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Sailor Ranko: Tunnel Vision: Chapter 10, Kiss And Make Up.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me upload chapters to without checking them.

Hotaru was in a desolate landscape at night. The city was in complete ruin. A battle was raging in the distance. She could hear the strange gunfire coming closer. Whirring of electric rotors from a machine that flew overhead made Hotaru plug up her ears and she hit the ground. Its searchlight was looking for her. She knew that thing above her was to be feared. She was alone. The night sky was illuminated from flashes of distant explosions. She was terrified. They took her parents. They were coming for her.

Hotaru awoke bathed in sweat. She placed her hands on her face and just pushed the dream out of her mind. She wished that she could dream like normal kids. Images of Pokemon or Barbie's were something she should be filling her sleep time with. Battlefields were not meant for a fourteen year old kid.

Setsuna was in the room with Hotaru. She asked Hotaru about her dream. At first, Hotaru didn't want to talk about it, but Setsuna assured her that nothing was going to happen. Hotaru went into detail about what she saw and what was coming.

Setsuna kissed Hotaru goodnight and tucked her back into bed. She closed the door to Hotaru's room and went to her own bedroom. Setsuna closed and locked her bedroom door and sat down on her bed.

She simply sat there staring out into space. "It can't be. Please don't let it be." She whispered, and then she wept.





Unimo was so happy to be with Naru. Every time he was with her, he felt the world was such a wonderful place. Naru cared a lot for Unimo and they took an evening stroll in the park. Unimo started, "Oh, Naru, I really like to be here with you."

"You do?" Naru was happy; Unimo had a real hard time being romantic. She moved closer and took his hand while they walked.

Unimo blushed, and then he smiled. He was having the time of his life. "So what are you doing tomorrow night?"

"I have to study. I've got a math test coming and I've got to score really high since this one accounts for thirty percent of my grade." Naru hated math.

"I can come and help you study!" Unimo perked up, he loved math.

"You will? Oh please, I really need work on my geometry questions. I have such a hard time with surface areas." Naru was getting a glimmer of hope that she wouldn't score so badly on the test now.

"Surface areas? That's easy, it's simple calculations of width and height, and you just multiply them together and remove any unused surface area for the result. Pi is needed for circular areas. I can show you." Unimo was in his element.

Naru had no clue what Unimo just said. He was going to at least spend time to help her with the concepts and that was enough. "Are you sure it's not any trouble?"

"No trouble at all. Since our adventure was cancelled for tomorrow, I'm available."

"Adventure? Are you playing that computer game again?" Naru was worried; Unimo spent a lot of time on the Internet.

Unimo was proud of his gaming prowess, "You mean Deep Dark Dungeon? Not much anymore. I had a friend who I played a lot with, but then he turned very rude and disappeared."

"Rude?" Naru was curious; Unimo rarely had anything bad to say about anyone.

"Yes, he wanted to know if I didn't like Africans and Jews. It was not like him at all. I guess he had a dark side."

"Who was he?"

"He went by the name of Stalker. Although after he logged out, I sent him an email telling him how rude he was and it bounced. I tried to find him but it's as if he never existed." Unimo was contemplating his so-called friend and realized that he didn't even know Stalker's real name.

The two lovebirds walked to Naru's house and Naru went inside. Unimo got a peck on the cheek and went home with hearts in his eyes.


Ryoga was furious with Akari's grandfather. He tricked Ryoga into proposing marriage to Akari. Ryoga didn't feel he was ready for such a commitment and yet her grandfather played him like a violin. Ryoga just sat down on a log and contemplated his situation. He finally understood how Ranma must have felt when he was engaged to be married to Akane.

It was different though. Ryoga didn't mind being engaged to Akari. He really liked her and they actually got along. It wasn't anything like the fights that were so common with Ranma and Akane. Ryoga sat back and could not remember a single time that Akari was angry with him. She was just a fountain of optimism and happiness.

Ryoga made a silent prayer. He wanted this to never end. He wished that he would never wake up from this dream.


Corporal Gonzalez went to location number two to check on the cameras. As he drove his jeep to the area he saw smoke coming from the desert valley ahead. He thought, "That didn't take long."

He parked and went to each of the cameras and swapped the film cartridges. Two cameras suffered slight damage with one having noticeable burn marks. He took his personal camera and took pictures of the cacti particles and the junk car he had towed here for bait. He will compare the before and after pictures for damage assessment. Gonzalez smiled. The car cost him one hundred dollars to get here, but seeing the new damage on it, it was worth every penny.

Hours later, he got the pictures back from the developer. He was in utter shock as to what the pictures had shown. A girl in a red mini-skirt was throwing fireballs like baseballs. He was debating whether to send the pictures to his superiors or Ripley's Believe It or Not.

