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Sailor Ranko: The Harder They Fall: Chapter 12, Awakening.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me write pointless headers and footers.

Sailor Mercury dialed Sailor Moon's number on her communicator. "Moon, we've got a problem."

Moon was exasperated. She was holding up a steel girder with Mars and Jupiter while Venus was digging out a crushed car. They had several firefighters around them helping out and an ambulance standing by to take the little girl to the hospital. "Grunt! This had better be good. Ugh!" The girder shifted and Venus darted under to help keep it off the car. The firemen inserted the Jaws of Life to pry the mangled door open.

Sailor Moon tucked her communicator in her bra to hold it near her face while she placed both hands on the steel beam to steady it. "Ok, Mercury, what's the problem?"

"We need to get to Shiba Park immediately. It seems that the monster that Sun killed was a second one."

Moon's knees got weak and she nearly dropped her section of the beam. She mumbled weakly. "W-w-what?"

"You heard me. The one that's in Shiba Park was not the one Sun killed. It was a second one."

Mars spun her head around in disbelief. She spoke to Moon's chest so Mercury could hear her. "Oh you've got to be kidding me!"

Some of the firefighters murmured among themselves. There were rumors of the Senshi being close to each other since Uranus and Neptune were very open about their relationship. One man clapped, as Mars got into what appeared to be a compromising position with Moon. Mars heard what the men said and glared at them. "Perverts!" She raised an aura of flame around her.

The fireman's eyes became the size of saucers and he ducked away. The rest went back to the job at hand.

Mercury continued, "I've just confirmed that the Godzilla that attacked the train came straight from Tokyo Bay and not from Shiba Park." Mercury checked her readings again. There were definitely footprints under the surface of the water coming to where she was standing. She already ruled out an underwater tunnel by a scan of the ground for five hundred meters in all directions from her location. She noticed Neo Moon was glancing at her watch. Mercury had learned that when Neo Moon did that something was going to happen and happen soon. "Moon, get your group to Shiba Park." She cut the channel.

Neo Moon tried to look innocent. Mercury scowled at her and dialed Uranus's number. "Uranus here."

"Uranus, I need your group to go to Shiba Park right now."

"Ok, Io is busy right now, but Neptune and I can leave immediately."

Mercury turned to face Neo Moon. She spoke into her communicator again, "Ok, get all three of you at the park immediately. We are going to dig out that thing and blow it away."

"I copy. It'll take us about twenty minutes on the rooftops to get there. Uranus out."

Mercury turned off her communicator. "Well 'Sailor Moon', I want EVERYTHING you can tell me about what's going on and I want it now! For starters, what's your REAL mission?"

Neo Moon shook her pink hair and looked away from her teammate. She took a deep breath. "I can't tell you."

"The hell you can't!" Mercury was beyond frustrated. Sweet Sailor Mercury never gets angry or upset unless her friends were in danger. "Pluto and Saturn nearly died because we didn't know that the creature was a new one and not already weakened. I don't want anyone else getting hurt."

Neo Moon grimaced and shed a tear. "Please understand Mercury. I'm here for something else entirely." She wiped her tear away. "We're wasting time. We need to get to the park right now."

Mercury moved to get a good look at Neo Moon's wristwatch. It was on a timer with nine minutes fourteen seconds on the face and counting down. "What happens in nine minutes?"

"An event."

"Should I be worried about that event?" Mercury softened on Neo Moon. She understood the reason why her friend had to be quiet. Time travel was a very dangerous job.

The young Senshi slowly shook her head. "No, not really." She looked at her watch. "We have eight and a half minutes to get to Shiba Park." She waved to Mercury to follow. "I think we should go."

Mercury nodded and the two leapt to the rooftops.


Sailor Io was stuck in the sewer tunnel. She created a small ball of lava in her hand to illuminate the passageway she was in. She found the person she was looking for. The sewer tunnel worker was in serious condition as a section of the ceiling fell on him as Godzilla walked on the street above. She checked his pulse and found that he was still alive. "I found him!"

