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Sailor Ranko: Thrice In A Millennium: Chapter 4, Fun At Furinkan.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me the object of Mousse's obsession.

Akane ran at top speed down the street dragging her husband by the arm with a force that would tear off normal human appendages. Ranma's protests were unheeded as Akane reached the wall of the high school and jumped over it with Ranma tailing behind like a kite in the wind. She landed lightly on her feet; Ranma bounced off the ground and rolled into a heap at the base of a nearby tree, his head firmly planted in the ground and his legs pointing toward the sky.

Stopping for a moment to catch her breath, Akane gasped, "Finally, we made it."

Ranma, still standing on his head, looked around, taking in the surroundings. Students were milling about since it was the lunch break. Some of them approached the newly arrived couple to see what was up. Ranma quickly recognized where they were while Akane was bowed, holding her knees, panting.

"Uh, Akane."

Giving an annoyed look to her inverted red shirted companion, she huffed. "What?"

Ranma kicked his legs to right himself with a simple flip. "This isn't Juuban High."

Akane stood up to look around and saw the bronze bust of Principal Kuno in the center of the grassy area. "Oh." She fidgeted a little. "Oops. I guess old habits die hard."

Ranma checked his pants pockets for his school pencils and then the back of his shirt expecting a backpack. "I think we left our school stuff at home, too."

Akane looked to the sky as she fell backwards to lean next to one of the many trees. "Oh, that's just great." She turned to jump back over the wall. "Let's get out of here and back to Juuban."

A voice boomed from behind them reminding the couple why they didn't miss Furinkan High very much. "Ah, I see that the beautiful Akane Tendo has come to date with me." Tatewaki Kuno took a step closer to the short haired girl. He saw Ranma standing next to the object of his desire infuriating the kendoist. He glared at the pig-tailed boy. "I see that you've returned to taint the sanctity of this fine establishment of education."

Ranma choked back a laugh. "The only taint here, Kuno, is you." Ranma jumped to the top of the wall with a simple hop. He waved at his wife to follow. "Are you coming, Akane?"

Kuno's face was filled with distaste and hate toward the man who dared to command his love. "So you're giving orders to those you've entrapped? How typical of one such as yourself."

Akane's eyes gleamed with fiendish delight, and then she swooned as she spun on the tip of her shoe in a 360-degree pirouette. She clasped her hands under her chin and batted her eyes at Kuno. "Oh Kuno! Let me show you how I really feel about you." Akane lowered her head and smiled the smile of a demon about to devour a dozen souls.

Kuno immediately stowed away his bokken and ran with open arms to one of his true loves that finally saw the light of his affection. "Come to me my URK..." He achieved high velocity and flew over Furinkan's clock tower at incredible speed.

Akane was breathing heavily from all the effort she had placed into her ki-powered kick. She slowly lowered her foot to the ground while panting. "Honestly, you'd think he'd figure out that I'm not interested in him by now."

"Too bad they don't take girls on an American football team. You'd make a great kicker, or was it field goaler?" Ranma held his hand over his eyes to block the sunlight as he watched Kuno fall behind the main school building. "I dunno if you should have said that to him. You might've made him think that you like him or somethin'."

"I really don't care what he thinks!" Akane stammered. "I just want that pervert to get lost!"

"Whoa!" Ranma made a warding gesture with his hands. "I guess Furinkan's already affecting you. You're starting to act like your old self again."

Akane took a step forward holding a mallet that wasn't in her hands a moment ago. "And what's THAT supposed to mean?"

Ranma hopped down from the wall to stand next to his wife. "You're so uncute when you do that."

Akane blew a gasket shouting her usual comeback, "Ranma you jerk! Come here!" She took a downward swing with her mallet, shattering a rock as Ranma narrowly jumped out of the way.

Ranma hopped backwards again to avoid his charging spouse. "What'd ya do that for? You're the one who dragged us to the wrong school."

Akane pointed an accusing finger at Ranma to utter another retort when she froze in mid-thought. "Uh... Well, it's your fault that we're late."

"My fault? Why's everything my fault?" Ranma was about to begin his standard line of insults when the other students gathered around the arguing couple.

"Akane!" Yuka called out from behind the former student of Furinkan High School. "I haven't seen you in a while! Are you coming back to Furinkan?" Yuka stood back to admire Akane's Juuban High School uniform. "Oh, I love the collar on your dress." Akane turned around to greet her old friend, dropping her battle aura that she was going to use to power another malleting attempt on her insolent husband.