He organized the photos, most photos just showed damage, or nothing at all. Some were out of focus, but about twenty were clear images of a red haired short girl about 18 years of age. The way she was dressed was the most perplexing thing about the attack. He expected someone at least in desert fatigues instead of a garish costume that would be spotted in seconds in combat to be practicing on a firing range.

He sat back in his chair. He thought if this was the end of his career. This could have been the work of the Sergeant, he could have of gotten his girlfriend to pose and stage the photos. Gonzalez thought about it and deduced that the photos were real. This was going too long and the damage was real. It could not have been staged. He would have found some sort of flaw in the evidence.

He took a chance. This could make or break his career. He picked up the phone and dialed the FBI.


Akane awoke to the sound of a breaking tree branch outside. She got up and looked outside and saw nothing. "That jerk!" She thought. "Why does he pick on me so much?"

She looked at the empty half of her bed and wished Ranma was there. Her anger was ebbing away; she didn't know why she was even still angry with him. She was just so used to getting angry that she shot first and asked questions later. It was in her nature.

Akane thought about the fight and how Ranma insulted her looks. She spent a lot of time growing her hair back and taking good care of her body. For this effort, all he said about it was that she looked silly. Akane knew she looked great. Why did Ranma keep putting her down?

She hoped that Ranma was ok. She knew he'd be at school tomorrow, maybe she'll see him then. As much as she tried to deny it, she missed him.


Rei was leaving for school when she found Ranma pouring warm water on his head. "You know, sooner or later, you are going to get splashed at school and people are going to ask questions."

Ranma sighed. "Well, the students at Furinkan accepted it. But then, Juuban High is a lot more normal. I don't know if they can handle it."

"What about swim class? You are going to look really funny in guy's swim trunks when you become Ranko." Rei flashed an image in her head of a topless Ranko in the middle of the swimming pool. Rei burst out laughing.

"That's not funny!" Ranma was not enjoying this. He put his hand on his head, "Ok, I just have to think how I'm going to break the news."

"Well, you've been lucky so far. Don't push your luck anymore." Rei then darted out to school. Ranma quickly followed.


Ranma made it to school in plenty of time. He wanted to see if Akane would come early to school so he could talk to her. He felt really bad for hurting her feelings.

Luck was with Ranma this morning. Akane came into school early. As she approached the entrance of the school, Ranma called out, "Hey Akane! Wait up!"

Akane looked at Ranma and held back the smile that came on. She was happy that he was there but wanted him to make the first move. "Yes?"

Ranma just stood there and looked at his feet. "Uh, about yesterday..."

"Yes?" Akane waited expectantly.

"I.. I'm sorry you're a tomboy." Ranma stuttered, then realized he made a big fat mistake. He tried to correct it. "Uh, I mean..."

"WHAT!? YOU JERK! THUNDER HAMMER STRIKE!" Akane shouted. In an instant she Ki blasted Ranma across the field into the front of the high school.

Miss Hinako took a stance behind Akane and held a five-yen piece between her fingers, "Happo Five-Yen Satsu!" She then made a circular motion with her arm and sucked Akane's battle aura dry. Hinako in her adult form stood above the shriveled husk of Akane and dropped a detention slip on her. "I'll see you in detention after school today Mrs. Saotome."

Hinako went over to the flattened Ranma and peeled him from the wall. "You certainly have a way with women don't you? Don't forget you have detention after school today."

Ranma just muttered a few syllables. He thought he was in luck this morning, he just didn't think it was he usual bad luck.

"Class starts in five minutes. Don't be late." Hinako looked at her watch. "Five. Four. Three. Two. One." She looked at the front gate to see Usagi's mother's car drive up. A sleepy Usagi came out and started up the walkway.

Miss Hinako was proud of herself. A long talk with Usagi's mother had borne fruit. This could help get that girl in a more regular schedule. Now, Hinako needed to find and deal with Miss Makoto Kino.


Lunchtime came and Ranma was sitting under the usual tree. Ami, Usagi, Rei, Makoto and Minako gathered around Ranma. Usagi announced to Ami that she was going to take Ranma out shopping after school. Ranma tried to get Usagi to quiet down about what they were planning on purchasing since he was male at the time, but Usagi blurted it out. "We are getting Ranko a bra!"

Ranma like a robot, got up, went to the drinking fountain and splashed himself. She came back and sat down with a look of utter humiliation on her face.

Ami looked at Ranko, "You know, it's a pretty neat trick that you can change like that."

"Please wait until I'm a girl before you talk about buying me a bra." Ranko sat there accepting her fate.

"Uh, Ranko, are you going to class like that?" Rei asked.

