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Sailor Ranko: The Harder They Fall: Chapter 10, Running Amok.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or deny me my daily ration of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Nodoka looked out of the window of the train she was riding in. She watched the lights of the buildings slip by and contemplated her decision to move from the Tendo's home to Juuban to be with her son. As each moment went by, she grew more and more convinced that she was doing the right thing. It meant that she would be leaving her husband Genma behind. Ranma had made it quite clear that Genma wasn't welcome on a permanent basis at Ranma's home since he was deathly afraid of what his father would do if he found out about his 'daughter's' alter ego. Nodoka felt that a taste of justice would be served if she had Ranma for ten years away from his father. It would be a fine retribution for what was done to her so many years ago.

She fingered her cloth-covered katana. She drew comfort from the weapon. She had carried one with her since Genma left with Ranma and now she couldn't imagine not carrying one around. She only knew one martial arts technique if it could be called one, the downward swing required of the seppuku ritual. Otherwise, Nodoka was unskilled in the use of the sword.

A familiar voice came from behind her, "Mrs. Saotome? Is that you?"

Nodoka turned around and smiled at Ranma's former fiance Ukyou. She patted the seat next to her. "Hello Ukyou. Won't you please join me?"

Ukyou stood there wearing her black leggings, purple chef's shirt and a spatula strapped to her back. A katana was hooked to the top of her leggings on the left side. "Don't mind if I do. I didn't expect to see you here."

She slid next to Nodoka adjusting her spatula so it didn't tear into the seat cushion. The sharpness of the blade had already sliced her chair at her desk in half back at Furinkan High School. She didn't want to repeat that mistake again.

Nodoka was happy to have someone she knew to be traveling with her. "It's nice to see you again. Are you going to Juuban?"

Ukyou gave a weak smile. "Close. I'm going to Tokyo Bay. Is Juuban where you're going?"

"Quite right." Nodoka started to happily glow. "I'm going to see my children."

"Funny you should say that. I'm going to see Ranma tonight too."

"You are? Oh how nice." Nodoka thought about the destination. "Oh, are you going to visit him at his place of work?"

"Why yes. I just wanted to see how good she looks in a kimono." Ukyou snickered.

Nodoka gave a knowing nod. She realized that her pronouns needed to be changed for Ranma's current form. "I think you already know what she looks like in one. She worked for you for a while if I recall."

Ukyou wanted to make an excuse as to why she was really going to Tokyo Bay. "Well, I heard that she wears makeup and perfume now in female form. That's a big change for her."

"Well if she is going to spend any time as a girl, she'd better do it right." Nodoka gave a look of a proud mother. "Ranko is very beautiful woman."

Ukyou looked away. "Don't remind me." She didn't want to be reminded of Ranma's penchant for attracting either sex to her forms. She glanced at the almost empty train car. "It figures."

"What figures?"

Ukyou reflexively reached over her shoulder and felt her spatula. "Well with that thing running around in Tokyo Bay, I can see why no one's on this train."

Nodoka got a little anxious. "What thing? What are you talking about?"

Ukyou realized that Nodoka had no clue about what was going on in Tokyo Bay. "You mean to tell me you don't know?"

Nodoka gripped her katana and sat up at attention. "Know what? Please enlighten me."

"There's a giant monster running amok in Tokyo Bay." Ukyou was very concerned for Nodoka. Ukyou had dropped what she was doing back in Nerima when she heard about the monster and wanted to give assistance to fight off the creature. She had left Konatsu behind to close up the shop once the last customers left. Nodoka was oblivious to the danger she was going to.

"A monster? Was it one of those youma things?" Nodoka knew that the Sailor Scouts dealt with those demons on a routine basis. She was deeply proud that Ranko and Akane were Senshi.

Ukyou laughed. "Nope, this one's an American import. It even has a name... Uh... Godzilla. I think. It's about the size of a building and breathes fire."

"Fire? Oh... Uh... I think I should see Ranko after she defeats this thing then." Nodoka became sad. She was hoping to see her 'daughter' tonight.

"Well, I'm on my way to give 'em a hand." Ukyou lost a little confidence. She had gone on her own and Ranma didn't call her for assistance. She really didn't know why she hopped a train to Juuban. She just felt that she was needed. Her danger sense told her to get to Tokyo Bay pronto.

