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Sailor Ranko: Just Add Water: Chapter 8, Bridal Training.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or send any more $*(&*#&$ America Online CDs.

The phone rang in the Saotome apartment. Akane was in the bedroom collecting the laundry, "Could you get that?"

Ranma answered the phone, "Yo!"

Ukyou was on the other side, "Hey Ran-chan! How you've you been doing?" Ukyou felt a rush of warmth just listening to Ranma's voice.

"We're doing fine. How about you?"

"Business has been great. The lunch crowd will be here soon. Anyways, I needed to tell you something."

Ranma's face fell. Conversations that started like that usually ended up in someone being hit with a mallet, bonbori or a spatula. "What is it?"

"It's Nabiki. She's going around school asking a lot of questions about you two. You're not in any trouble are you?"

"Well, if you don't count the fact that Happosai unleashed a demon from hell onto the world. No, there is no trouble at all."

"Uh... Say again sugar?"

Ranma sighed, "Happosai released some sort of demon. I think it's after me but it and the old lech have been missing for a few days."

Ukyou was concerned, "Are you sure you're ok? Ranma honey, do you need a place to hide out?" Ukyou smiled with anticipation. She played with the phone cord.

"I doubt it. If that thing really wanted to come after me, it would've done it already. I just hope that the dried up fossil is getting what he deserves."

"Anything I could do to help?"

"Actually, yes you can. Have you seen Happosai in the last few days?"

Ukyou shot glances at her restaurant and the current occupants. She saw two customers that Konatsu was taking care of. "No, and the world is a happier place because of it."

"Well, if you see him. Call me or Akane immediately." Ranma paused and decided to trust Ukyou. "We'll have the Senshi come over and deal with it."

Ukyou got depressed that they were magical girls. She wanted to hang out with them too. "Sure thing sugar. Oh, don't forget to be careful around Nabiki. I think she might be on to you and Akane."

"On to me?"

"She was asking if you learned a new martial arts technique that gives you extra speed. You weren't doing that disappearing act near her were you?"

"Oh, you mean the teleportation? No, I don't think so."

"Just be careful. She's asking questions and she's very determined to get information about you."

"Oh yeah. I know all about Nabiki." Ranma saw that Akane was tying the laundry bag shut. "Thanks for the call. I've got to go."

"Well, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by. I'll make your favorite."

Ranma started to drool. "Yeah! Maybe we could stop by today?"

Customers started to enter and Konatsu sat them at the counter and a booth. "Well, I'll be here all day. Looking forward to seeing you again."

"Bye." Ranma placed the phone on the cradle.

Akane popped out of the bedroom with laundry bag. She pulled out her henshin stick. "Who was that?" She held up the stick to transform.

Ranma gently pushed her hand down. "We're going to have to take the train."


"That was Ukyou on the phone. Nabiki is spying on us and asked about how we got extra speed. I think she is finding out about us." He pointed to Akane's henshin stick.

"First Kasumi, now Nabiki. I guess we really did push our luck. Err... And I'm out of subway tokens." Akane put the stick away in subspace and pulled out some yen from her pocket. "I've got enough money. Oh Nabiki!"

"As far as I know. She doesn't know about us. Well at least Ukyou doesn't think so."

"Well that's good. Wait a second. Ukyou didn't think so? Think what?" Akane dropped the laundry bag.

Ranma closed his eyes in fear. He never told Akane that he confessed to Ukyou about being Sailor Sun. He braced for the mallet strike. He tried one last attempt to save his hide. "She doesn't think Nabiki knows what's going on. She asking random questions about us."

Akane watched Ranma tense his body like he usually did when she struck him. "You told Ukyou didn't you? Ranma! How could you?"

"You told Kasumi!"

"That's different! She's family and she found out!"

"Ukyou found out too!"

"Huh?" Akane was in mid-strike when she stopped her mallet swing. She pulled back the mallet for a fresh blow and held it at the ready. "How did she find out?"

"Konatsu took pictures of both of us after a scout meeting. Remember when all the Scouts beat up Happosai?"

"How could I forget?" Akane sunk and relaxed her hands.

"Konatsu took pictures of our transformations. I got rid of the pictures but the damage was done." Ranma clasped his hands behind his back and studied the floor.

Akane sat down on the couch. "At this rate, all of Nerima is going to know about us."