Ranma sighed; he wasn't really in a hurry to get back to Juuban High School, or any other high school for that matter. He was perfectly content to let Akane's friends chill her out. He spied his old friends Daisuke and Hiroshi in the crowd and took a few steps in their direction.

Sayuri ran up to join the two girls. "Akane! What are you doing here?"

Akane tossed her mallet aside and hugged her two best friends. "Oh, we just happened to be by and thought we'd say hello."

Yuka gave a moment of thought about Akane's statement. "On a school day? Is today a day off in Juuban?"

Akane tried to think of an excuse. "Well no. We uh..."

Coming to her rescue in the hopes of keeping Akane from malleting him at a later time, Ranma answered for her. "We had to take care of some stuff for the old ghoul. But we're finished now so we've got a little time to kill before we've got to go back to Juuban."

Yuka's eyes turned into little hearts. "C'mon Akane, tell us all about it. I heard you've been hanging around the Senshi."

Ranma slumped his face toward the ground. "Word gets around doesn't it? How much did it cost you to get that info from Nabiki?"

Sayuri counted her fingers. "I think it was about 2,000 yen."

Ranma groaned. "Lovely." Akane and her friends walked a few steps away to engage in some girl talk. A shadow was cast over Ranma's body from a new person on the scene.

The Ice Queen stood next to the slumped pig tailed martial artist. "Hey Saotome, nice to see you again."

Ranma lifted his eyes to stare at the brown haired mercenary girl. "Hi Nabiki."

"Got a business proposition for your friends." She handed him a large thick manila envelope. "See that they get it."

Looking down at the envelope and noticing that it was addressed to Sailor Moon. Ranma looked up to his sister-in-law with suspicion. "What makes you think that I can give her this letter?"

"C'mon Saotome, after that little incident in the gymnasium with Happosai, the whole town knows you're up to your eyeballs in Senshi. Don't play dumb with me. Besides, I think they'd approve of what I'm proposing."

He felt the thick envelope for anything foreign inside, like bracelets, lockets or rings. "Proposing? Is there an engagement ring in this letter? I didn't know you swung that way."

Nabiki's eyes grew wide and her eyebrows twitched at the insinuation. "Akane's right. You really are a pervert, aren't you?"

Ranma turned his head away to sigh. "What are you proposing?" His mind filled with dread at a possible thought. "You're not asking to become a Senshi are you?"

Nabiki touched her lips in deep thought. "Hmm... Interesting idea, but no. I'm looking for something less stressful and more long term."

Ranma rolled his eyes to the sky and muttered quietly so Nabiki wouldn't hear him speak. "If you only knew that you serve for a thousand years."

"What did you say?" Nabiki held a hand to her hip and gestured with the other hand to the air. "Long term opportunities usually don't involve things like being attacked by monsters on a regular basis. That's not my idea of fun, Saotome. However, the merchandising and movie rights of the likenesses of the Senshi are something more of what I'm looking for." Nabiki gave a knowing smirk. She wasn't telling Ranma everything. "Make sure that she gets that letter."

He tried to hand it back but Nabiki refused to take it. "Why don't you just mail it to the Sailor Moon fan club?"

Nabiki hid her hands behind her back so Ranma couldn't shove the letter back to the brown haired Tendo. "I think it's best that it's delivered personally." Nabiki took another step backwards. "By the way, thanks for showing up today. You saved me a trip to Juuban." She turned and walked away humming a simple happy tune.

Ranma looked at the innocent looking envelope. "Oh, man. What's she up to this time?" He slid the large envelope into his shirt.

"Hey, Ranchan!" Ukyou cut in front of Daisuke, who was waiting patiently for a little time with his friend and now wondered if he was ever going to get a word to Ranma at all today. He cursed the spatula wielding girl's rudeness, but then, all the fiances were rude to anyone who stood in the way of their betrothed. She gave her patented chef's smile as she gazed at her former fiancee. "About time Nabiki left you alone. What, you're back five minutes and already in trouble?"

"Trouble?" Ranma scratched his head nervously. "What trouble?" Ranma wondered if Ukyou knew about the little incident with the bird people that morning.

"Well, really, the trouble's with Akane. She really kicked Kuno into next week. I think he landed in the pool on the other side of the school." Ukyou took a look back toward the school building to see if Kuno was returning to glomp someone. Ranma glanced in the same direction with the same thought in mind.