She ran back to the sewer tunnel that connected to the surface. "Send in a stretcher!" The fireman above signaled her and disappeared. Sailor Io went back to the worker and slowly removed the concrete off of his body and made him comfortable. "It's ok, they are coming for you right now."

Her communicator beeped. "Io here."

"Io, this is Uranus, when you get out of there, come to Shiba Park. Neptune and I are going there right now."

"Shiba Park? Weren't we there a couple of hours ago?"

"Yes. It's the park that's right next to Tokyo Tower. Mercury is calling everyone there."

"Ok, I'll be out of here in a few minutes." She looked around. A firefighter just entered the sewer and raised his arms upward to lead the stretcher down. "Better make that at least five minutes."

Io turned off her radio. She knelt down to the fallen man to keep him still. Io felt proud of herself. She had saved several people this evening. The super hero business had some benefits after all.


Paul and the other French commandos stood by the helicopter they were able to acquire. Victor and Maurice were putting explosive tipped rounds in several FN-FAL clips. Francis was checking the rifles and the rocket launcher. Paul's cell phone rang. He flipped it open. "It's about time you called Philippe."

"Tell me you're ready."

"We've been ready for twenty five minutes you lazy bum. Next time, don't keep us waiting." The other men snickered.

Nick, Alain and Philippe were standing fifty meters from Godzilla's pit that it dug in Shiba Park. "We need immediate evacuation. We are currently at Shiba Park." Philippe took one more scan of the area. "What type of helicopter did you get?"

Paul gave a knowing smile. Philippe guessed correctly that they got a chopper. "Civilian."

"Civilian? What model?"

"We've got a Huey so it can carry all of us. But this isn't America my friend. They have some very nasty gun control laws around here."

"Huey? Civilian? Explain that?" Philippe was handed a cup of coffee by Alain.

Paul watched Francis scream in frustration as he moaned about the lousy selection of munitions that he had. "The Huey had all of the gun mounts removed. It's strictly a freight helicopter."

Philippe nodded. He took a drink of his coffee and promptly spit it out. He yelled at Alain. "This coffee is terrible!"

Alain shrugged. "I got French Roast like you asked."

Philippe groaned and tossed the cup to the ground. "Well, right now all we can do is leave. Pick us up and take us to the French Embassy."

The commando leader gave a hand signal to his men alerting them that they are moving out. "See you in about twenty minutes or less."

The French agent killed the call. "They will be here in twenty minutes or so." He pulled out a billfold and selected a business card. "Nick, I need to leave. You need to get in touch with this gentleman." He handed the card to Nick.

Nick looked at the card. It read, "Nihon Exports. M. Tanaka, Purchasing." The card was in Japanese and English on one side, French and German on the other. "Who's this?"

Philippe smiled. "He's going to be your new best friend." He handed him the cell phone. "Call him and tell him 'The policy has been renewed.' Then identify yourself and help him in any way you can." He lit another cigarette. "Please don't let him know about that the creature ended up here because it followed us. That would be... Ahem... Embarrassing."

Nick understood all too well. He dialed the number. It went to voicemail. "Uh... Hello, this is Nick Tatopoulos and I need to tell you uh... The..."

Philippe sighed and mouthed the code words.

Nick spoke into the phone again, "The policy has been renewed. I'm here at Shiba Park and I have information about Godzilla. Call me on this number, it's uh..." Nick turned the phone over and the number was written on a piece of paper taped to the back. He recited the number and killed the call.

Alain sat down on a bench. Nick joined him. Philippe remained standing enjoying his smoke. "Nick, how many eggs could have survived?"

"After the Square Garden was destroyed, we searched the place and found a few intact shells in the player's locker room."

The Frenchman gazed at the skyline, not looking at anything. "How many were there?"

"Seven. Three never hatched and we extracted the bodies for study. The other four we assumed joined the other babies and were destroyed when the building exploded."