Ranma sat next to Akane. "Well right now, the only one I'm really worried about is Nabiki. We can't ever let her know about us."

Akane leaned next to Ranma and placed a hand on his chest and her head on his shoulder. "I know. I wish she was more trustworthy."

Ranma turned to look his wife in the eyes, "Akane, Why did you forgive her? She sold us out."

Akane looked back at her husband's blue eyes. She held his face. "She's my sister. She didn't mean any harm. She's just trying to keep our family afloat. It's been so hard all these years."

"There are other ways to make money than selling our address and my girl side photo to Tatewaki. The things she had done to me in last year was... ARGH!" Ranma started to blush thinking of some of the modeling sessions he had to endure to pay back Nabiki for loans.

"You're blushing Ranma!" Akane held back a giggle.

Ranma pulled back and started making hand gestures. "Don't remind me ok! Your sister is a vulture! Scumbag lawyers call her for advice! She would make a great general in the Dark Kingdom!"

"She isn't that bad Ranma." Akane knew Ranma disliked her sister. She didn't think that it was this bad.

Ranma shook his head and stood up. "Well, let's get on the train before your sister arrives in Juuban on her broom." Ranma covered his head and stormed out the door.

Akane picked up her mallet. "RANMA!" She chased him to the apartment building entrance before she caught him.


Nabiki entered the Cat Cafe and looked around for Shampoo. Mousse came to front door. "Oh, hi Naomi. Have a seat. What can I get for you?"

Nabiki tapped Mousse's glasses so that would fall from his forehead onto his nose. Mousse took a good look at Nabiki. "Oh, hi Nabiki!" He gave an embarrassed smile.

"Is Shampoo around?"

"She's on a delivery. She'll be back any minute now."

"Hmm, well maybe you can help. Have you seen Ranma lately?" Nabiki sat back and got comfortable in her chair.

Mousse got a little upset at the mention of Ranma's name. "No."

"Do you know if someone is after him?"

"Everyone is after him for some reason or another. Even my darling Shampoo wants him!" Mousse clenched his fists in anger.

"She's still hung up on him. Pity." Nabiki took a glass of water that was on the table and took a sip.

"Nihao Mousse... Oh Nabiki, what you doing here?" Shampoo jumped through the window carrying her ramen box. "Nabiki want good food today?" Shampoo made her usual smile. Nabiki could tell that it was a forced smile.

"I could use a small bowl of ramen. I'm not that hungry right now."

"Mousse, get beef ramen for Nabiki." She turned to Nabiki, "Beef you favorite, Yes?"

Nabiki nodded, "I'll take the beef today."

Shampoo shooed Mousse away and pulled up a chair. "Nabiki, please tell me. Uh..." Shampoo started to stutter and didn't want to ask her question.

Nabiki listened intently.

Shampoo gathered her courage. Facing the Musk was nowhere as scary as the question she was going to ask. "Tell me. Why Ranma no marry Shampoo?" She gave a look of loneliness and sadness. She was letting her feelings be known.

Nabiki looked down at the table. "You want an honest answer?"

"Please Nabiki."

Nabiki held out her open palm. A second later she realized that this was not the time or place for a little cash. She pulled her hand back. "Shampoo, they're inseparable now." Nabiki took a breath. "My sister loves Ranma and he loves her."

"Why Ranma love violent girl? She only hit him. She yell him. She insult him. She no love him." Shampoo leaned forward onto the table for support. "Shampoo love Ranma. I no yell. I no hit. I no destroy kitchen." She sulked. "I good wife for Ranma. I better than Akane."

Nabiki felt so sorry for Shampoo. She really did care for him. "I don't know. I was so sure until recently that they hated each other." Nabiki thought about the wedding disaster that she helped cause. She wanted the wedding destroyed to prevent her sister from making a huge mistake. Nabiki thought about how happy Ranma and Akane were together. She had a change of heart and tricked them into getting married at city hall the day before the ceremony. "Shampoo, you have to see how they really feel for each other."

"Akane hit Ranma. Akane pervert girl."

Nabiki chuckled, "You call Akane a pervert? You want to marry Ranma too. You'd have to be a little strange to want to marry a guy who is a girl half the time."

Shampoo was about to say something but stopped before she uttered a syllable. She gave thought to what she wanted to say. "Hmm. Ok. Maybe Shampoo little pervert to be with Ranma. Ranma will be good Amazon. Girl type Ranma make great Amazon. Boy type will make great daughters for Shampoo."