"Oh, well if it's Kuno you're thinkin' of. He deserved it."

Ukyou smirked. "Good thing you didn't get splashed before you got here. Then that idiot would've tried to glomp the two of you together."

Ranma buried his face in his right hand. "You mean to tell me that he still thinks that the pig tailed girl and I are different people? I showed him my curse to his face! Argh! What's it going to take to get through to him?"

Ukyou smiled at the man she really cared about. "A lobotomy maybe? Hey, didn't the Senshi say they were going to kill him if he didn't lay off you? It's been the talk of the school for weeks, something about the Senshi coming here and Senshi marriage laws or something. Could you tell me what that was all about?"

"Oh, it was just something that sounded like a good idea at the time. But he's so dense that he probably thinks it doesn't apply to him."

"So it's true? The Senshi really threatened to kill him?" Ukyou's eyes filled with hope.

"Well, yeah, but I mean, Kuno really didn't come after us right now. Akane kinda provoked him."

"Oh..." Ukyou looked glum. "Well, is he... y'know, leaving you alone?"

Ranma thought about it and couldn't think of a recent Kuno attack. "Y'know, you're right. Well wadda ya know. I think it might've worked." Ranma smiled at the thought of a life without glomps by Kuno. Now if only he could somehow get rid of Kodachi, then his life would be just a little bit more stable. Ranma stopped his little daydream at the smell of a freshly cooked okonomiyaki and followed his nose to the portable grill that Ukyou had set up while he was in thought.

"One Squid okonomiyaki comin' right up." In less than fifteen seconds, she mixed, chopped, cooked then served her famous Japanese pancake to her favorite customer. "Here ya go!" She flung the paper plate over to a grateful pig tailed martial artist.

He took a bite of the steaming hot disc. "You're the best, Ucchan. Hey, what's with your hair?"

"My hair?" Ucchan touched the top of her head wondering if the meatballs had somehow returned.

"Yeah, you look just like Minako with that red ribbon. Looks good on you."

"Minako? Who's Minako?" Ucchan fingered her spatula in anticipation for an incorrect response from her childhood friend. "Your dad didn't engage you to someone else did he?"

"Thank goodness, no! She's not another fiance! I thought you're met her. You remember her don't you? She goes to my school in Juuban. Uh, blond hair, a little tall, recites bad proverbs, uh.... plays volleyball." Ranma saw Ukyou's battle aura brightening up. "Uh... I know! She was with us when we stopped by your restaurant after that bridal training with my mom. Remember?"

Ukyou dusted off her memories to find the incident in question. She remembered a time when Ranko and Akane came with five other girls all wearing kimonos. She gasped at the realization that those girls that visited were probably the Sailor Senshi. She gently lifted her hand to her head to touch the red ribbon therein and put two and two together finally arriving at the correct answer of four. Ukyou remembered the day's events and things started to make sense. A really twisted sort of sense. "Ranchan, could I talk to you in private?"

"Huh? Ya wanna talk in priiiiii....." Ranma was grabbed by the collar and yanked at high speed by a blur where Ukyou once stood. The two people vanished as a dark purple shirt and a red shirt became streaks of color and zoomed across the school grounds to disappear over the roof.

Akane, in the meantime, was busy trying to avoid answering any questions to her friends about the Senshi.

The blur of motion stopped on the roof of Furinkan High School leaving Ranma and Ukyou alone together. The chef released her iron grip from Ranma's red shirt, dropping him on the ground. "Ranchan, I don't know how to say this, but something's happening to me."

Ranma rubbed the area of his neck where his shirt was rammed into during his little trip. This was the second time he had been dragged by someone at high speed today and if it kept up, it was going to leave a mark. "I'd say so. Since when have you been able to run so fast?"

Ukyou sat on the roof patting the space next to her to get Ranma to sit beside her. "Run fast? That's just the start. Something's really different about me."

"What's different?" He used his martial arts senses to determine that no one was in earshot. "Are you still hurt from what happened to your leg last week? I could get Sailor Saturn to heal you again."

"No, I'm not hurt. In fact, I'm better than fine." She pulled out a small spatula from her bandolier holding it in front of Ranma's face. "Watch." She held the metal end and crushed it in her hand like a beer can. Ranma was amazed at Ukyou's level of strength; Akane was the only person other than himself that could do that, as far as he knew. "That's not all." Ukyou changed her language to English. "I can speak fluent English now. I couldn't do that a week ago."