Alain made some notes. "We blew one up and I heard that the Japanese nailed one northwest of here."

Nick faced the depression. "I'm certain number three is really close by."

Philippe threw his spent cigarette to the ground and stepped on it. "Where's number four?"

No one had an answer. No one really wanted the answer. All three men stared at the depression in the park.


Sailors Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter stood at the north edge of Shiba Park. Moon hit her communicator. "Mercury, we're at the park. Where are you?"

Mercury replied. "We're still about ten minutes away." She glanced at Neo Moon's watch. "Keep an eye out for anything strange happening in the next four minutes."

Moon asked. "What's happening in four minutes?"

Mercury frowned and glared at Neo Moon as they both leapt to the next rooftop. "Ask your daughter."

Neo Moon kept facing forward and ignored Mercury. She sped up her run and Mercury followed.

Moon turned to her Senshi. "That's weird. What's happening in four minutes?"

Uranus and Neptune landed next to the Inners. Neptune brushed off the dirt from her dress. "Four minutes? What's going on?"

Everyone gave each other blank looks. Moon didn't have a clue. "I dunno. Mercury will explain it when she gets here I guess."

Mars tilted her head in realization. "Uh, Mercury won't be here until after the four minutes go by. I think we should get ready."

Jupiter went into an attack stance. "Ready for what?"

Mars waved the girls to the park. "I guess whatever it is, it's going to be over there. Mercury wouldn't have dragged us here for nothing."

The six girls entered the park.


Nick's cell phone rang. He answered it. "Nick Tatopoulos."

The voice on the other end was very businesslike. "This is Mr. Tanaka. I understand that you offer a policy?"

"Uh... I'm a uh... an expert on Godzilla."


Nick went for broke. "You have a Godzilla buried in Shiba Park. It's nesting and will probably lay about two hundred eggs. We need to send in an air strike and destroy the nest before the eggs get a chance to hatch."

"I see." The voice paused. "What proof do you have that this is the case?"

Nick was starting to get angry. "Look buster! I had to deal with these things four years ago! I have a clue as to its life cycle. If you don't blow the hell out of Shiba Park right this instant, this city will be crawling with three meter tall dinosaurs that will be eating everything in sight."

The voice was quiet. It waited for a few seconds before responding. "Nothing scares me anymore Mr. Tatopoulos. Japan has had worse events in the last few years. I'll take your advice under consideration." He paused a moment as a muffled sound was heard in Japanese. Mr. Tanaka came back on the line. "Where are you now?"

"I'm at a bench near a fountain near the center of the park. I'm about forty or fifty meters from Godzilla's pit."

"Are you wearing a Japanese tourist shirt?"

Nick went cold. "Uh... How did you know?"

"Because I'm about twenty meters from you to the south."

Nick turned around and saw a man in a business suit and wearing sunglasses walking briskly toward him. Nick glanced for his companions and saw that they had vanished.

Mr. Tanaka held out his hand. "My name is Mako Tanaka. I am pleased to meet you." He got very serious. "We have something to discuss don't we?"

The Japanese agent caught something in the corner of his eye. Six Beautiful Sailor Suited Senshi ran up to the pit and gathered there. "Mr. Tatopoulos, could you come with me right now?" He pulled Nick away and quickly led him away from the crater.


Sailor Moon fell to her knees. "I'm tired from all this running and I've got class tomorrow." She fell forward and took a breather.

"You've thought you've got problems?" Sailor Mars stammered out. "I've got a history test in about eight hours and I hadn't studied for it!"

Sailor Venus plopped onto the grass and rested. "Anyone else didn't do their homework?" All the girls raised their hands. "I guess I've got company for detention after school."

Jupiter sat down. "Do you think my teacher will excuse me if I told her I didn't do my homework because I was busy saving the world?"

Uranus stood over Jupiter. "What do you look like? A Powerpuff girl?"

"It works for them doesn't it?" The ground shook a little and went still. "What was that?"

