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Sailor Ranko: The Harder They Fall: Chapter 13, The Bigger They Are.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or take away my right to eat cheese.

Philippe was reading the names of buildings as they flew their Huey along the shore of Tokyo Bay. He had a good grasp on spoken Japanese but he strained at reading the Kanji on the signs. He found a building that caught his interest. "Set down there!"

Paul saw the almost empty street below. He picked a landing spot in the middle of the highway and deftly avoided the power and phone lines that crisscrossed the area. He hovered for a moment to make sure no one on the ground would be stupid enough to approach the aircraft. He gently contacted the pavement and placed the vehicle in standby mode for a quick takeoff. Paul breathed a sigh of relief. He was going to demand hazard pay for this mission.

Philippe unbuckled himself. "Men, we're going fishing." He jumped out of the chopper and ran to a nearby fish warehouse. The rest of the commandos ran after him.

Paul had a really bad feeling about what Philippe had planned. He wanted to live until retirement.


Ukyou bolted upright at the distant roar. She stood at attention with her battle spatula at the ready. She slowly turned looking at the darkened fake bedroom in the furniture store and listened carefully for anything out of the ordinary. She spun around quickly and swung her spatula at the sound she heard to her left.

She stopped her swing just centimeters from slamming her weapon on Sailor Sun's face. The Senshi's snore almost gave her a free ride into a nearby wall. Ukyou relaxed her stance. She shot a look at the front of the furniture store as she heard the sound of Sailor Senshi magic spells and more roaring coming from a distance.

She knelt down to Sailor Sun and gently nudged her. "Wake up Ran-chan." She put down her spatula and softly patted the red head's cheeks.

Sun mumbled, "Could you make me a squid okonomiyaki please? Zzz..."

Ukyou got mad and frowned. "How could you think about food at a time like this you jackass?" She violently shook Sailor Sun. "Wake up!"

Sun shuddered and jumped out of the futon and took a defensive stance. "Akane! It wasn't my fault!" She looked at Ukyou and calmed down since the expected mallet strike wasn't forthcoming, "Oh, it's you." She lowered her arms. Ukyou and Sun suddenly took stances when the sound of a tree being smashed and also a loud splash was heard from far away.

Ukyou turned to Sun. "Ran-chan, I think they need you. I'll see if I can get the others awake."

Ukyou went to the bed that contained Pluto and Saturn. "Let's see how they're doing." She went over to Saturn and pulled the covers. Saturn still had some burn marks and looked like she was going to remain out of commission for a while. Ukyou shook her head and gently put the covers back on the little Senshi. "They're out of action. You go help the others. I'll stay here and watch them."

Sun nodded and started to exit the store. She stopped and turned her head back. "Ucchan, please call me Sailor Sun when I look like this." She waved her gloved hands over her white leotard. "The disguise magic doesn't work if you call me by my real name." She faced forward and jumped out of the broken window frame and ran toward the fracas in the park.

Ukyou waved at Sun's vanishing silhouette. "See you soon Ran... Sailor Sun." She held her spatula at the ready. She felt someone grab her hand. She looked down at the tiny Senshi and knelt down to comfort her.


Shouts of "Deep Submerge" and "Supreme Thunder Dragon" came from the park. Explosions followed, lots of explosions. Loud roars and stomping added to the happy fun the Senshi in the grass were having with their massive green friends.

A very muddy Sailor Moon ran across Neo Moon's path carrying a stunned Sailor Mars. She threw her long raven haired comrade into a vacated store. "Sorry Mars!" She shot a glance at the pair and waved for them to follow her, "C'mon and help!" She ran back waving her Moon staff splattering the area with grime.

Sailor Neo Moon ignored her mother and looked around for a suitable vehicle for her hair-brained scheme. She spotted a police motorcycle and made a beeline toward it. Mercury ran close behind her.

The pink haired Senshi checked the fuel level and the bike's tires. She bounced on it while the bike's owner looked on in dismay from under the bus bench he was using for cover. Mercury watched Neo Moon play with the motorcycle and then ducked as a large rock flew overhead from the melee that was happening only one hundred meters away. "Is this your great plan?" Mercury held her arms over her head to protect herself from more incoming debris.

