend for fear that Ranma might be there. She splashed Mousse with ocean water and had him fly to locate and lead them to the wedding. They arrived with only minutes to spare.


The Tendos, Miss Hinako and Mrs. Nodoka Saotome arrived in plenty of time. Nabiki didn't trust any map that came from a Hibiki, current or future, so she used her computer to get directions. They had no problem at getting to the wedding. Ryoga greeted them and led them into the barn where the ceremony was to take place. Kasumi went with Akari and helped her get into her wedding dress. Akari was a vision of loveliness. She had a blue flower in her hair and wore a western style dress. She had a crown of flower petals circling her head and held a large bouquet for a girl so small. She giggled and asked for a favor from Kasumi.


The barn was where the ceremony was to take place. There was hay on the floor and high rafters. The pigs and horses were placed in a corral outside. The main area had many folding chairs in it with an aisle going down the middle. Tissue paper streamers and flowers decorated the room.

The barn started to fill with guests. Ukyou and Konatsu took their seats. Soun sat with Miss Hinako on his right and Nabiki on his left. Akane sat behind them. The Hibiki's sat in front. Hiroshi and Daisuke arrived. Shortly afterward came Yuka and Sayuri. Any excuse for free food was good enough for them. Akari's cousins and other family members came as well as people from Ryoga's past.

Nodoka looked at the ceremony and thought of the attempted marriage of Ranma and Akane. She remembered how she almost sacrificed her womanhood to protect her son's femininity when Genma spilled the Nannniichuan. Nodoka thought, "Oh, Genma, how I wish you were here."

Soun reached for and held Miss Hinako's hand. She gave a little giggle and placed her head on his shoulder.

The ceremony was about to begin. The priest came into the barn, walked down the aisle and took his position at the head of the barn. He gestured to the barn door.

Ryoga was never more terrified in his entire life. Facing ten thousand starving weasels was more appealing than what he was about to do. Ranma stood behind him in a matching rented tuxedo that Ryoga had gotten for him. He knew Ranma wouldn't turn down the offer to be his best man. Ranma would never turn down a chance to put Ryoga on the spot.

Put Ryoga on the spot was exactly what he did. As Ryoga stood there like a cow looking at an oncoming train, Ranma gave him a gentle shove and got him to start walking to the front of the barn. Every few steps, Ryoga paused, his mind racing, trying to find the quickest path out of the barn so he could run screaming into the night. Ranma kept up with the gentle nudging to get Ryoga to his position. Ranma stood behind Ryoga and stood at attention.

Nodoka smiled and silently thought, "Oh, Ranma, you are so manly."

A small piglet entered the barn holding a basket of flower petals. The pig took a few steps, shook his head to drop some petals and walked forward. He did this until he got to the front and then dropped the basket and ran away.

Kasumi shut the barn door as she entered in a maid of honor dress. She slowly walked up the aisle and took her position on the left side. The priest pulled out a boom box and played a compact disc with the all-familiar wedding march.

Everyone stood at attendance. Grandfather opened the barn door and walked outside, he returned with his granddaughter in his arm. They slowly marched up the aisle toward a sweating, nervous and about to pass out Ryoga. Grandfather stood with Akari before the priest.

"Who presents this lady to be married?"

"I do." Grandfather proudly said. He will remember this moment forever. He then took Akari by the hand and gave that hand to Ryoga. He then sat down in the front row.

Ryoga and Akari stood holding hands and the priest was about to begin the ceremony when a crazed Chinese girl came running into the room.

"You marry Shampoo." Shampoo grabbed Ranma's hand and started pulling him to the priest. Ryoga simply closed his eyes and hoped this was a bad dream.

"Hey! I'm already married." Ranma tried to pull his hand away from Shampoo's but she tightened her grip.

"Oh my!" said Kasumi, "Is this a double wedding?"

