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Sailor Ranko: The Harder They Fall: Chapter 11, Reality Check.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or dip me in taco sauce.

Shampoo was cleaning off a table at the Cat Cafe. "Come back soon!" She gave her usual happy smile to the customers as they left. She picked up the dishes from the table, placed them on her tray and slid over to the kitchen.

Mousse took the dishes and placed them in the sink. He was careful to keep his rubber-gloved hands away from the cold water he used to rinse off the dishes. "S-s-shampoo..." He watched his beloved as she ignored him and trotted out to the dining room. "Err..."

Mousse was frustrated with himself again. He wanted to invite Shampoo out for a date to once again try to woo her. He couldn't get more than two seconds alone with her before she ran off somewhere away from him. He contemplated casting out a chain and tying her up so she would sit still long enough so he could ask her. Mousse saddened at the thought that Shampoo would probably catch his chain and do something horrible to him in retaliation. He sighed and lifted a dish from the soapy water. The dish shattered in his hands.

Cologne heard the noise and recognized the bad omen. She hopped to the TV and turned it on. A newsreader was visible with a stock photo of Godzilla from the New York City attack shown on the right side of the screen. ".. is ordered for the additional areas of Shinagawa, Koto and Chiyoda. Please stay away from the Tokyo Bay area until this crisis has ended."

Shampoo watched the broadcast with interest. A map with red circles showing the trouble spots came on. Shampoo ran close to the TV and pointed at the circle near Juuban. "That where Ranma live!" She threw down her apron and ran for the door.

Cologne hopped to the doorway and watched Shampoo unlock her bike from the bike rack. "Shampoo, the Sailor Senshi will handle this. That's why they're there."

Shampoo turned and smiled. "Shampoo know Ranma. Ranma always fight. Shampoo go fight with Ranma!" She rode off.

Cologne slowly shook her head. She didn't bother to stop her. There was no use reasoning with the young girl in love. The old woman mumbled. "Shampoo, what am I going to do with you?" Cologne had respect for her granddaughter as the girl fearlessly rode off towards the trouble spot. She thought, "My little one is growing up. I'm going to let you make your own decisions for today. Let's see what happens." She pondered her wisdom as the purple haired girl rode out of sight.

Mousse ran out the door after his beloved Shampoo. "Shampoo! Wait for me!" WHAM! He ran into a telephone pole and slid slowly to the ground.

"TSK! TSK!" Cologne splashed Mousse with cold water and grabbed his long neck. She held the duck to her face as it uttered a pitiful quack. "Mousse, I'm going to have to show you the proper way to court an Amazon."

Mousse gave a quizzical look. He dropped his head and went limp. "Quaaaaaaccckkk...."


The Alpha squad leader saw the bright orange flaming light coming from Godzilla's location. "Base, there is a large weapon being detonated at the monster's location. A city block is involved." The sphere of Sailor Sun's Solar Flare reached its peak. "Whoa! All planes evade target area NOW!"

The planes split off in a standard break maneuver. The Solar Flare spell threw a plume of flame that moved randomly around the sky with the base firmly anchored at ground zero. The pilots didn't want to fly through that inferno and risk their aircraft to danger. In a moment, the flame vanished without a trace. A perfect circle was clearly visible from the air where a city block once stood. Godzilla was missing.

"Base, target is gone. I repeat the target is gone."

The base commander was standing next to the radio operator. He was handed a sheet that had a general memo that the Senshi were engaging the monster. "Describe the weapon."

"It was a ball of orange energy with a giant flame that was about eight hundred meters tall. It's gone now. A glowing red circle on the ground is all I can see from the target."

The commander nodded. The Senshi had done an attack like that in the past. He told the radio officer, "Call them home." He looked at his memo and the deployment orders. "The ground troops will handle it from here."

The operator hit the transmit switch. "Alpha squadron, stand down. Return to base."

The pilot had seen enough weirdness for the night. "Acknowledge. Returning to base." The jets lifted to cruising altitude and went home.