"No." Neo Moon waved to the cop to hand her the keys. He threw them at her and then ran off. She started up the bike. With a fiendish grin and a biker attitude she pronounced, "This is!" She hit the engine and popped a wheelie as she rode into the park like a mad woman.

Mercury threw her arms down. "Moon!" She ran a few steps to chase the wayward Senshi from the future and saw an airborne figure coming her way. Mercury jumped up to catch Sailor Io as she went flying by to keep her from slamming into the pavement.

Io caught her breath. "Thanks Mercury!" The ground shook as the two girls saw a giant face come flying in. Mercury jumped up with Io still in her arms as a Godzilla's head smacked the ground hard shattering the asphalt. She landed on the tip of the creature's snout. Io hopped off Mercury and the two jumped in opposite directions as the giant reptile lifted its head out of the hole in the street.

Neo Moon pulled out her Kaleido Moon Scope and cast "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" A ball of energy stuck the side of the monster just below the eye. It had an excellent view of the girl who struck it. Neo Moon threw her magic weapon into subspace and rode off behind the monster across the park.

Godzilla took a few seconds to turn around to follow the motorcycle. The bike accelerated and drove toward the north side of the park. She hit her wrist communicator and dialed Sun's number.

Ukyou heard a beep in her pocket. She pulled out Sailor Sun's cute little pink calculator with pretty yellow stars that looked like it came from a Hello Kitty emporium. She pressed the answer button. "Hello?"

Neo Moon ducked her head under storefront sign that flew over her from an explosion that Uranus caused. She swerved her bike and made a small jump over a fallen piece of roof. She regained control and spoke into her watch, "Sun! I'm coming to your position. Get outside now and prepare to attack!"

Ukyou had a hard time understanding what Neo Moon was saying over the noise of the battle and the motorcycle engine. "Uh... Sun's not here."

"Sail... Uh... Where's Sun?" Neo Moon couldn't believe her bad luck. She thought she must have misdialed the extension. She turned around and saw that she had a sixty-five meter tall pissed off green T-Rex approaching rapidly to turn her into a Korean Barbecue dinner.

Ukyou heard the sound of the footsteps and they were coming closer. "Sun's on her way to a battle. Uh..." Ukyou got her bearings. "She went south of my location." Ukyou noticed the ever loudening sound was also coming from the south.

Neo Moon ignored Ukyou's comments as she had to swerve to avoid a concrete overhang that broke off and fell into her path. Godzilla's stomping behind her was breaking windows, setting off every car alarm and causing buildings to crack with each smash of the pavement. She started to move side to side in an effort to ditch the ravenous mouth that tried to take a bite out of her backside. The Godzilla rubbed against a building and slowed down as a shower of glass and concrete went flying all around it. The beast stepped away from the building and resumed its pursuit.

Neo Moon saw the object of her quest ahead. A bug eyed Sailor Sun was frozen in the street as she saw the motorcycle whiz by streaming twin pink ponytails. The angry monster barreling down the street toward her was what had her compete undivided attention. She stood tall and cast "Searing Plasma Blast!" The ball of flame struck the creature in the face and it changed course slightly to stomp on the red-skirted pest.

Sailor Sun jumped out of the way just as the giant foot cracked the pavement and collapsed an adjacent facade. Sun ran to the underside and focused her ki. "Moko Takabisha!" A ball of energy flew out and gave the equivalent of a kick in the butt.

The monster was sensitive in that area of its anatomy and spun around to keep its soft spot away from this insect. It took a moment to slow down to a stop. It took another step back and inhaled.

Sailor Sun ran toward the creature. She sensed the area to see if it was clear to cast Solar Flare and found that there were at least twenty people who were hiding in the nearby buildings. She silently cursed and felt a wave of nausea the instant she started to focus her Solar Flare attack. She stumbled and fell onto the monster's giant toenail.

The Godzilla kicked its foot forward throwing Sun into the air. Godzilla prepared its breath attack to fry the girl in mid-air. A "Lava Blast" and a "Shabon Spray Freezing" flew into its open mouth. The creature shut its jaws in surprise with half of it burning and the other half frozen.

Sailor Io leapt into the air and grabbed Sailor Sun. Mercury prepared to cast her spell again. Godzilla fired its breath weapon in the air for a moment to unfreeze its mouth. It glared at the three Senshi and used its claw to scrape the glass from a building to shower the street with debris.