Akane couldn't believe what she was seeing. She looked at the barn entrance and saw Cologne and a wet Mousse enter. "Don't they ever give up?!" Akane jumped up, ran down the aisle and grabbed onto Ranma's other hand and started pulling in the opposite direction. "What do you think you are doing Shampoo?!"

"Ranma marry Shampoo!" Shampoo gave a hard pull trying to break Akane free.

Ranma was not thrilled about being a piece of pulling taffy. "Knock it off will you! I'm not marrying you and that's final!"

Mousse stood by trying to watch the spectacle. It was a blurry mess. He went to Akane, "Shampoo, please let him go."

Akane spun and gave a high kick into Mousse's stomach knocking him onto his back. "I'm not Shampoo you idiot!" The motion caused Akane to lose her grip and Ranma went flying into the walkway between the chairs.

Miss Hinako pulled out a five-yen piece and was about to invoke her Happo five-yen Satsu when Soun pushed her hand down. "Akane needs to deal with this."

"Priest, come here. Make Ranma husband for Shampoo." Shampoo stood up and gestured to the priest.

Cologne hopped next to the fallen Ranma, "Why fight the inevitable? Son-in-law, marry Shampoo."

"Are you both insane?" Ranma yelled. He did a flip and landed behind Cologne to avoid Shampoo jumping on him to hold him down.

Shampoo hit the ground with a thud. She made a fist and punched the ground. "Come back my husband!"

Ranma started to run to the back of the barn to escape Shampoo's clutches when he tripped and fell on his face. Cologne had left her walking stick across the floor for just such an escape attempt. Shampoo pounced Ranma and pinned him down. "We ready. Marry us."

Akane was beyond livid. She leapt over Nabiki who was already ducking and performed a somersault and landed at Shampoo's feet. She tucked and rolled over Shampoo grabbing her legs and peeled her off of her husband like a piece of tape. She completed the roll by throwing Shampoo over herself and toward the back wall. She leapt and planted the heels of her shoes into Shampoo's lower back with just enough power to stun her.

Shampoo grabbed the wall and pulled herself up towards the rafters. She shook her legs to counteract Akane's stun blow and did a spin kick towards Akane's head. Akane dodged the attack and hopped backwards landing in a fighting stance.

Shampoo continued her spin until her legs were toward the back wall and kicked off with her head and arms in the direction of Akane. She positioned her fingers into a killing blow and went straight for Akane's neck. Akane ducked behind a support post. Shampoo grabbed the post and swung around using her legs to attempt to strike Akane. Akane did a back flip and Shampoo passed under her and she kept spinning around the post for another attack.

Akane jumped back away from the post towards the chairs in the center of the room and took a defensive stance. Shampoo spun one more time and landed in front of Akane in an attack stance.

Akane was starting to sweat from the exertion. Shampoo had been training the last few weeks. She was determined to defeat Akane. Akane noticed that Shampoo was much more tired than she was. Akane built up her battle aura and fired her attack, "THUNDER HAMMER STRIKE!"

Shampoo jumped to the left and the ki energy missed her and blew a hole in the back of the barn. Shampoo grabbed a bonbori that Cologne tossed to her and threw it at Akane. Akane slid to the right to dodge it and was struck by Shampoo's kick that she launched at the same time. Akane grabbed Shampoo's leg and flipped over with a motion to soften the blow. She pushed against the leg to throw Shampoo off balance and used a ki jump to leap to the upper rafter.

Shampoo regained her balance, grabbed a bonbori and ki jumped to the rafter as well. The two opponents paused to size each other up.

Grandfather saw the damage these two girls were doing and shouted, "Enough is enough! You'll destroy my barn!" He turned to Ryoga, "You're a martial artist! Do something!"

Ryoga had had enough. He may have loved Akane but he couldn't let those two ruin his wedding. He looked at Akari and saw she had tears in her eyes. She was thinking that her beautiful wedding was going to be ruined. Ryoga thought of the mess that Ranma and Akane's wedding became and how they had to elope to be husband and wife.