"Sun!" Sailor Io ran to her fallen husband. She skipped over the red-hot molten ground and knelt beside her dearest friend and companion. She cradled Sun in her arms. Sailor Sun was shallowly breathing. She was exhausted from the casting of her Solar Flare spell. Sailor Io shed a tear of happiness and held Sun close to her chest.

Ukyou watched with a little envy at how lovely a couple those two Senshi made. She stood up from her hiding place and walked to the edge of the destruction. A light pole slowly bent over and fell to the ground. Half of the pole was inside the circle and it eventually collapsed from the damage.

The perfect circle lay before Ukyou emitting a fading red glow as it cooled. The air smelled of charcoal and a sizzling sounds came from all directions. Ukyou took a few steps back away from it as the heat made her feel faint. "Ranma... How powerful are you?"

"My baby!" Screamed Sailor Neptune as she cradled Sailor Saturn's scorched body. The little girl's hair was almost completely burned away and her uniform was in smoking tatters. Neptune wept as her little girl lay dying in her arms.

Sailor Pluto wasn't doing any better. Uranus was trying to revive Sailor Pluto with CPR. Pluto was behind Saturn when they were hit with Godzilla's breath weapon so her burns were not nearly as severe as Saturn's.

Sailor Moon and Neo Moon ran to their fallen friends. They held out their Moon scepters. Neo Moon faced her dearest friend Sailor Pluto. Sailor Moon aimed at the broken tiny body of Sailor Saturn. Both Senshi cast, "Moon Healing Activation!" A glow of pink energy came from their rods and engulfed Pluto and Saturn. Their skin reformed into normal and the burns faded away but their uniforms were still in pieces. The clothes barely covered their bodies.

Neptune placed her weeping face in Saturn's chest. She stroked Saturn's newly re-grown hair and felt her breath again. Saturn coughed. Neptune shot up. "That's it my baby! Please wake up."

Uranus patted Pluto's face to revive her. Pluto's eyes fluttered open. "I didn't order my steak well done." Uranus smiled. Pluto still had her sick sense of humor. Pluto smiled and fell unconscious again.

Sailor Moon knelt by Saturn. She looked at Neptune's face. "She just needs some rest." She stood up. Moon's jewelry in her hair started to give her signals. She heard cries of help from people trapped in the rubble all over the city. She shot a glance at her daughter. Neo Moon was listening to the pleas as well. Moon softly spoke, "We have to help them." Neo Moon nodded in agreement as she heard the cries as well.

Moon put her rod away in subspace. "Girls, we need to help get people out of the rubble. Let's get these two someplace safe so they can rest and heal."

Mercury pointed out a nearby furniture store. "There are some beds in there. Someone can keep on eye on those two and Sun until we get back."

Neo Moon turned around and saw Ukyou standing at the edge of the circle. "Why don't we have Ukyou keep an eye on them?"

Neptune wasn't thrilled about leaving her daughter in the hands of a stranger. "Who's Ukyou?"

Neo Moon reassured Neptune. "She's a good friend of Sailors Sun and Io. I'm certain that she can be trusted to take care of our friends."

The green haired Senshi trusted Neo Moon. If Neo Moon was comfortable with Ukyou, then that was good enough for her. She lifted her daughter and followed Mercury to the store. The store was dark since the power was out for blocks around. Mars and Mercury pulled the covers from a large western style bed and Neptune placed Saturn down on the mattress. Uranus placed Pluto next to her.

The pink haired girl ran up to Ukyou. "Hey! I need a favor from you."

Ukyou fell out of her trance and looked over the tall white-skirted Senshi. "A favor from me? What could I do for you?"

"The fight took a lot out of Sailors Pluto and Saturn. They need to rest and I'd like for you to watch over them for a few hours."

"Sure thing sugar. Lead the way." Ukyou felt a rush of pride that the Senshi had asked her for assistance. Ukyou was led over to the bedside of Pluto and Saturn.

Sailor Moon jumped over to Io. She was rocking her sleeping husband in her arms. "Io, we need you to help in the rescue efforts. Ukyou is going to watch over everyone until they can get back on their feet."