Moon stood up. The ground shifted again. "I don't know."

"Don't worry Sailor Moon, I'm here to protect you." Tuxedo Mask came out of his hiding place and stood alongside Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon's eyes turned into hearts. "Oh Tuxedo Mask!"

Mars muttered. "Oh brother." She didn't think it was the time or place for mushy stuff.

The earth shook again and the dirt in the pit bulged up. It went back down.

Jupiter looked at her watch. "Well, it's been four minutes." She hit her transmit button. "Mercury, something is happening here."

Sailor Mercury and Neo Moon were five minutes away at their current speed. Neo Moon sprinted. Mercury strained to keep up the pace. "Jupiter, tell me what's going on."

The Japanese military aimed spotlights from the buildings toward the pit. The mound was clearly visible and moving. Jupiter got a good look. "I think there's something here in the dirt."

Mercury yelled into her mike. "It's Godzilla! Take it out!"

"You've got to be joking!"

Moon and Mars shook their heads. Jupiter went flush. Uranus and Neptune took attack stances. Jupiter stared at the sky. "Can we please nuke the site from orbit?"

Moon pulled out her Moon wand. "Get ready girls."


Paul looked at the city below. He dialed Alain's cell phone. Alain answered. "Yes?"

"We are in sight of the park. Where shall we set down?"

"Set down on the east side. There is a clear area in the grass and we'll have a flare set out to mark our location."

"Roger. ETA in one minute."

Philippe lit a flare and threw it on the grass. Two Japanese policemen saw it and approached the Frenchmen.


Mercury followed Neo Moon. The white-skirted Senshi reached into subspace and pulled out a high tech weapon. She jumped to the next building and as she ran across its roof, she cocked the weapon and an electric charging sound came from it.

Mercury was impressed with the weapon. "Are you going to blast it with that?"

"No, I'm going to save it." She pulled a lever on the side and a needle popped out. Five red lights activated on the side of the silver gun like object.

"What is that thing?"

Neo Moon ignored Mercury's question she jumped to a tall rooftop and was in sight of the park. "Good, I'm not too late." She jumped to a lower building and kept up the frantic pace. She changed direction and went towards the south.

Mercury wasn't going to lose Neo Moon. She followed the armed Senshi. "Hey! Where are you going?"


The six Senshi formed an attack line at the rim of the crater. The military and police in the area gave ground. They knew that if the Senshi were going to attack something, lots of stuff was going to explode.

Moon felt the earth move again. "Well? We're waiting!"

A wind came from behind them. Uranus turned around. "Don't worry, it's just a helicopter."


Paul flew above the east side of the park. He saw the flare and set down next to it. Philippe and Alain ran to the chopper and jumped in. Two policemen came to the helicopter and one asked. "What are you doing here?"

Philippe answered in Japanese. "Getting the hell out of here." He buckled his seat belt and Paul lifted the craft into the air.

The chopped raised ten meters into the air when the ground below it shot up spraying the entire area with mud and water from a broken water main. Godzilla's snout emerged and rapidly pulled itself out of the ground. The cascade of water and earth showered the Senshi from behind and buried them in mud.

Paul gunned the engine and lifted the craft skyward as fast as it could climb. Alain was awestruck with the sheer size of the monster's mouth as it was only five meters below the aircraft.

Godzilla lift itself using its arms and pulled the upper half of its body out of the ground. It shook its immense body to clear off the collected dirt like a dog would remove excess water from a bath. Windows and buildings took severe damage and tons of rocks went flying in all directions. The rescuers all took cover to avoid getting killed by the rock storm.

Godzilla growled. It saw the helicopter flying away and it caught its interest. Godzilla pulled out of the hole and followed it leaving a trail of soil and debris in its wake.

Alain spoke what everyone on the craft felt. "Oh shit. Is it still mad at us?"

Philippe pointed to the east. "Take us to the bay. Let's lead this thing away from the city."