Nodoka had a mother's insight. It came from years of practice. She touched Ukyou's chin. Ukyou retreated a little. Nodoka looked into Ukyou's eyes. "Tell me. You still love him don't you?"

Ukyou turned her head away from Nodoka and shriveled up. She tensed up her body and shivered for only a moment. She softened her position and gently spoke, "Ranma..." She let her voice trail off.

Nodoka had seen it in Ukyou's face. She saw the small glimmer of hope that Ukyou still had a place in Ranma's heart. Nodoka turned back to the window and held her head low. "I'm sorry if I'd upset you."

Ukyou sat in the seat properly. She placed her hands on her knees. "Ranma is my friend." She still wanted to scream her angst but she knew she had to be strong. "He's happy with Akane and I'm happy for the both of them." Ukyou thought quietly, "There, I said it."

Nodoka turned away from the window and back to Ukyou. "He does care about you. As do I."

Ukyou faced the floor. "I know he does... I know... UGH!" Ukyou was thrown out of her seat as the brakes of the train were suddenly engaged.

Nodoka grabbed onto the windowsill to keep herself from flying forward into an open area of the train car. The train was slowing down but not hard enough to cause a crash. Ukyou grabbed onto a vertical steel pole to prevent herself from sliding towards the front of the car.

A resounding crash was heard. An instant later the car lurched forward as the mass smashed into the car ahead. A section in the middle buckled as the front of the car jumped the tracks and moved leftward. The lights flickered and the entire car bounced up lifting the girls from their places and dropping them suddenly. The car finally stopped but the sound of impacts came from the rear as the other cars jumped the tracks as well. The air was filled with screams from the other two passengers from the rear of the car.

Ukyou jumped to her feet. Sparks shot out of the overhead light panels and the section they were riding in went dark. "Mrs. Saotome, are you hurt?"

Nodoka had slumped over. She had hit her head on the wall of the train. Ukyou gently moved Nodoka away from the window and lay her down on the seat. She stood up and examined the situation they were in. They just survived a train wreck. Ukyou went over to the double doors and tried to pry them open with her hands. They wouldn't budge. She pulled out her spatula to cut the doors open when all the windows shattered from a loud roar that came from everywhere.

Ukyou dropped her spatula and held her ears and bent her knees trying to keep the overwhelming nausea from taking over her body. The volume of the roar made Ukyou feel that her entire being was going to pop like a water balloon. The roar stopped and the echo of it remained as it resounded across the city. "What was that?" She yelled.

She didn't have time to react. The car lifted in the air on the front side for four meters. The ripping of metal was heard and the car fell back to the ground. She could hear a scream coming from the front of the train. The scream wasn't normal. It was coming from above the train. Ukyou grabbed her spatula and ran to the front of the car. The door fell off the door frame the moment she touched it and Ukyou saw a horrible sight.

Godzilla was holding the front car like a straw and was putting the front of it in its mouth. It took a bite of the train and quickly spit out the piece it bit off. It looked into the opening of the rail car and shook it as if it was trying to get the contents to fall out. Ukyou whispered. "Dear god..."


Alain was making notes on a piece of scrap paper. He made a 3d chart and drew circles and points in odd patterns. "I don't understand!" He snapped his pencil in half.

Philippe stood by his comrade. He replied in French. "What's the matter?"

Alain had a look of utter frustration. "I could have sworn that the bomb should have killed it. It detonated only five hundred meters away. There should have been no way that thing could have survived."

Philippe was pondering something. "Are you sure about that range?"

"I dropped the bomb when it was only one hundred meters from the target zone. It started to swim away slowly but it couldn't have possibly been more than five hundred meters away from the explosion." He scratched his head. He waved at the mound of dirt that covered Godzilla's exit route. "The creature didn't have a scratch on it."

Philippe nodded his head. "When Nick is done talking with those girls, I'll see if he has any ideas on this." Philippe was worried. A creature that was immune to nuclear weapons would be a very hard thing to kill.