Mercury and Io jumped back at the monster's sudden counterattack. Mercury was hit and she fell to the ground and was quickly buried under a mound of broken steel, concrete and glass. Io shouted at her husband. "Wake up you jerk!" Io was at a loss at what to do. She couldn't save Mercury without dropping Sun. Io tossed her husband through a window of a professional office to get her out of harm's way and ran to get Mercury out of the wreckage.

Godzilla primed its breath weapon. Io called out "Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken". She rapidly threw chunks of rock and steel out of the way to save her friend and part-time tutor for her husband. She couldn't let her down. She was going to save Sailor Mercury.

Godzilla's back glowed a bright blue. It began to exhale and a bright white beam emerged from its forehead. The creature gave out a scream and arched its back in agony. Io fell to the ground with her body feeling like it was being shaken apart by sitting next to a speaker at a very loud rock concert.

Godzilla's head flew apart and giant chunks of meat splashed everywhere. The sound of bones snapping and a guttural scream emerged from the rapidly collapsing body of Godzilla as it burst into magical flame. The white beam emerged from the chest of the creature and ripped apart the breast and the rest of the creature imploded into a fiery mess.

Ukyou stood in middle of the street with a stern look of satisfaction. She held Saturn's Silence Glaive and cut the magic energy beam. "No one touches my friends!" She couldn't maintain her temporary link to the weapon. Ukyou shuddered and fell over. The Glaive fell out of her limp hands next to her.

The beast's charred carcass fell to the pavement with a resounding shock wave. Godzilla blood and gore went flying everywhere covering the entire area with reddish goo.

Sailor Neo Moon rode up on her bike and stopped by Ukyou. She scratched her head. "Hmm... Did it happen this way? Oh yeah, I forgot that part." She stowed the Glaive in subspace and picked up the chef and slung her on the bike. She rode back to the furniture store and gently carried Ukyou inside.

Neo Moon placed Ukyou down on the futon near the bed with Pluto and Saturn. She slid the Silence Glaive on the floor near Sailor Saturn's side of the bed. She touched Ukyou's face and then the future girl shed a tear. "I'm so sorry Ukyou." She started sniffing her nose as she felt emotion building up inside her heavy heart. "It has... to... be..." She held back a sob as she ran out the door to her motorcycle refusing to look back. She got on and started the engine. She shot a quick glance at the darkened interior of the building and rode off to help Sailor Sun. "It's the way it has to be."

Out of the shadows emerged an Amazon warrior. She wondered aloud. "What does spatula girl have to do with Senshi?" Shampoo readied her sword. Her danger sense was kicked into high alert. She hid back into the shadows to await what was coming. The pink haired Senshi was frightened and Shampoo knew that if a Senshi was scared, she should be too.


Mr. Tanaka, who was an agent of the Japanese Government, listened intently as Nick Tatopoulos blabbered on about the life cycle of Godzilla. He allowed Nick to amuse himself with his speech while he called in to his office and ordered the air strike.

Nick kept on going. "That nest has to be destroyed! There could be as many as two hundred eggs in there and they don't take very long to hatch!" The agent didn't flinch at all. Nick turned red. "Are you even listening to me?"

The agent put down his cell phone. He spoke in English. "Mr. Tatopoulos, I just called in an air strike with incendiary weapons. Will that do for you?"

Nick stopped in mid-sentence. "Oh. Yeah, that'll do." He made a sheepish grin. "That'll do just fine."

"Very well, I expect that you will come with me. This area is no longer safe." He turned and briskly walked away from the direction of the park.

Nick heard a massive explosion and another mighty roar from the battle going on. "No longer safe? That's an understatement." He ran after Tanaka. "Hey! Wait for me!"


Sailor Mercury's computer beeped an attention sound. It was a special musical tone that meant, "Answer now or die!" Io followed the sound to dig out Sailor Mercury. Sailor Sun stood up from the shattered desk she was sprawled on and shook her head to regain consciousness. She realized where she was and ran to assist Io.