Paul fought with the controls. His rapid climb and the extra weight were taxing the engine. He was losing altitude. He slowed down the forward motion to fly higher into the sky. He had to get out of range of the breath weapon and keep out of biting distance.


Godzilla walked down the street back to the bay. It turned its head from side to side as it watched the people scatter out of the way. It stopped to step over a fire truck.

Neo Moon thrust her weapon in front of her and took a giant leap from the tenth floor rooftop she was on onto the side of one of Godzilla's massive spikes on its back. She stuck the needle in the armor plate and held on for dear life.

Godzilla blinked it eyes and stopped walking. It moved its claw to scratch its back.

Neo Moon cursed and pulled out the needle. She slid downward to avoid the claw. She slung her weapon over her shoulder and grabbed onto the rough leathery skin and climbed back up. She was almost back to the spikes when Godzilla shook its body spewing dirt chucks on the buildings lining the road. Neo Moon was slammed against the rough skin and almost lost her grip. She screamed and slid off. A gloved hand caught her and threw her upwards and between the giant spikes. Sailor Mercury split her legs between the center and side rows of spikes to tighten her position to keep her from being thrown off.

Neo Moon hit the bony surface hard. Mercury took the gun from her friend and thrust it into a plate that she assumed wasn't too sensitive to an injection. "What do I need to do?"

"Wait until the lights are green then pull the lever on the side." The young Senshi held onto the giant spike as Godzilla started to walk.

Mercury counted the lights. Three were green. Four. Five. Mercury pulled the level and the needle retracted. Neo Moon took the gun back and shoved it into subspace.

Mercury looked around. "You'd better come clean on what I just did."

"I suggest we get off right now." Neo Moon contracted her body and did a flip to right herself. She grabbed Mercury and jumped off of the mighty beast's back onto a passing building.

Neo Moon stopped where she landed and put Mercury down. She stood by the edge of the roof and gazed at the creature as it walked to the bay. "Mercury, let's get back to the park." The two hopped to the west.


In Shiba Park, six mounds of dirt moved and swayed. Six very filthy and angry Senshi popped out. Sailor Moon spit out some mud. "Look at me! How can I defend love and justice looking like this?"

Sailor Mars wiped mud off of her face. "Can it meatball head. We've got bigger things to worry about."

Sailor Venus jumped out of her earthen prison and fell face first into a gooey mound of mud covering the few remaining clean parts of her body with sludge. She looked like a female mud wrestler after an hour in the ring. "This will never come out of my hair!"

Sailor Io ran over the to messy girls. She had just arrived from her trek across town. "What happened to you?"

The girls stared at their newest teammate. They all threw mud balls at her.

Tuxedo Mask emerged from behind the tree he had used for cover. His tuxedo was splotched with mud as well. "Looks aren't everything Sailor Moon."

Sailor Io wondered if Tuxedo Mask and Tatewaki Kuno were related. She shuddered at the thought.


Paul was looking behind the helicopter and saw that the giant creature was slowing down. "I think it's giving up." He turned to check his flight path ahead and violently veered the craft to the right.

Godzilla number four raised its head out of the water directly ahead. It gave a roar to announce its presence.

Godzilla number two hunkered down and roared in reply. Windows for blocks shattered and people fell holding their ears.

The two beasts faced each other and growled a mutual greeting.

Victor cocked a FN-FAL rifle and aimed it at the beast in the water. "Orders sir?"

Philippe commanded. "Fly along the shoreline. Prepare to set down."

Paul wasn't took sure that was a great idea but he altered the helicopter's course back to the bay.


Ukyou was falling asleep in the furniture store. She thought she had heard a roar in the distance. It brought her alertness. She checked on the three sleeping Senshi and saw that they were fine. Ukyou felt that there wasn't any immediate danger. She walked around the dark store. Only the light of the moon gave any illumination. She noticed the emergency vehicles that were outside the store earlier were gone now. The street was empty and deserted. It gave her the creeps. She felt the handle of her battle spatula. It gave her comfort.