Ryoga took a step forward toward the two girls as they ran to each other to continue their pointless pummeling. Ranma saw Ryoga's face and covered his head. Ryoga aimed his arms and invoked, "SHI-SHI-HOKODAN!"

A blast of ki energy came from Ryoga and engulfed both Akane and Shampoo. They were both stunned by the blast and fell from the rafters onto the hay below. Ryoga said, "Take it outside."

Ranma peeked out from under his arms and saw that Akane was down but not out. Shampoo was unconscious. Cologne looked at the mess, "I guess it's a draw son-in-law."

Ranma stood up, "Stop calling me that!"

"RANMA!" Ryoga yelled as he held out his hands again. Ranma quickly jumped back into his position next to Ryoga. He gave a small grin.

Ryoga calmed down. He stepped back to his position next to Akari. Akari gave a look of joy to her fiance. They turned to face the priest.

The priest looked at the back of the barn to see if there was going to be any last minute outbursts. He pulled out the wedding vows and read them for all to hear. He finally came to the good part.

"And if there is anyone in attendance who objects to this union. Speak now, or forever hold your peace." Ryoga glanced at Ranma expecting him to say something. Ranma just gave an approving smile. Kasumi gave an approving smile. Grandfather glanced back at Shampoo who was stirring but not totally awake yet.

"With the power vested in me. I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride."

Ryoga didn't know what to do. He just stared in the loving eyes of his beloved wife. Akari made the first move and approached her husband and got on her tiptoes. Ryoga tilted his head and placed his lips on his wife and gave her their first kiss as husband and wife.

Grandfather cheered. Soon everyone in the room cheered and clapped. Ryoga and Akari turned to face the audience and walked together out the barn towards the farmhouse.

Kasumi sighed, "Oh, how I love weddings."

Ranma sighed, "I didn't know he had it in him." He then went over to his wife and picked her up out of the hay.

Akane was a little dazed, "What happened?"

"Ryoga got married." Ranma escorted Akane outside to the farmhouse and the celebration.

Cologne went over to Shampoo and gently patted her face to wake her up. Shampoo sat up and looked at Ranma and Akane walking away hand in hand. "It not over yet. I marry Ranma. I get strong son."


The reception was wining and dining at its finest. There was dancing, karaoke, drinking and feasting. Everyone except Shampoo went home happy. Only having Ranma as her husband would have made her happy.

That evening after all the guests had gone home, Grandfather told the happy couple that he would be gone for a few days. He promptly left the lovebirds alone.

Ryoga went to Akari's bedroom. He fell on the bed tired from the day's activities and was proud of himself that he made it through the day. He lay there thinking that this was all a dream and that he would awaken any moment now. Akari came in wearing pig print pajamas. She gave her husband a kiss and turned out the lights.

They both lost their virginity shortly thereafter.


Ranma and Akane wanted to leave the reception without Shampoo following. When the guests were beginning to leave, they jumped in the well, transformed into Sailor Scouts and teleported home. It was cheaper than bus fare.

They didn't bother to change back; they just hopped into bed and quickly fell asleep. In the morning before sunrise, they got up. Sailor Sun was still fuming about Shampoo's attempt to marry her. She wanted to take her aggressions out on something. She suggested to Io that they go to their training grounds. Io agreed. She wanted to train since Shampoo had improved and she hadn't done serious training in almost a week.

They got into position and teleported to Death Valley.


Corporal Gonzalez was disappointed. The Black Ops team was no longer staking out the battleground since they thought that their presence was scaring away the magical girls. He could not believe that was what they were calling them. Crazy, wacky or just plain weird was a better description for the red haired girl, but magical?

Gonzalez drove to area two and looked around. There was no sign of the red haired girl anywhere. He carefully stayed away where the traps were laid and sat on a rock. He sat there taking in the sights when a bright light flashed in front of him and two girls holding each other appeared.