Sun was shocked at the sight before her. The massive amount of Godzilla parts spread everywhere needed an explanation. Sun hoped that she hadn't somehow ended up in the Neko-Ken and caused this destruction. "Hey Io! What happened?" Sun did a quick scan of the area for felines to confirm her fear. She kneeled next to Io and without instruction started digging in the shattered debris with her since it seemed to be the logical thing to do.

Sailor Io answered. "Mercury's buried here." She shot a look at the mess formerly known as Godzilla. "Lizard breath over there exploded for no reason."

Sailor Sun wanted to say something about Io's cooking being the cause but decided to wisely keep her mouth shut. Sun moved a thin steel girder and found a gloved hand. "Mercury!"

The two Senshi stepped up the pace and pulled Mercury out of the rubble. Sun tapped on Io's shoulder. "You take care of Mercury. I'll join the others."

Io remembered how Sun collapsed when she was about to cast an attack spell. "Are you sure? You don't seem to be in any condition to fight."

"I know why I passed out. I can't cast Solar Flare so soon. When I tried I conked out." She easily produced a ball of flame in her hand. "I can throw my Searing Plasma Blast and my ki attacks fine."

"You take care of yourself."

A motorcycle roar interrupted their conversation. Neo Moon looked like she was made to ride the police motorcycle. The young Senshi tilted her head back. "Get on Sun!"

Sailor Sun gave a cocky grin back to her wife. "Don't worry! It's me!" She hopped on the bike and held her arms around Neo Moon. Sun checked the bike. "Uh... Shouldn't we be wearing helmets?" Neo Moon gave a grin of pure evil. The engine made a loud roar and the bike sped off with Sun's flaming red hair blowing in the wind.

Io rolled her eyes as she watched the two crazed Senshi ride off to battle. "Don't worry she says. That's what I'm worried about."


Paul spun up the rotor to full power and lifted the helicopter into the air. The Huey had a giant smelly fish filled canvas bag tied to the winch on the side. The plan was simple. Attract the monster away from the nest and then blow the nest to kingdom come. Phillipe was more than happy to let the Japanese military deal with the giant beasts but the babies had to die and there had to be no survivors this time. Alain sat in the back with the one kiloton nuclear weapon that he assured everyone would not wipe out the city if detonated in an underground lair.

Paul was convinced that he, Philippe and Alain were dead men. The three men were the only ones on the helicopter since the other commandos were not needed for this mission. The mission was a mission of last resort. Philippe was only going to allow the use of the device if Nick failed to get the Japanese to bomb the park. He hoped that the Japanese would listen to Nick and send in an air strike since dropping a nuke on Japanese soil was something he didn't want do to. He couldn't leave anything to chance. The babies had to be exterminated. Philippe grimaced at the thought of more Godzillas in the future and didn't want the opportunity pass to end this nightmare once and for all.

Paul got the Huey clear of the buildings and flew in the direction of the nest. He had a bad feeling about the mission.


The four jets were refueled and taxiing down the runaway to do battle once again. "Base, this is Alpha flight. Requesting permission to take off."

"Alpha flight. You are cleared for take off. Good luck."

"Roger that." The flight leader commanded his men to follow his lead. He taxied to the runway and was airborne in seconds. The aircraft were outfitted with more Type 80 radar guided missiles and also equipped with a single large incendiary device on the undercarriage.

The base commander watched the aircraft take off and fly to Tokyo. He took a drink of sake. It was against regulations, but he justified it in his mind since giant monsters were not in the rulebooks. He took another swig and hid his flask in his pants pocket. He was handed the preliminary damage assessment report. The Senshi were running amok near downtown Tokyo so he knew he wasn't going to like what would probably be written on the papers in his hand.


The five remaining Senshi in the park were keeping the remaining monster busy. Jupiter would fire her lightning while Uranus would counter strike with "World Shaking." Venus kept tangling Godzilla's legs with her chain and Sailor Moon fired her "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" in an attempt to wear the creature down. Neptune would splash the giant reptile's mouth with water to stop it from firing its breath weapon.

The monster showed no signs of tiring. It showed every indication that it wanted to wipe the Senshi away and was using every trick it could come up with the inflict harm on the five girls harming it. It got more frustrated as the girls kept dodging its tail and attempted breath attacks. The park was in complete ruin and most buildings near the park were aflame.