Not so Chibi Sailor Moon joined the conversation with Nick Tatopoulos and Sailor Mercury. Neo Moon reached into her subspace pocket and pulled out an object that looked like a tricorder from Star Trek. She spoke into the device. "Unlock code 2-2-1-3-4-2". The device beeped and came to life with little flashing lights and a small color display showing a background picture of Sailor Pluto in a battle pose. She held it to her face. "Record mode on."

She lowered her tricorder and faced Nick. Neo Moon asked Nick. "Have you found out how this creature can be this large and not collapse from its own weight?"

Nick was surprised at the type of question he was being asked. He was pleased to be on a topic he was an expert in. "The bones are formed in a lattice. They are very lightweight and yet the structure makes them able to support far more weight than a normal bone. The material that makes up the bones also has a slight give to it to prevent shock fractures from hard impacts."

Neo Moon took mental notes and checked if her recorder got the information. "And the breath attack? How is that accomplished?"

"Quite frankly, I don't know. It defies the laws of biomechanical physics." He shrugged. "We're still studying the body of the first Godzilla to figure out how it threw fire." Nick turned to the burning clothing store down the street. "This creature seems to have a different breath weapon. The first only breathed fire. This one appears to have some sort of energy based breath attack. I'm going to be studying this for years to come."

Neo Moon nodded. "I'm sure you will. How many eggs did the first Godzilla lay?"

Nick shivered at the thought of the interior of Madison Square Garden in New York and the resulting battle with the mass of baby Godzillas. "There were over two hundred eggs. We didn't get an exact count since we blew up the nest shortly after we found it."

The conversation caught Philippe's attention. He started to listen to it intently.

Neo Moon gave a look of expectation. "Do you think this one is going to lay eggs?"

Nick started thinking about the creature and its mannerisms. "It's possible. This one looked to be asexual like the first. It's smaller but not by much so it might not have matured." Nick contemplated the recent attacks. "It's also possible that its about to lay eggs now and that was why it developed a bigger appetite."

"How fast can it travel underground?"

"I don't know that either. I can say that it can probably travel very fast in the earth. In New York, it made a series of tunnels in only a few hours. They're still filling in those tunnels today."

Neo Moon smiled and bowed. "Thank you very much. It was an honor to meet you." She held out her hand to shake his. Nick shook Neo Moon's hand. Mercury was staring at Neo Moon's tricorder. It had some similarities to her Mercury computer but was far more advanced technologically. Mercury wanted Neo Moon's computer to replace her now seemingly obsolete palmtop.

Nick looked at both girls. "I have to ask. What's with the get up?"

Sailor Neo Moon stood like the champion of love and justice that she was. She spoke in English using the Senshi's English name. "We're the Sailor Scouts!"

Nick blinked. He desperately needed a strong drink, something one hundred proof or higher.

Philippe grabbed Nick and pulled him away before he asked any more questions from the Senshi. He pulled him to Alain and told him, "On matters of the Sailor Senshi, don't ask. It's a Japanese thing. You wouldn't understand." Nick looked over his shoulder and had to agree. Girls that shot bolts of magical energy were something that wasn't exactly normal.

Philippe got Alain and Nick into a huddle. Alain produced his chart. "Nick, is Godzilla immune to explosions?"

Nick shook his head. "No, in fact explosives are very effective against it. The air strikes in New York took it down quickly."

"I need you to think about this. How did it survive an undersea nuclear blast at a range of five hundred meters? It was a ten kiloton bomb for god's sake." Alain pointed at the chart and had a dot showing Godzilla's location relative to the bomb. They were pretty close together.

Nick took the chart. He studied it. "I don't know. Even if it somehow could resist the heat at that range, the shock wave should have shattered every bone in its body."

Philippe picked at his attempt at growing a beard. "Is this a new mutation? Are we dealing with another completely different beast?"

Nick tapped the paper in thought. "One way to find out. Let's go to a hardware store and get some measuring tape. I'm going to take some measurements."


Sailor Mercury and Sailor Neo Moon were looking at the depression in the park left behind by Godzilla when it dug into the ground to make its escape. Mercury scanned the ground again. "Chibi Moon, could you use your computer to scan this."

Neo Moon shut her computer closed. "I can't do that. I can only use my computer for specific things and that's it." She tossed her computer into her subspace pocket.

Mercury snarled. "You mean I have to wait nine hundred years to get one of those?"