Nabiki sighed, there was no reasoning with this girl. She had to get her questions. "Shampoo, do you know if someone is after Ranma?"

"Why? Only danger to Ranma is violent girl." Shampoo crossed her arms and sat up in chair. She had a disgusted look on her face. "She try kill Ranma with cooking."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. But other than my sister, is there anyone else after Ranma?"

"No. Unless jealous boyfriend want Ranma." Shampoo turned away and looked more disgusted.

"Jealous boyfriend? Who would be jealous?" Nabiki felt she was getting somewhere.

"Shampoo see Ranma yesterday. Ranma sit with many girls. Ranma always with girls." She dropped her disgusted look. "Ranma was girl type. Maybe girl talk." Shampoo touched her lips in thought. "Hmm, maybe no jealous boyfriend. Maybe friends are pervert girls like Akane."

Nabiki let the insult slide. "Who were these girls?"

"I no know. Akane kick Shampoo before I talk with girls."

"So you don't know of anyone who is fighting against Ranma?"

'No. Just pervert girls."

Nabiki thought of another line of questioning. "Is there is contest or challenge that Ranma is training for?"

"Ranma no tell Shampoo. Akane won't let Shampoo talk Ranma. Akane is very violent girl." She sat up and gave a look of a warrior contemplating the defeat of her great rival. Shampoo had respect for Akane's abilities. She wasn't going to challenge her again until she completed the new training she had been putting herself through.

Mousse placed a bowl of Ramen in front of Nabiki. Shampoo shooed Mousse away again. Nabiki picked up the spoon and started eating. "Hmm, pretty good."

"Great Grandmother teach Shampoo to cook ramen." She got sad. "Shampoo want to cook for Ranma."

Nabiki didn't want to answer. She listened as a friend as Shampoo kept repeating how she was a better match for Ranma than Akane was. Nabiki saw in the corner of her eye how Mousse reacted every time Shampoo said "Ranma" or "Airen". Nabiki chose to not try to speak the obvious to Shampoo. Mousse deeply loved her. She just needed to let go of Ranma to be able to see the person who deeply loved her.

Nabiki finished her ramen as Shampoo finally ended her rambling. "Well, thank you for the ramen, Shampoo. Nabiki pushed her chair back to get up.

"Nabiki, please tell Ranma... Tell him..." Shampoo bit her lip. She looked at the table. "Tell him..." She trembled ever so slightly. She held her breath for a few seconds, "Please tell him, Shampoo is friend. You tell him, Yes?"

Nabiki was happy. "I'll tell him when I see him." She looked at Mousse. He was sweeping the floor and he had a dried tear on his face. He flashed a tiny smile and then looked away from Shampoo and lost himself in his work.

Nabiki was walking away from the Cafe. "Well, she didn't know anything I could really use except for the girl friends." She thought about all the girls that came from Juuban weeks ago for Ranma's birthday party. They were just school friends and Ranma's tutor. He was probably hanging out with that crowd.

Nabiki started to jog. She had one more stop before her appointment today.


Ranko was wearing a cute kimono. It was one of the kimonos she wore at her waitress job. She put on the last touches of her makeup. "The things I do to keep my mom happy."

"Ranko, this isn't just for your mother and you know it." Akane finished fluffing Ranko's bow on the back of her kimono. Akane turned around to have her kimono's bow close to Ranko. "Can you check my bow?"

Ranko put down her lipstick and checked the back of Akane's kimono. "Looks fine to me." She picked up her makeup and put it in her purse. Ranko stared at the girl in the mirror. She had accepted the girl as being another part of herself. It was an uphill battle to keep the old training her father gave her from manifesting itself into hating her girl side again. Ranko smiled at the mirror, "Hi Ranko! Nice to see you again."

"Talking to yourself?"

Ranko was about to say something stupid. She wisely shut up. She bent over and got the laundry bag. "Shall we go for some training?"

"After you!"

Ranko playfully pushed Akane toward the front door, "No, after you."

Akane nudged Ranko to the door, "After you."

Ranko moved with the nudge and as she got to the corridor she shot back, "Why don't we ride on Nabiki's Nimbus 2000?" She turned and ran for it.

Akane locked the apartment door and ran after Ranko. She waited until the two were on the train, then she malleted Ranko.