Venus was the first to tire. "Where is everyone else? Where's Mercury? Where's Mars?" Godzilla took a step forward with its ensnared foot and knocked Venus over when her chain was yanked out of her hands. The magic dissipated and the monster charged Sailor Neptune. The Senshi of the sea threw hot water at the beast's face to throw it off while she ran for cover. Her plan worked as the monster shook off the steaming water and growled again.

A fireball came from the north and Sailor Sun threw another one at the monster's rump. She knew that was a weak spot from her battle with the previous monster.

Godzilla spun to protect its sensitive area. It cast out its breath weapon while Sun and Neo Moon barely had time to react and leapt out of the way. The motorbike melted and burned in the intense heat. The other Senshi cast their attacks while the creature was distracted and it got spooked and ran away toward the bay.

Sailor Moon cheered. She thought she had the creature on the run and foolishly ran after it. Her warriors followed their princess but questioned the wisdom of chasing a sixty-meter tall monster.

Godzilla stopped at the east side of the park and suddenly turned its head around. It took a deep breath and its spikes glowed an intense bright blue. It was going to give this blast the maximum power it could.

Sailor Moon saw her mistake and skidded to a stop. Sailor Mars came out of nowhere and grabbed her princess, threw her over her shoulder and jumped skyward as a massive ball of blue fire blew under the two of them.

Sailor Mars silently prayed that the fire would be gone by the time they landed. She looked down and saw the flames below her were not receding. She shifted her princess in front of her and used her own body as a shield as she fell into the inferno. She landed just as the breath weapon began to lose power. She jumped again to get out of the raging fire but still was bathed in terrible heat for half a second. Mars' natural Senshi resistance to fire and remaining mud on her body prevented her from dying immediately. Her backside was raging in flames and Mars ignored the pain and held back a scream of agony. She jumped one more time toward the lake directly ahead of her. She released Sailor Moon in mid-flight and turned over to land back side down into the cool lake water to quell the fire. Sailor Moon belly flopped several meters away in a typical clumsy fashion. Moon resurfaced a moment later.

"Mars!" Sailor Venus screamed at the horrid sight of Sailor Mars burning body hitting the water. Venus darted at top speed following her red-skirted ally's path and jumped into the lake after her friend. She quickly swam to Sailor Mars and turned her face down body over to allow her to breathe again.

Godzilla was about to breathe again to finish the job of the three waterlogged Senshi when both Sailors Sun and Neo Moon hit its rump with their attacks. It actually hurt the massive creature. It bent its serpentine neck and roared at the pair of Senshi. Sailor Neo Moon ran east toward the bay. Sailor Sun knew Godzilla was going to breathe again. She saw that there were still a few people running for cover. She had to get the monster to shoot somewhere else to avoid any more innocent lives being lost. She jumped up onto a low rooftop and jumped again to the top of a twelve-story building. She stood her ground and fired another Searing Plasma Blast.

The Godzilla aimed and glowed blue. Sun saw something fly by in the air and went for broke. She jumped up and the creature blasted empty space as Sun grabbed a bag that was dangling from the bottom of a helicopter.

The monster raised itself on its haunches. It lifted its head over ninety meters in the air as it stretched its body and neck to gain as much height as it could. The bag smelled good to the starving pseudo dinosaur. It was famished and decided to forgo roasting Sun and take a light snack.

Paul took the cue. He slammed the controls and flew the copter in reverse. He rotated the craft as it flew to the bay. "Philippe, this is a really stupid idea!"

Philippe was making the sign of the cross over his forehead and wondered what was going through his mind to put him in this mess in the first place.

Alain was looking below and saw they had picked up a passenger. "Hey there's one of those funny girls on the bag."

Philippe poked his head out of the window and saw the girl shoot a fireball at the monster. He shouted at her in French forgetting that this was Japan and no one but the occupants of the helicopter would understand his words. "What are you doing you idiot!"

Sailor Sun heard someone above her yell something but she didn't understand a word said. She was happy that they were attracting the monster away from the city.

Alain pulled out the bomb. He tapped to Philippe to show his intention. "Once we have gotten the monster away, we can blow the nest."

Philippe liked the idea. He still didn't want to use the weapon. "We're too close to park right now. Wait until we lure this thing out of range and then we'll decide if we can blow the nest or it to hell."