Ranma's eyes bugged out as he heard Ukyou mutter something in a language he could barely comprehend. "What'd you just say?"

Switching back to her native Japanese, Ukyou repeated her words so that Ranma could understand. "I said, I can speak English now."

"Didn't you speak English before?"

"Not fluently." Ukyou shrugged. "I think something happened when the Senshi healed me."

Ranma took a good look at his best friend. She appeared to be in perfect health. He scanned her with his ki sense and felt a wave of power coming from the seated girl. "Whoa."

Ukyou raised an eyebrow while she was bending her small spatula back into shape with her bare hands. "Whoa? Whoa what?"

"Your ki! It's, it's uh... Well..." Ranma couldn't make heads or tails of what he was seeing.

"What's wrong with my ki?" She slid the repaired spatula back into her bandolier. She gazed at her arms, looking for any sign of aura damage.

"Well... It's... Uh..."

Ukyou reached for her battle spatula from her back. "Out with it!" She stood up, taking a battle stance.

Ranma saw Ukyou's battle aura stabilize. "Your ki! It looks just like Akane's."

"What?" Ukyou bent forward with a look of utter disbelief on her face. "You're kidding me right?"

Ranma saw the aura change in color again. "Ucchan, say something in English."

"What do you want me to say?"

"I don't know. A song, a story, a menu, I don't know, I'm just trying to see if I can get your aura to stabilize again."

"Fine!" She switched to English. "I think that you're barking up the wrong tree, Ranchan."

Ranma got a good look at the aura. "Ucchan, your aura is halfway between Am.. Uh... Mercury and Venus."

Ukyou switched back to speaking Japanese. She put her spatula back then held her hands to her hips in frustration. "Huh? What? Is my aura in space?"

Ranma shook his head. "No, no... I mean your aura looks like Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus if they were mixed. Why? I haven't got a clue."

"My aura looks like Sailor Mercury's? Is this normal?" Ukyou stared at her hands as she flipped then back and forth as though looking for anything out of the ordinary. "Why does this stuff happen to me?" She looked like she wanted to scream.

"Now your aura looks like Sailor Moon's before she's about to sob. Are you going to cry?"

Ukyou raised her battle aura in anger. "That's a pretty insensitive question Ranchan!" A mallet that Akane would be proud to own appeared in the chef's hands.

Ranma instinctively jumped back at the sight of an Akane(tm) brand mallet #2 held in a proper grip for an immediate strike. "Wait! Ucchan, I can explain!" He held out his hands to try to deflect the impending blow.

Ukyou's aura flared a bright blue. "Explain!"

"You've got Akane's aura again. Look." He pointed at the mallet. "Recognize that?"

Ukyou turned her head to see she object in her hands. She dropped it in shock. "What? How?"

"I'm going to have to find out." The mallet hit the ground and disappeared like Akane's mallets usually did after she dropped them. "It seems like you've got everybody's aura. Right now your ki is swirling different colors like a rainbow. I've never seen anything like this before."

"Is this... normal when you're healed by a Senshi?"

Ranma watched as Ukyou's ki ebbed and flowed like a tide flow then stabilize again to Ukyou's natural light blue color. "Hold your ki right there."

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Ukyou's ki changed color again.

"Your ki is changing again. Um... What were you thinking about just a few seconds ago?"

"A few seconds ago?" Her stomach growled. "Lunch."

Ranma saw her ki changed to normal at the mention of the word lunch. He had a bright idea. "Are you thinking about cooking?"

"A little." Her ki flowed between Sailor Jupiter's and her own.

"Think about cooking okonomiyaki."

"What's that going to do about my problem? I can't go around like this." She felt numerous conflicting emotions and ideas as Ranma was describing her ki flow. Thoughts of old boyfriends, violin concerts, race cars, some tuxedo clad man, the color pink, an urge to hang out at a library or an arcade, and being older than time itself washed over the girl's psyche giving her a migraine.

"I need you to focus. Find your center. Think about cooking okonomiyaki and only okonomiyaki, can you do that for me?" Ranma pleaded with his eyes to his friend. "I think this is how you can balance your ki."

Ukyou trusted Ranma with all her heart. Closing her eyes, she found her center and thought of cooking her favorite food.

"That's it. Stay focused. Got it." Ranma saw her ki change back to normal.

Ukyou peeked out of her right eye. "Am I supposed to do this all day long?"