"I'm afraid so." Neo Moon smiled her annoying smile.

"And I assume you can't give me a clue as to where this thing is now could you?"

Neo Moon looked at her wrist communicator. She read the time. "Give it about a minute or so."

"That's not funny and you know it." Mercury called out to the rest of the Senshi. "Hey! Everyone! Over here!"

In moments all the Senshi were gathered around Sailor Mercury. Neo Moon kept looking at her watch. Mercury's computer beeped an alarm. She typed a few keys and got the message. "My computer just intercepted a police transmission northwest of here. Our friend is walking towards a train station."

Mercury counted ten Senshi around her. "Sailor Moon!"

Two girls answered. "Yes?"

"Each of you, lead a Sailor Teleport. Jupiter, Venus, Mars and I will go with Moon. The rest goes with Miss know-it-all over there."

Neo Moon stuck her tongue out just like Sailor Sun liked to do a lot.

The Inners made a circle. Mercury helped focus Moon on the target and they disappeared.

Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Io, Sun and Neo Moon formed a circle. Sailor Sun was a little nervous. "I've never done one of these at night before. What do I do?"

Neo Moon calmed her future teacher down. "It's easy, just give me your power and I focus the teleportation spell. Poof! We're there!"

Sun turned to Sailor Io. "Honey, wake me when it's over."

Io shot a glance at Sun before closing her eyes to pass her power to Neo Moon. "Wimp."




Neo Moon raised her voice. "Shut up and focus you two." She muttered, "You two hadn't changed a bit." She concentrated and then felt a massive rush of energy that nearly overwhelmed her senses. Neo Moon forgot that the Sailor Sun of this time still had some problems controlling her powers. She fought back the rushing tide of magic and thought about her mother's location. She homed in on her and the five Scouts teleported.

Nick Tatopoulos's jaw dropped again as he saw the second group of Senshi disappear. "You do know, that what I just saw defies every law of physics that I know."

Philippe grabbed Nick by the oversized shirt he wore and dragged him off to a hardware store. "It's best that you don't think about that."


Sailor Moon and the Inners appeared near a train station just as the giant creature was biting off the end of a train car. The Scouts looked around and saw the beast lifting the car up. Venus screamed, "It's going to eat those people!" She jumped up to the elevated tracks and ran under the rail car.

A girl with a purple coat appeared in the window of the train. She had a man in her arms and yelled to the golden haired Senshi. "Here! Catch!" She threw the man out of the window and Sailor Venus jumped up to catch him. She ran off to a fire truck that had just arrived and parked several blocks away.

The girl ran back into the car as the monster lifted the train car into the air to try to swallow the contents. Sailor Mercury shouted, "Shabon Spray!" A cloud of mist enshrouded Godzilla's face and confused the creature for a moment. It lowered the train car as it tried to figure out why it couldn't see anymore.

Moon called out, "We've got to get those people out of there!" The Senshi jumped up and ran on the elevated tracks. Jupiter and Mercury leapt onto the train car in Godzilla's grip and entered through a broken window on the side. Moon and Mars ran to the crumpled train car on the ground.

Mercury turned on her visor to get a clear look inside. She could see perfectly through her magical fog with it. She saw there were only two people left in the train and the purple jacketed girl jumped out the back door with a female passenger in her arms. Mercury nudged her companion. "They just fell out! Follow me!" Mercury and Jupiter ran to the back door and both Senshi fell to the tracks below.

They saw the purple shirt-wearing girl standing there holding an unconscious women in her arms. She handed the girl to Sailor Jupiter. Ukyou told her, "Take her to safety. You, come with me." Ukyou ran back to the second train car.

Jupiter and Mercury shot confused looks at each other. Jupiter ran off after Venus and Mercury followed Ukyou.

Sailor Mars had Nodoka in her arms. Ukyou commanded, "Take her to safety. She's Sun's mother."

Sailor Moon nodded, "We know. Now, you get out of here."

"Why?" Ukyou asked. She looked up at the roof toward the front of the train and leapt away from the front of the rail car. "DUCK!"

The car shook as a massive crash of collapsing metal reverberated all around them. Godzilla dropped the first car and it landed on the first six meters of the second car crushing it like an aluminum can.