Alain nodded. He inserted the key into the bomb to unlock the first arming stage. He didn't set the timer or the secondary arm switch. He wasn't that reckless. He needed to be able to deploy at a moment's notice.


Sailor Mercury woke up. Her computer kept beeping. Mercury read the display and pulled out her communicator. Io asked, "What's the matter."

Mercury ignored her. She called everyone. "Girls! They're sending an air strike to the park! Get out of the park now!"

Sailors Venus and Moon dragged Mars out of the lake. They checked on Sailor Mars and she seemed to not have any life threatening injuries. For a human, the injuries would have been fatal. For a Senshi or someone from Nerima, it was a flesh wound. Their watches beeped and they got the message from Mercury. Uranus and Neptune ran up to the three. Uranus grabbed Mars and the girls ran away from the center of the park as fast as their legs could carry them.

Sailor Jupiter was running after Godzilla. She saw Sailor Sun jump onto the bottom of a helicopter and wanted to see if she could save her insanely
reckless friend from herself.


Paul flew the chopper over the bay. The monster didn't slow down. It was famished and the fish smelled so good that it was willing to chase the flying entree down. It jumped off the shore and landed in the water with a mighty splash capsizing several nearby pleasure boats. It walked much slower in the bay since the friction of the water was dragging it. It dove nose first into the water and regained speed by swishing its tail to propel itself in the cool liquid.

Sailor Sun watched the thing sink beneath the waves. She got a good look at the bay and waved to the helicopter and pointed to the mouth of the bay.

Paul didn't see Sun, but turned it that direction anyways to lure the creature into deeper waters. Alain shouted to be heard over the aircraft's noise. "I've set the bomb that a twenty meter deep detonation would be fine. We can deploy here." He set the timer and held the secondary arm switch ready.

Philippe violently shook his head. "No! We just keep it here. The Japanese should have an air strike coming soon. Let's wait to see if the Japanese are sending in aircraft." He silently muttered. "Or let that magic girl blow it away."

Godzilla sensed the depth in front of it and felt that there was an island up ahead. It could strike from there. It swished its tail and swam quickly to the man made island. The beast used its front claws to lift itself out of the water and up to the prey.

Sailor Sun felt the air move upward around her. She shot a glance down and saw Godzilla burst from under the water and opened its gaping mouth to clamp down on the sack of fish. Sun's eye grew the size of dinner plates and she jumped upward to the cabin of the helicopter.

Paul gunned the engine to climb away from impending doom. He reduced the power an instant before the monster clamped down on its meal and yanked the helicopter down. The cable snapped causing the helicopter to jolt upward.

Alain pulled out the arming key to disable the primary arming switch. As the copter lurched, he fumbled with the device and threw the secondary arm switch by accident. The timer activated and the bomb started ticking. He jammed the bomb in his lap with his elbow as he reached for either switch to disable the weapon.

Sailor Sun grabbed the landing strut just as the helicopter violently shook as Godzilla pulled down to cut the cable and swallow its meal. She swung like a gymnast into the cabin. Her face landed in Alain's lap. She saw the pill shaped object and asked in Japanese, "You've got poison? Great idea!" She thought that the men were going to feed this to the creature. She was more than happy to help.

Alain didn't understand what she had said. He sat open mouthed as the girl deftly grabbed the bomb from his hands. Sailor Sun smiled. "Don't worry, I'll give it to him." She tightly held the 'pill' and jumped out.

The bomb expert was ashen. He stuck his head out of the chopper to watch Sun fall straight for Godzilla's face. Alain shouted. "What the hell!"

Godzilla saw the new morsel fall from the sky. It opened its mouth to accept the gracious offering. Sun looked down the throat of the beast and threw the pill down the hatch as hard as she could. She grabbed onto the cable dangling below the chopper and swung to safety.

Godzilla slammed its mouth shut when it felt something touch its tongue. It was curious that the meat it swallowed was tasteless and not satisfying in the least. The helicopter went higher in the sky to get away from the creature. The beast followed the aircraft hoping for something else to fall out that tasted better. The Godzilla sank into the water and swam in chase.

Alain shouted at the top of his lungs. "That idiot just deployed the bomb!"