Nabiki was at the front door of the Kuno estate. She got to the front door and rang the doorbell. Sasuke opened the door almost immediately. "Greetings Miss Tendo, how may I be of service?"

"Is Kodachi here?"

"Yes she is. She is in the training room. Please follow me."

Sasuke led Nabiki through the twisting halls that made up the vast Kuno estate. Nabiki was impressed at the amount of riches that the Kuno's possessed. Sasuke paused at a large set of ornate wooden double doors. She heard the sound of a group of people playing a sporting game from inside the room. Sasuke opened the door and Nabiki entered.

In the center of the large gymnasium like room, was a volleyball court. Over fifteen girls were gathered from the St. Hebereke High School volleyball team. They were here practicing martial arts volleyball. It was a violent game where the net was used like a slingshot and the volleyball sometimes exploded.

Several girls were on the bench in varying stages of consciousness. The practice session was rough.

Kodachi spotted Nabiki and tossed the volleyball away to a teammate. The girl tapped the ball away and it exploded in mid-air. Kodachi took two large steps and bounded over to Nabiki. "Nabiki! I see you have come to tell me about the divorce!"

"Divorce?" Nabiki began to think that coming here was a bad idea.

"Why of course. You don't think that Ranma would stay married to Akane now did you? Now, when will Ranma's separation be legal so I can move in with him?"

Nabiki was now convinced that coming here was a bad idea. Kodachi was just as blind as her brother. "It will cost 3,000 yen."

"Let's total it and settle the bill before you leave shall we?" Kodachi spun around and her volleyball uniform fell off and a gymnastic leotard remained. Black rose petals started to fly in the air around the insane gymnast.

"I can work with that. Ranma is not divorcing or separating from Akane. Sorry about that."

"Oh, I see. In due time, he will see the error of his ways. Ha ha ha ha!" Kodachi spun her ribbon and the air was thick with black flower petals.

Nabiki had to ask, "Is your brother still after the pig-tailed girl?"

"My brother has a new obsession my dear Nabiki."

"What obsession?"

"You should ask him. He wanted to speak with you at school yesterday, but he fell out of a window daydreaming about his new loves." Behind Kodachi, a girl screamed as the volleyball net entangled her and the opposing side kicked her. Kodachi called out, "That's what you get if you let the net touch you!"

"What are you doing? That's not how you play volleyball."

"It's martial arts volleyball. We've heard about Juuban's new players and challenged them to a match. We'll be playing them next Monday."

Nabiki groaned. She knew who just joined the Juuban team. Ranko and Akane were not going to be thrilled to hear about this. "So you know where Ranma is?"

"Of course. Our team will humiliate his wicked wife Monday. And that dreadful pig-tailed girl will also face me. I just so want to compete against her, especially after she cheated on martial arts gymnastics last year.

Nabiki didn't want to argue. It was Kodachi who was doing all the cheating. Now Nabiki had no choice but to warn her sister about the upcoming match. "I'll see you later." Nabiki turned to leave.

Kodachi leapt next to the door. "My dear brother is awaiting you. Sasuke!"

"Yes, Mistress Kuno?" Sasuke appeared as if by magic next to Kodachi.

"Escort Miss Tendo to my dear brother."

Nabiki gave a tiny cough, "Don't forget the 3,000 yen."

Kodachi produced three one thousand yen notes and handed them to Nabiki. Nabiki didn't want to know where Kodachi was keeping them.

"Yes, Mistress Kuno." Sasuke bowed and led Nabiki down another set of corridors. "Please avoid this rug Miss Tendo. It's covering a spike trap."

Nabiki got wide eyed. She avoided the rug.

Sasuke opened the door to Kuno's bedroom. Nabiki saw Tatewaki in bandages on the bed. He was harmless for now.

"Ah, the fair Nabiki Tendo. I have need of your services again."

Nabiki raised an eyebrow. "What do you need, Kuno baby?"

"I need to know where I can find the location of Sailor Io and the red haired Sailor."

Nabiki was shocked. It sounded so familiar. "The Sailor Scouts keep their identities secret. It will cost you a lot of yen. Are you prepared to pay the price?"

"Sailor Io wishes to date with me." He had hearts in his eyes. "She defeated me in combat after I issued my challenge. The other is a fiery spirit. She is much like the pig-tailed goddess wearing a red dress and red hair. I will date with her as well."