Io raised a faint battle aura at the idea. She bit her lip. She thought, "Of all the people to watch over Sun, why did it have to be HER!" She smiled to Moon. "Why don't we try to wake her up now?"

Moon examined Sun. She patted her cheek. "She's out like a light." Moon placed her gloved hand on Io's shoulder. "I need all of my Senshi to help in the rescue efforts. There are far too many people in trouble and we need everyone's assistance. Ukyou can take care of Sun and you know that. I need you. C'mon..."

Sun shifted in Io's arms. She moaned. "I don't think she'll drag me off to Ucchan's." She went back to sleep. "Zzz..."

Io stood up with Sun in her arms. "Who asked you?" Io faced Moon and nodded. "All right." She jumped out of the circle and bounced a few times on the hot ground before she made it over to the furniture store. She placed Sun on a futon near the bed occupied by the other Senshi. Ukyou sat nearby.

Io placed a blanket on Sun. "Ukyou, I need you to watch over Sun until she wakes up. It shouldn't be long." Io reached over into Sun's subspace pocket and grabbed Sun's communicator. "Call me if there's any trouble. My number is one five one. Got it?"

Ukyou fingered her katana. "I got it." She saw the other Senshi leave the room.

Io called out. "Ukyou."

Ukyou turned her head back to respond.

Io smiled to her friend. "Thank you." She ran off to join the other Senshi.

Ukyou smiled back. "You're welcome." Ukyou went to check on the pair of Senshi in the bed.

Moon called all the Senshi toward her. "The monster is gone. We need to help get the survivors out of the wreckage. Neptune, Uranus, and Io, you three go back to the train station and help anyone you can find on the way there. Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and I will go back to Shiba Park and help there." She looked at Neo Moon. "I expect you to help Mercury in finding out everything about this creature." Sailor Moon was very suspicious of her daughter. Moon was worried by Neo Moon's demeanor that things weren't over yet. Neo Moon knew far too much of what was going to happen.

Sailor Mercury lowered her visor and scanned the destruction. "Well the amount of ash is consistent with the mass of the creature. I'd say that Sun got him. The danger is over for now."

Neo Moon gulped and looked away. "Yeah, it's over."

Sailor Moon was angry with Neo Moon. She knew that yelling at her would be pointless. "Jupiter, Mars, and Venus let's go." The four girls ran off to Shiba Park.

Neptune and Uranus looked at each other and ran back to the train station with Io in tow. Mercury crossed her arms and glared at Neo Moon. "Well? Is there anything you'd like to volunteer before we start looking for the exit tunnel?"

Neo Moon lifted her open hand and gestured to the train station. "Let's start at the subway." Mercury nodded and the two ran back to the train station.


The Inner Senshi spent several hours using their Senshi senses to find people trapped in the rubble. Sailor Moon led rescuers to piles of debris or mangled cars with survivors of the attack.

Sailor Venus was getting tired and wanted to take a five-minute break. "I'm bushed!"

Moon and Mars glared at her. Moon shook a finger at her. "Tell that to someone under five tons of rock!"

Venus was properly humiliated. "Ok." She focused her senses and ran over to a crushed storefront. "I think someone's in here." She cast Crescent Beam to clear away the rubble. Jupiter and Mars threw the rocks aside like foam rubber. In moments, they heard a cry from help from inside the building. Venus cut her spell and joined in the bucket brigade. They made an opening and pulled the four people trapped inside to safety.

Moon didn't have time to lead her warriors in a cheer. She led them to the next building where they started a new rescue.


Ukyou checked on Sailor Pluto and Saturn again. She gazed at the tiny girl in the bed and wondered about how she ended up as a Senshi. Ukyou picked up the Silence Glaive from the floor as was amazed at how heavy the weapon was. "How in the world could she carry this thing?" Ukyou asked herself. She admired the workmanship of the pole arm and ran her fingers along its smooth surface. She gently placed it back on the carpet.