Philippe and Paul shouted together, "WHAT!" Paul didn't need anyone to tell him otherwise, he gunned the helicopter's engine and prayed that the shock wave or the EMP wouldn't take them down.

Paul turned the helicopter to exit Tokyo Bay. Godzilla was in pursuit. Paul shouted, "How long?"

Alain checked his seat belt. "I don't know. Seconds maybe?"

Philippe made the sign of the cross again and held his hands in prayer.


Sailor Jupiter stood alongside Sailor Neo Moon at the edge of Tokyo Bay. The white-skirted Senshi put her hand in her face and groaned. "Yep, this is exactly what happened."

Jupiter glared at Neo Moon. "What?"

Neo Moon pushed Jupiter to the ground. "Duck!"


The jets arrived over the center of Tokyo. The giant monster was nowhere to be seen. Searchlights from news helicopters over the bay attracted the attention of the lead pilot. "Base, this is Alpha One. Secondary target has moved to the bay. Please advise."

"Alpha one, hit primary target first. Repeat, hit primary target first. Engage secondary target afterwards."

"Roger." Alpha one locked his radar on the pit in Shiba Park. "All wings, prepare to deploy incendiaries on my mark." They dropped their flaps and made a slow approach to the park to drop the heavy napalm weapons.


Sailor Sun climbed up the cable and held onto one of the landing struts. Paul had to compensate for the shift in weight to maintain control of the helicopter.

Godzilla peered up at the chopper flying away from under the bay's surface. The green iguana slowed down and decided to let the thing go. It didn't think the continued effort for an unsatisfying meal was worth it. It turned around with a flick of the tail to return to the nest to check on the young. It dove under the water and kicked off the bottom to gain speed to return home.

Godzilla developed a massive case of indigestion as its internal organs were incinerated and a small fireball erupted from its chest. A bright flash and a massive steam cloud erupted from the center of the bay.

The water of the bay lit up like a giant flash bulb and a plume of water over one hundred meters high flew into the air. A mushroom shaped cloud of steam and smoke enveloped it. The bomb was a firecracker as far as nuclear bombs went and it hardly yielded five hundred tons of explosive force. It was enough to blow the creature into bite sized morsels and pollute the bay for weeks.

A concussion wave erupted from the water and Sailor Sun lost her grip from the strut and she fell a few meters until she grabbed onto the cable and gripped it tight. The helicopter started to sputter and Paul fought the controls as the avionics failed from the Electro-Magnetic Pulse. Hydraulics failed, panels sparked and the engine cut out. "We are going down!"

Philippe chanted a "Hail Mary." Alain cursed out the wacko red head. Sailor Sun held on for dear life. Paul used every bit of his experience as a combat pilot to ditch the helicopter as safely as possible. Sailor Sun let go of the cable and fell twenty meters and ki blasted the water to soften her landing. The chopper hit the water a moment later ten meters in front of her. The blades impacted the surface and broke apart sending fragments everywhere. The occupants were slammed hard and were momentarily stunned from the shock. Sun swam to the surface and quickly paddled to the aircraft as it dipped under the waves. She held her breath and dove in.

Paul had unbuckled his seat belt and was undoing Philippe's belt as the Senshi appeared like a red colored angel. She assessed the situation and effortlessly tore out Alain's seat belt and pulled him out of the craft. Paul pushed Philippe out of the craft and pulled him to the surface.

The three men and the part time lady hit the surface of the bay. Sailor Sun asked the men, "Are you all right?"

Philippe was awake. He glared at the Senshi and replied in Japanese. "No thanks to you!"

Sun struggled to keep Alain above water. "What are you talking about? I fed the pill to it for you." She looked at her handiwork in the form of a giant ball of steam high above them. "Looks like it worked."

The Frenchman wanted to throttle the Senshi. It was the same reaction that Sailor Sun inspired in many people she knew. "You idiot! We weren't going to use that bomb! The Japanese Defense Force was going to deal with it."

"A bomb? Was that what that was?" She took a look around. "Is that why the helicopter crashed?"

"It was your fault the copter crashed you imbecile!"

Sailor Sun looked to the stars. She floated face up keeping Alain above water. She silently asked the gods. "Why is everything my fault? I was only trying to help." She splashed the water in frustration and held Alain above the surface to keep him from drowning.

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