"Why fight it?" Ranko reclined flat on her back on the grass. She looked at the sky and saw Akane.

Akane gave a look that would freeze a bonfire. "Hello Ranko. Thanks for the detention."

Ranko sat right back up. "Uh... Uh..."

Rei glared at Ranko with disappointment, "What did you do this time Ranko?"

"I didn't mean it Akane! I swear it!" She drooped her shoulders and held her head down. She softly said. "I really didn't mean it."

"Then why did you say it?"

"I'm sorry." She looked up at Akane and begged, "Please forgive me. I didn't mean it."

"How can I forgive you when your apology is just as insulting!" Akane produced a mallet and held it at the ready.

"If that would make you feel better." Ranko relaxed and awaited the mallet strike.

Rei interjected, "Can't you see she's trying to make up to you Akane?"

"She said she was sorry that I was a tomboy!" She kept her gaze on Ranko just looking for an excuse to strike.

Rei just put her hand on her face, "Ranko, when will you learn to shut up?"

"I'm sorry. I love you Akane." Ranko realized she did it again.

"You're sorry you are in love with me! WHY YOU!" Akane had her excuse and raised her mallet.

Miss Hinako called out, "Happo Five-Yen Satsu!" Akane fell over drained.

The other girls looked at Akane falling over like a leaf in shock. Makoto pulled out her henshin stick. Ranko saw what Makoto was about to do, "Makoto! Don't!"

Makoto took the cue, put her stick away and leapt at Miss Hinako and attempted to drop her with a kick.

"Happo no-yen coin return!" Miss Hinako sent a wave of energy at Makoto and slammed her into the tree.

"Yeah! I got her!" A 12-year old Miss Hinako bounced in glee. "You get detention! You get detention!" She produced a detention slip and stuck it to Makoto's back. Makoto was still wrapped around the tree.

"Ranma, please remind Makoto to come to detention." Miss Hinako happily skipped away.

Minako lifted her jaw back into place, "Who or what was that?"

Rei noticed, "She called you Ranma, does she know you?"

Ranko wished she was not here, "She was my English teacher at Furinkan High. Her name is Miss Hinako Ninomiya. She has a martial arts technique that can drain battle aura. She is not a youma."

Minako gasped, "You can do that with martial arts?"

"Well, actually, only she can do it. Her metabolism was altered when she was very young. I think that's why she looks like a little girl. Trust me, she is not a little girl."

Makoto groaned, Ranko got up and pulled her off the tree and gently placed her on the grass.

Akane whispered, "What are you doing?"

Ranko looked back at Akane, "Hey, I'm just helping her. She's not used to one of Hinako's attacks. Can any of you help Makoto please?" Ranko looked at the other girls and they came to help revive Makoto. Ranko went over to Akane and held her in her lap.

Akane was in no condition to do anything. Being aura drained leaves a person in a zombie like state unable to move. "Now that I've got your attention." Ranko sighed. She thought of her words carefully. "I am sorry." Ranko started to run her fingers through Akane's hair. She then gently touched her face and felt the warmth and love that attracted her to Akane in the first place.

A passerby looked at Ranko and muttered, "Pervert!"

"Same to you buddy!" Ranko replied.

Ranko focused her attention back to Akane. She looked into the eyes of the one she loved. She continued, "I'm terrible with words. You know that. I don't mean to hurt you. I just do it because I.. I..." Ranko really didn't want to say it. She had to. "I'm an idiot. Please forgive me for being so stupid."

She thought about the insult that got her in trouble in the first place. "You looked great in your fuku Akane. I wished I looked as good as you in it."

Akane managed a smile.

Ranko looked at the other girls, they were all looking at Ranko with hearts in their eyes. They were enjoying the soap opera. "Could one of you get me some hot water?"

They all looked at each other hoping one would volunteer so the others won't miss the show. Rei stood up, "I'll get it." As she walked to the cafeteria she said, "Darn, I was hoping she was going to class that way."

Ranko sat there for a minute holding Akane. "I never meant to hurt you with my words."

Rei came back with a cup of hot tea. "Here is tea, will this work?"

Ranko took the glass and showed that hot tea did work.

He looked at his wife and gave her a hug. Tears welled up in Ranma's eyes. "I love you Akane. Never forget that. I can't imagine my life without you. You know I would give my life for you. You know what we went through. Don't let my words... Hmm... Let my actions show my feelings for you. Please. I can't exist without you. I love you."

Akane strained a bit; she was starting to restore her body from the draining. "I love you too." She lifted herself up and kissed him on the lips.

"AAHHHHHHH...." was the sound that came from the peanut gallery.

Ranma said, "I guess it's ok for a man to cry."

Akane agreed.

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