A fire truck stopped a half block away. Men came out and stood alongside the cooling circle of nothing. Ukyou watched them and decided that they weren't going to bother her or her charges.

Ukyou picked up a small chair and sat next to Sailor Sun. The chef thought about how she had always wanted for Ranma to spend some private time with her. She looked at the small red head and couldn't fathom how she was able to generate a fireball that could wipe out a city block. She contemplated the possibility that Sun was holding back her power in the attack. Ukyou shuddered at the thought of that attack being large enough to encompass a city.

At this moment, Sailor Sun was as helpless as a baby. Ukyou placed the back of her hand on Sun's cheek. Sun shifted on her futon and turned over. "Kuno... I won't date with you..." Ukyou giggled at Sun dreaming about her most hated suitor. "Go away Tatewaki..."

"Oh Ranma..." Ukyou stopped. She looked around for any witnesses and relaxed. "You're happy with Akane aren't you?" Sadness filled Ukyou's heart. "I..." She turned away. Years of angst and denial flooded her memories. She pushed them out of her mind and concentrated on better happier thoughts.

"I'm happy for you." She couldn't face her. She wanted to be strong and accept bitter reality instead of a pleasant fantasy. A fantasy that would never come true and would lead to her eventual destruction. Ukyou had a new quest. She had a new dream. She had to drop her impossible fantasy and follow a dream that she could attain.

Ukyou sat looking away from Sailor Sun. She buried her face in her hands. She sat for a moment and slowly spoke the horrible truth, "I love you Ranma. I always have." Ukyou sank in her chair. "I guess I waited too long to tell you that." Ukyou lifted her head to watch a police car drive by with sirens blaring. A tear formed in her eye. "I... I just wanted to hear you say that to me first. I... I just thought you'd say those words to me." She shuddered. She paused for a moment.

"Ranma." Ukyou gently spun herself in her seat until she could see Sun's sleeping body on the futon. She moved her chair to be close to Sun's midsection. Ukyou gently took her hand and held it tight. "R-Ranma... Please be happy. I want you to be happy. I..." She sniffed. "I... Please be happy with Akane. I know she loves you too." Her tears started to flow quickly. "Please tell me... Tell me..." She desperately wanted to hear Ranma say the three magic words she had waited a lifetime for. Three words that she knew would never come from his lips to her ears in the manner she wanted them to be said.

She couldn't bear to live a life without Ranma in it. She had accepted that he would never be hers. She could live with that. She couldn't live without his friendship. She needed that. She wanted that. "Please say you'll always be my friend."


"Be my friend..."

She whispered. "I will always be your friend, and I'll always be there when you need me." She slowly put Sun's hand back down and placed it back on her stomach. Ukyou quietly sat for a minute. "Forever."

Another voice spoke. "I know you will."

Ukyou was startled. She cocked her head so fast that she nearly snapped her own neck in surprise.

Sailor Pluto was awake but lying down in her bed. "She's your best friend."

"Why do you say that?" Ukyou spoke through tears. "How would you know?"

Sailor Pluto gave her knowing smile. "Trust me Ukyou, it's my business to know." She turned over and went back to sleep.

"Huh? Have we met?" The chef had a bad feeling. That Sailor Senshi freaked her out.

"Ucchan?" Came from a groggy Sailor Sun.

Ukyou's forehead covered with sweat. "Yes?

Sun gave a smile. She was in a state of half-sleep. "I'm your buddy. Can you make me the squid one... Zzz..."

"Ranma? Ranma?" Ukyou tapped on Sun's forehead. She was asleep. Ukyou was panic stricken. Was Sun awake? Was she asleep? Ukyou hoped against all hope that Sun wouldn't remember the conversation. She felt a calming sensation of relief.

Ukyou will always remember the answer she heard. Ranma was her buddy. It made her happy.


Mercury stood at the train station and scanned the area. "It came from this direction." She pointed to the east. She jumped down into the street and saw the wrecked cars making a trail that went for blocks.