"Nihao honorable Senshi!" Shampoo waved at the seven muddy Senshi as she straddled her bike keeping a good distance from the fountain of cold water shooting up from the soft earth.

Sailor Io rolled her eyes and quietly muttered. "Not Shampoo!"

Shampoo bowed to the Senshi. "Please tell Shampoo where Ranma?"

Io faced her. She resisted the urge to send her into orbit. "Who's Ranma?"

"Ranma great fighter. Ranma good friend." She bent her body sideways to look around Io and ask the other girls who were wiping the mud off their bodies. "Do you know where Ranma?"

Io gestured to the other Senshi to keep quiet. The girls crawled out of the gunk and stood in a little group completely looking like mud monsters instead of mini-skirted defenders of all that is good in the world.

Shampoo took a good look at Sailor Io. Io only had a little mud on her from several mud balls thrown at her. Shampoo read her ki signature and thought it looked familiar. "Does Shampoo know you?"

Io took a step back. "Nope, I don't think so."

"Senshi sure?" Shampoo took a step closer. She could have sworn she had seen that ki signature before. She took a good look at the Senshi's face and couldn't recognize it at all. "Sorry. Shampoo thought you violent girl for moment."

Some of the Senshi giggled. Io really wanted to slam Shampoo into next week. THUMP! The girls turned around. Godzilla was walking back to the park. THUMP! It was taking a leisurely pace.

Sailor Moon realized her wand was missing. "Great!" She jumped into the mud and fumbled for her moon staff. THUMP! "Everyone! Get ready!" She felt her wand in the gooey brown stuff and pulled her golden staff out. "I hope it still works."

The girls formed a battle line. They looked ridiculous. Neptune produced some water and washed most of the mud off of herself.

Io turned to Shampoo. "I think you'd better leave before you get hurt." Shampoo was open mouthed as she looked skyward to see the underside of the monster. She jumped on her bike and rode off to the north to avoid the incoming catastrophe.

Moon shook her wand to knock most of the mud off. "I'm Sailor Moon! This park is for the enjoyment of the people of Tokyo. You should go back to where ever you came from. In the name of the Moon, we're going to punish you."

Godzilla roared at the Senshi. A second Godzilla appeared next to it. It charged.

Sailor Moon lost her confidence. She gulped. "Scatter!"

All the Senshi jumped out of the way trailing wads of mud behind them. The monster noticed Sailor Mars and followed her. It snapped its jaws looking for a light snack to start the morning with.

Mars ran for dear life. "Why is it picking on me?" She jumped onto a tree and leapt onto a tiny paddleboat in the lake.

Godzilla smashed the tree flat and swung its giant tail into the water causing a huge wave. The boat and Sailor Mars went flying into the air smashing into the pavement twenty meters away. Mars was knocked out.

Sailor Uranus got her bearings. "World Shaking!" A blast of energy hit the beast in the back. It swung around to face its attacker. Uranus was about to cast again when Jupiter grabbed her and pushed her out of the way as the second Godzilla fired its breath weapon and burned the area to a crisp.

Sailor Io avoided a giant foot from smashing her. She made a stance. "Lava blast!" She sent a ball of hot lava in between the toes of the fourth monster and gave it a hot foot. It decided that Io had to go. It chased her. Io smiled and ran toward the second Godzilla and caused the two creatures to slam into one another.

Both beasts recovered quickly and swung their tails wiping all tree life away. Shattered branches and playground equipment went in all directions. Io and Venus darted around the monsters feet to keep out of harm's way.

The two Godzilla picked Senshi at random and stomped the ground to squish them or bake them. The Senshi took pot shots but did little damage to the creatures. Every human being in the area had taken off to avoid getting killed or becoming Godzilla food.

Mercury and Neo Moon arrived at the east side of the park. They saw the utter chaos before them. Mercury turned to Neo Moon. "I hope you've got a plan."

Neo Moon smiled. "Follow me."

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