Gonzalez dropped his canteen he was holding. He just sat there looking at a red haired girl in a white leotard, red mini-skirt and matching white gloves and red boots. Standing next to her was a blue-black shorthaired girl in a white leotard, yellow mini-skirt, and white gloves. They both wore gold tiaras and were stunningly beautiful.

One of them seemed to be a little dizzy but the taller one looked at Gonzalez and shook her partner. It was obvious they were going to leave. "Don't go! I want to talk to you!"

The short red haired girl fell backwards and sprung a trap that completely snared her in a steel cable net. The other girl jumped back in surprise and fell in a tiger pit trap that had a net inside as well. Gonzalez knew these traps had sensors on them that would alert the Black Ops team. They would be here in about ten minutes or less.

Gonzalez approached the girls carefully avoiding the other traps in the ground.

Sailor Io couldn't move her body. The net was too tight. To invoke her magical attacks, she had to make hand gestures in addition to calling out the magic spell by name. She tried anyways, "LAVA BLAST!" In the palms of her hands a small amount of heat came out but without it being focused, it was useless.

Sailor Sun was in worse shape. She was still recovering from teleporting from Japan during nighttime. The sunlight in California was reviving her quickly. She saw that she was bound and tried to squirm. She heard Io call out her attack and fail. Sailor Sun tried her attack, "SEARING PLASMA BLAST!" A fireball appeared in her hand, but like Io, without the ability to throw it, the ball fell harmlessly from her hand.

Gonzalez felt sorry for these two girls. They were young and beautiful and they didn't do any real harm to anyone. He stood there and said in a loud voice, "Hello!"

Both Io and Sun stopped squirming and looked at Gonzalez. He gulped. He knew what the red haired girl could do. He had no clue if the net would hold them. He tried again, "Who are you?"

Io looked up from the trap she was in and said, "I am Sailor Io."

Sun knew enough English to say, "I am Sailor Sun."

Gonzalez was surprised at their names. "I am Corporal Gonzalez. United States Marine Corp."

Io squirmed a bit, she now knew who she was going to tear apart when she gets out. She calmed down a bit and thought about her problem and felt a more diplomatic solution was in order. "Can't you let me out? This hurts."

"I'm afraid I can't do that." Gonzalez confessed. He at least could talk to them before the Black Ops team arrived.

Io spoke in Japanese so Sun could understand, "Sun, can you get out? He won't let us go."

Sun started to squirm and twist to try to break the cables holding her. They only got tighter. She stopped moving and thought about what attacks she had and if any could be used without hand gestures. "SOLAR BEAM!" A beam of intense sunlight came from her index finger and made a steady stream of heat. She knew if she kept concentrating on the magic, she could keep the beam going like a laser. She moved her finger and began cutting the cables.

Gonzalez was amazed at what he was seeing. In about fifteen seconds, Sailor Sun had cast off her net and stood up looking really angry. He reached for his sidearm and pointed it at her. Sun called out "MOKO TAKABISHA!" She threw a ball of ki and knocked Gonzalez's gun out of his hand.

Sailor Sun went over to Io and cast Solar Beam again quickly cutting the cables and freeing her. The two Sailor Scouts felt the presence of the Black Ops team approaching and froze.

"We mean you no harm!" Gonzalez pleaded. He wanted to know just what these two girls were.

Sun grabbed Io and flashed out.

Gonzalez stood there alone and sat on a rock. The Black Ops team arrived and examined the nets. They stuck around for about five minutes. The commander decided to scrub the mission. They took the two nets that were damaged to take them to a lab for analysis. They were going to see if they could get DNA, skin or hair samples. Any little bit of evidence would help them in finding out if they were alien or human.

Gonzalez told the team that he wanted to stay behind for a little bit. The team left him there with his jeep. They would return tomorrow to disarm the traps. They couldn't leave the traps active or they could harm a soldier using the range.

He sat there for ten minutes after the team were long gone. He went to his jeep. Sitting in it were two Sailor Scouts. They wanted to have a talk.

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