Neo Moon used her futuristic tricorder and scanned the area as well. "I agree. The creature came from the east."

"Do you see where the exit tunnel is? I can't seem to find it." Mercury scanned the wreckage and it went for five hundred meters straight east. "The ground is perfectly stable. I can't find any signs of digging."

"I'm getting nothing. The ground is normal here." The young Senshi shut her tricorder off.

Mercury ran following the destruction. The two Senshi occasionally bumped into Io, Neptune and Uranus as they were digging people out of the wreckage. They continued on for over an hour stopping from time to time to scan and follow the trail.

Mercury stopped and froze. Before her was Tokyo Bay. She turned around and saw the wrecked buildings went on an almost straight path to the train station. She looked at the bay and scanned the ground below the water's surface.

What she found confirmed what she had a vague suspicion of. She turned to Neo Moon. "You knew about this didn't you?"

Neo Moon sucked in her breath. She knew she was probably going to be yelled at later. "You know I can't tell you everything I know."

"I've got to warn the others." She pulled out her communicator.


Nick showed his ID card to the Japanese soldier guarding Shiba Park. The guard allowed Nick and his two companions through. Philippe wore a French made FN-FAL rifle over his shoulder and got the three men stopped at every street corner by the Japanese police and military. The rifle was a meter and a half long, black and looked like any action hero would be proud to own one. Alain was happy no one had asked to look in his gym bag. He didn't want to explain why he was carrying a one-kiloton nuclear device. Thankfully, very few people would even recognize that the white pill shaped object as a bomb in the first place.

Nick had gotten a pair of pants and a shirt that fit him. He wasn't happy the shirt had some meaningless English phrases on it. Philippe mentioned that shirts like that were popular in Japan. Nick sighed and dealt with it. It was better than wearing a shirt that was four sizes too large for him.

The men trudged into the center of the park where some of Godzilla's cleanest footprints lay. Nick pulled out the measuring tape he just purchased from a nearby store. He was rather taken aback at how fast life returned to normal after such a catastrophic event that a giant monster would be. Philippe mentioned that in this part of town, there was once a war with beings called youma and the mini-skirted girls fought them. Nick wanted to return to New York City quickly. Tokyo Japan looked and sounded more like a Marvel comic book than a real city.

Nick asked, "Alain, take the end of this tape and place it on the edge of the toe print." The bomb expert slung his gym bag over his shoulder and grabbed the tape measure. He placed it on the leftmost edge of the giant toe mark on the soft earth. Nick put his end on the rightmost edge of the footprint and made some notes on a small pad of paper.

Nick picked up the tape. "Ok, now I want it on the tip of the middle toe." Alain walked to the middle toe print and placed the measure down. Nick went to the heel of the footprint and measured it. He showed a sign of distress as he made some calculations on the notepad. "Ah crap."

Philippe peered over Nick's shoulder. "Now what?"

"We're in really big trouble. Alain, come here." Nick turned the pages of his notebook that had scribbles of his visit to Okinawa and he flipped from those notes to the ones he just took down.

The three men made a small quiet circle. Nick held his hand out. "I need your notes on the undersea explosion."

Alain pulled out of his gym bag the crumpled paper. Nick examined it and handed it back. Nick slowly turned to the depression in the center of the park. "Philippe, have they found out how Godzilla ended up at the train station?"

"What do you mean? It dug there, didn't it?" Philippe was loosening his collar from anxiety.

"I hope so. Because according to these notes, our friend shrunk since the Okinawa attack."

Philippe and Alain went pale. "Huh?" They both gasped and got nervous. The French agent slowly asked. "What does that mean?"

Nick turned to look at the soft dirt. "That would mean..." He read his notes one more time. "We killed a Godzilla with the bomb." He turned to look at his comrades who were visibly sweating. "But there's more than one of them."

Philippe lit a cigarette. He needed one. He took a puff and blew out the smoke from his lungs. "How many?"

"There is at least one left." Nick pointed to the mound. "It's right over there. Nesting."

The men groaned. They needed a plan and they needed it yesterday.

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