Moon and Mercury barely jumped out of the way before the roof caved in on them. Ukyou pulled Mars and Nodoka to safety over the seat that blocked their escape route. Ukyou ran to the double doors and sliced it open with her spatula. "This way!" She jumped out.

The other three Scouts didn't argue. They jumped out with Nodoka in Mars' arms as Godzilla grabbed the second car and lifted it into the air. The four girls ran and jumped off the bridge to the waiting fire truck. Moon and Mercury slowed down and watched Godzilla try to eat a second train car. Mercury activated her visor. She scanned the beast. "It's healed its wounds!"

Moon turned to Mercury. "WHAT! That thing can rejuvenate?"

"It seems bigger too." Mercury felt a little sick at the thought that it may have eaten some people. "We have to kill it now!"

Moon stared at Mercury like she needed a good swift kick in the head. "No kidding!" Moon's gaze was distracted by a flash of light from the far side of the railroad bridge. The other five scouts beamed behind the monster. They scattered and formed a battle line.

Moon called out. "Everyone! On my mark!" Mercury and Venus stood next to Moon. Jupiter and Mars dropped off their passengers and were on their way back. Ukyou stood off to the side in awe. Sailor Moon saw the other Scouts begin their spells. "Now!"

All ten Scouts fired their attacks. Five Senshi hit from the rear and other five hit from the front. Godzilla was bathed in a massive light show and it dropped the train car in surprise. It screamed in pain and spun around to spread out the attacks around its body. The massive tail smashed three large buildings and impacted a support for the train bridge. The bridge buckled and the weakened section collapsed kicking up a large concrete dust cloud. Godzilla went down on all fours and ran down the street at high speed. It almost crushed Sailor Uranus as it ran past her. The five Scouts with Neo Moon ran after Godzilla. Sailor Moon held back her Inner Scouts. "Girls, let's teleport ahead of it."

Sailor Mars was proud of Moon. She was actually thinking things through.

Sailor Moon was happy. She came up with a plan that didn't involve her running across town and tuckering her out. She was just being lazy. The five Inners formed the circle and Ukyou jumped in.

Mars and Jupiter looked at Ukyou and didn't have the heart to toss her out of the circle. Moon didn't notice Ukyou was part of the circle. She beamed the six of them ahead of the beast.


The lead pilot was circling the squadron of planes around Shiba Park. They were awaiting their recall order to return to base. The base called them, "Alpha one, travel northwest of your position. Target has been spotted at a train station."

"Roger. We're on our way." The four planes turned and traveled toward the battle.


Sailor Neo Moon led the five Senshi down an almost deserted street. Most people had gotten the word of the giant monster attack but some people didn't care or didn't bother to take precautions. The monster was smashing cars and injuring people as it barreled down the street. The five girls were no match for Godzilla's speed. The monster was easily outrunning them. Neo Moon grimaced and reached into subspace. She pulled out a high tech weapon. She cocked it and an electric sound came from it. She slung it over her shoulder and then jumped to the rooftops.


Sailor Moon and the Inners appeared in a street corner a kilometer ahead of the massive creature. Moon ordered her troops. "Ok form a line. We hit it when I give the word."

They formed a line and watched the creature approach.


"Base, this is Alpha one. We have spotted the target. It's moving at high speed southbound. We are coming around for a pass behind it. Request permission to engage."

"Alpha One, this is Base, fire at will."

"Copy that. Alpha two, fire missiles on target." Alpha two got a radar lock on the creature. The pilot smiled. The monster wouldn't know what hit him. He released his two remaining missiles at the target. He kept his plane steady and armed his machine guns. He was flying very low and wanted to give the thing a surprise if it tried to breath the missiles down.


Sailor Neo Moon cursed under her breath. She brought her weapon to bear. Above her, two missiles whizzed by and impacted directly into Godzilla's back.

Godzilla yelped in pain and fell down and slid on the concrete road. The street was torn up and debris went flying everywhere. The Inner scouts and Ukyou jumped out of the way to avoid several flying cars from crushing them. Ukyou had to pause to regain her stamina. The teleportation disoriented her and she fought against the dizziness it caused.

Neo Moon picked up the pace. She ran faster knowing that she only had a minute to close the distance before the beast was to get up. She checked her weapon and pulled a lever on the side. A large needle sprang out and a group of five red lights came on. She held the weapon in front of her.