"Oh, Kuno baby, you are so hopeless." Nabiki didn't even want to bother asking Kuno anything. "I'll see what I can find out for you. Be prepared. This will not come cheap."

"After what I saw of the fair Sailor Io and the red haired one. I am prepared to date with them. I will pay your price."

Nabiki was overjoyed. Tatewaki handed her a blank check. Should the bidding start at a million yen? Kuno even had the decency to sign the check in advance. Nabiki had a new mission. She plotted and schemed. It was the first time that she didn't have to sell out her family to make some cash.

Nabiki was walking to her appointment. She was happy that she wouldn't have to hurt Akane's feelings in this transaction with Kuno. Who knows? Maybe Kuno would pick on the Sailor Scouts instead of her sister and her husband.


Akane and Ranko arrived at the Tendo house in the late morning. They brushed off each other's kimonos and went inside. Nodoka was waiting for them dressed in a beautiful kimono. Ranko noticed that strapped to her back was a familiar looking cloth concealing a familiar looking shape. Ranko thought, "I guess she couldn't live without a katana."

The two were surprised to find Makoto and Minako already there dressed in kimonos as well.

Nodoka tapped on the living room table. "Well students, we'll begin in a few minutes. Usagi, Ami and Rei should be here shortly."

Ranko leaned over to Minako. "Is this the 'we' you were talking about?" Minako just smiled.

Ami ran in followed by Rei. Usagi landed on her face after she tripped on the doorframe. She crawled into the living room. The three girls took positions kneeling by the living room table.

Nodoka looked over the seven girls. "Now we will begin learning the fine art of the tea ceremony." Kasumi came from the kitchen in a kimono and held a tray of teacups and teakettles. The training had begun.


Nabiki entered the office building. She went to the fourth floor and talked to the secretary in the dingy little office. She was sent inside and sat in front of the desk of the private investigator she had hired to spy on the Saotomes.

The private eye got down to business. "As agreed, we have had your in-laws under surveillance for two weeks. Here are the photos of interest that we collected." He produced a manila envelope and slid it to Nabiki. She opened it and saw that almost all the pictures had Ranma, Ranko and Akane posing for the camera. All the photos were of daily life; there was nothing that suggested anything out of the ordinary.

Nabiki was disappointed. This cost some money and she hoped that it would get her something more substantial. "And the report?"

The man produced a small stack of papers that were neatly printed from a computer. "Here you go. You will find that every move they made is documented."

Nabiki picked up a sheet. It had the day, time and location in minute detail of where Ranma and Akane were for the last fourteen days. She spotted an error quickly. "According to this, my sister was home a few days ago. That's impossible, she was at my house visiting Ranma's mother."

The investigator leaned forward and took the sheet. "No, she was in her apartment with her husband at 10:10 that evening. They shut the drapes and turned out the lights. We had cameras on all exits. They didn't leave the building.

"You said 10:10? You sure about that?"

"I am positive. I was on watch that night. We pride ourselves on accuracy."

Nabiki was completely confused. They arrived at the dojo at 10:20 or 10:25. There was no way they could have traveled from Juuban to Nerima in 10 minutes. Nabiki started leafing through the surveillance logs.

The investigator pulled out another envelope. "We did collect some other photos. However, they are not of your family."

Nabiki held out her hand to get the envelope. The man pulled it back and opened a palm. He gave a knowing smile. He did his job well.

"How much?"

"200,000 yen. Take it or leave it."

Nabiki was going to tell him to stuff it. She had a thought. This man knew she wanted these photos and she did have the blank check from Kuno. "Let's see what we got."

Nabiki spent over ten minutes looking over the photos. It was of three Sailor Scouts inside and near the apartment building and the high school. She recognized all three of them. Sailor Io she met at the sushi bar. The other two, Sailor Sun and Sailor Jupiter were on news reports during the Dark Kingdom invasion months ago.

The investigator gave a small lecture to Nabiki that the Japanese government protects the Senshi and that if she attempted to publish these photos, then she would be in serious trouble.

Nabiki was on her way home. Sailor Sun fit the description that Kuno gave about a red dress and red haired Senshi. These photos were worth the price she paid for them. Kuno would be pleased.


Ranma poured the cold water on himself again. "Usagi, please stop splashing me with hot tea!"