The other four Scouts gave odd looks at Neo Moon and the weapon she was carrying. Neo Moon got to the fallen beast first and jabbed the needle into the monster's tail. She muttered to herself, "C'mon, c'mon..." The first red light changed to green.

Godzilla's eye popped open. It started to get up. It lifted the front of its body but then fell back down in pain. The back of the creature had two smoking holes where the missiles hit their marks. The body of the great animal had other injuries caused by the Senshi's first strikes. It gave a pitiful growl. Neo Moon counted her lights. There were four green lights on her needle gun. "Any second now. C'mon..."

Sailor Sun stood next to Neo Moon. "What are you doing?"

The fifth light went green. Neo Moon pulled a lever and the needle retracted and she made the weapon disappear. She gave a look of death to Sailor Sun. "None of your business!"

She ran away from the monster with a very weirded out Sun staring at the place where Neo Moon had her weapon impaled.

Godzilla rose from the ground. Sun took the cue to get lost. The monster also was on its two feet again. Two more missiles impacted on the creatures back and it gave a terrible roar of agony.

"Dead Scream." A ball of energy came from a nearby roof from Sailor Pluto. It hit Godzilla on the neck and it reached its claw to cover up the wound. It rolled over onto a four-story building crushing it and the beast lay on its back and whimpered.

"Silence Glaive Surprise!" Sailor Saturn aimed her Glaive and shot a beam of energy at Godzilla's chest. The beast jumped out of the building and with all of its remaining life left it breathed at Sailor Saturn.

Sailor Saturn was shocked that the beast was able to get up so quickly. She cut the power to the Glaive. "Silence Wall!" She raised a shield and Pluto jumped behind her for protection. The building they were standing on was bathed in an intense inferno of red flames. The Silence Wall held. The building did not. The two girls fell as the building under them disintegrated. Pluto and Saturn were badly burned as they fell below the force field and into the raging inferno.

Sailor Moon screamed for the fallen friends. "NOOOOOO!" Sailor Uranus caught Pluto and Sailor Neptune grabbed Saturn. Neptune quickly created some water and doused both girls with the cool liquid to reduce their body temperature and stop the flames that encompassed them.

Sailor Sun was furious at the harm caused to her fellow teammates. She sensed the area was empty of people. She shouted to the other Scouts. "Get back NOW!" She ran between Godzilla's feet as it barely stood above her ready to fall over at any moment. The creature was wavering and began to curl up. Sailor Io held her hands to her lips and made a silent prayer for her husband. Ukyou didn't know what Sun was about to do and saw the Senshi were diving for cover. She hid alongside Sailor Mars.

"Die you giant piece of luggage!" Sailor Sun stood directly below Godzilla. "Solar flare!" Sailor Sun controlled her magic. At full power, a Solar Flare attack could wipe out a circle of eight hundred meters in diameter. Instead she kept the magic localized and made the kill zone only one hundred meters in diameter.

A massive sphere of magical fire radiated from Sun's position. It expanded fifty meters from Sailor Sun's location and stopped growing. A plume of fire rose up into the night sky over eight hundred meters in the air marking the location of the death of Godzilla. The sphere emitted no heat, no shock wave, only a bright light of flame and the roaring sound of nuclear fire.

A far distance away, Nodoka looked out of the window of her ambulance and saw the fireball's glow light up the city. Her own happy glow peaked and she was filled with pride. "She really is a man among men. A true warrior." Nodoka lay back down on her stretcher and rested. She would wait to tell her son the joyous news of her impending arrival to live with him.

Suddenly, the fire winked out. Sailor Sun stood alone in a small circle of calm. She held her pose with her right arm in the air and the other held back at her side. She had her legs apart in a martial arts attack stance. She had a look of pure triumph on her face. She opened her eyes and saw that her friends were out of danger and looked upwards.

Ukyou peered out from behind the Toyota Corolla she was hiding behind. She had no idea of the magnitude of Sailor Sun's power. Her jaw hit the floor as she witnessed the devastation.

There was no trace of Godzilla. Only ash and melted steel poles remained in the area were Sailor Sun stood. She breathed a sigh of relief. She passed out.

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