"I'm sorry Ranko! Whoops!" Usagi tipped over another cup of tea in Ranko's lap. This time it wasn't warm enough to trigger the change but it did start to stain her kimono.

"Mom, please excuse me, I need to change my clothes." Ranko was about to stand up when Nodoka made a bow to show that Ranko should do the same. Ranko bowed and with feminine grace got up to go to Akane's bedroom to change.

Kasumi followed, "I think one of Nabiki's older kimonos might fit you." She went upstairs to help Ranko find a clean kimono.

Rei and Minako scooted away from Usagi. They didn't want to be her next victim.

Usagi started to cry. "I'm never going to get this right!"

Nodoka kneeled next to Usagi, "Please don't cry like that. It's not proper at tea ceremony to act that way. Let me show you how to hold the cup again."

Usagi watched Nodoka hold the teacup and she tried to do the same. It popped out of her hands, flew in the air and landed on Rei's head.

Rei removed the cup she was wearing as a hat and reached for a towel. "Thanks, meatball head."

The other girls started to laugh. A moment later, Rei laughed as well.


The door knocked at the Kuno residence a second time. Nabiki had stopped by the copy store and made a perfect set of photos for Kuno to frame of his new found loves. Sasuke answered the door, "Miss Tendo, back so soon?"

"Show me to Tatewaki please. I have something he requested."

"Of course."

Nabiki went to Tatewaki's bedside. "As promised. It's going to cost a million yen."

Tatewaki shuddered under the bandages. "Show me."

Nabiki pulled out a photo of Sailor Sun running in front of the school facing the camera. She held her hand in a 'V' as she posed. Tatewaki was pleased. "You got a picture when she was gazing at me!"

Nabiki wondered what he meant by that. She pulled out a second photo. This one was of Sailor Io in front of the sushi bar. The investigator was watching Ranko but was able to catch Sailor Io while they were there.

Several other photos were of similar quality. Every picture was posed. The Sailor Scouts knew that they were on camera so there were no pictures in the set that gave any clue as to who the really were.


"I agree to your price. As always Nabiki Tendo, you have not failed me."

Nabiki wrote the sum of one million yen on the blank check. "Pleasure doing business with you." Sasuke showed her to the door.

Tatewaki held the pictures of Sailor Sun and Io to his chest. He had hearts in his eyes. "I will date with you."


Usagi had bandages on her hands. The girls all left the Tendo household to go to the train station. Rei shook her head, "Usagi, how can you mangle your hands hanging the laundry?"

Usagi looked at her bandages, "The clothespins pinched me."

Ami and Minako giggled. Akane was still thinking about the fire she caused in the kitchen when she put the aluminum-baking tray in the microwave. Ranko was trying to forget the four times that Usagi changed her into a guy by spilling hot tea on her.

Ami blurted out. "I can't wait to come next Saturday. This was fun!" Ranko, Akane and Usagi gave a collective groan.

Ranko stood in front of the group. "Hey! Anyone want Okonomiyaki?"
Usagi replied, "Is it good?"

Ranko wanted Ukyou to meet her new friends, "I know someone who can cook the best!"

"Why not?" Rei wanted to try something new.

Akane thought about it. Ukyou was a friend and she did miss her company. "Ok! I can't wait to have one of her combinations"

"Let's go!" cried the crowd in unison.


Nabiki saw the group of kimono clad girls leave the dojo. She went inside and saw Nodoka and Kasumi drinking tea. Genma was in the backyard as a panda playing with a tire. Soun was out at a town meeting.

She was so proud of her deal. She had to share. "Hey there! Looks like I've got the groceries taken care of for a while!"

Nodoka gave a suspicious look to Nabiki. Kasumi clapped her hands together. "That's wonderful Nabiki! Did your investments pay off?"

Nabiki smiled and sat down to drink tea with them. "You could say that. I was able to get some photos." Nodoka gave a stern look at Nabiki and held her new wrapped katana. "No, they aren't of our family." Nodoka relaxed her grip.

"Photos?" Kasumi asked.

"Yeah. Tatewaki Kuno has a new obsession. I think he's going to leave Ranma and Akane alone for a change."

Nodoka breathed a sigh of relief. "Well that's wonderful news." She took a sip of tea. Kasumi drank as well.

"Yeah, Kuno now wants to date Sailor Sun and Io."

Nodoka and Kasumi spit out their tea and gagged.

Nabiki jumped back, "Was it something I said?"

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