"So far, it seems to be working. How do you feel?"


"Besides that." Ranma's stomach growled in response to the idea of food.

Ukyou felt her headache going away and those strange thoughts of sleeping with a green haired woman happily vanished without a trace. She really didn't know anyone with green hair and didn't want to meet her under those circumstances. "I think it's working. But I can't live the rest of my life like this."

"I know. I've got to ask somebody about this. Maybe she can give me some answers."

"But I thought you don't want to deal with Cologne again."

Ranma jerked back at the thought. "Heck no! I'm talking about Sailor Pluto or maybe Sailor Mercury. One of those two might know what to do."

The chef sighed, opening her eyes as she ended her blissful meditation. "Well, I feel normal for now. But I can't think of food forever."

Ranma was getting hungrier. "I know. Why don't you just go to Ucchan's and stay there. Would working there keep your mind on okonomiyaki?"

"I suppose. Well, school will be out in a couple of hours. I think I can last that long." She stared back at her buddy. "Please have them come to my place tonight and see if they can fix whatever's going on with me."

"I can do that. Let me get Akane and see if we can track down Set... Uh... Sailor Pluto."

"Ranchan." She sighed. "You can trust me."

Ranma held an arm out to Ukyou and held her shoulder. "I trust you." His eyes stared at a point behind the standing chef. "It's her that I've got a problem with."

Ukyou felt the presence behind her hiding in the shadows. "Konatsu?"

"Guess again. I said 'her'." Ranma walked around Ukyou to face the door to the fire escape that led inside the school building. "C'mon out Nabiki." He pulled open the door and the middle Tendo fell out onto the ground.

Nabiki got up from the ground and brushed off her dress. She smiled at the completely unamused martial artist. "Heh. Fancy meeting you here."

Ranma quickly patted Nabiki down searching for any recording device. He found a small micro cassette recorder and quickly pocketed it using his Chestnut Fist technique. He continued searching her and pulled out a second cassette recorder, then an iPod, then another recorder and a microphone. Once he was satisfied that she was devoid of bugs he confronted her. "Just what the heck do you think you're doing?"

"Can't blame me for..." Nabiki paled as Ranma pulled the envelope out of his shirt and prepared to rip it up. "Don't do that!"

Ranma was furious at Nabiki's transgression in his attempt at privacy. "And why should I? Do you think you're being funny, eavesdropping on us?"

Nabiki gulped at the stark realization that she had just crossed a line that she shouldn't have stepped over and pissed off Ranma when she needed him more than he needed her. She was in no position to be asking favors while he had caught her red handed spying on him. "Okay! I shouldn't be doing that. I made a mistake."

Ranma narrowed his eyes staring down his sister-in-law. "What did you hear?"

"Uh..." Nabiki wisely decided that the truth was the only way she was getting out of this pit she had dug for herself. "I've only been listening for a few seconds. I only heard you saying something about Sailor Pluto."

Ranma couldn't see any deception in Nabiki's confession, but then the girl was a master of hiding her true intentions. "I'll have these things checked out. If you're lying I'll see to it that whatever you propose is rejected."

Nabiki's eyes grew wide in terror as her plans went up in smoke. "Okay! I confess, I was listening for a minute and heard that you were going to check with Mercury and Pluto, but that's all I heard."

Ukyou was impressed that Ranma got Nabiki to break down so quickly. She never thought she would ever see the Tendo sister ever confess to anything. "What's so special about that envelope? Got pictures or something?"

Ranma snorted in disgust. "Nah, she wants me to give this to Sailor Moon." He held the envelope for both girls to see. "I should destroy it to teach you a lesson."

The mercenary girl tried to regain her pride. "I have copies."

"Yeah, but I'll see to it that Sailor Moon won't agree to anything that involves you."

Smiling, but not too much to annoy Ranma any more than he already was, Nabiki was happy she was able to get one fact cleared up. "At least I know that you do know Sailor Moon."

"Here." Ranma tossed the envelope back to Nabiki. "Once you learn to butt out, I'll deliver your message. Until then, just forget about your proposal to the Senshi."

Raising her eyebrow in minor surprise, Ukyou put in her two yen worth, "I suspected you went that way, Nabiki. Which Senshi?"

Glaring at Ukyou with a stare that would freeze a lake, letting the chef know that that wasn't the intent, Nabiki held her envelope in her hands quivering at the magnitude of her error. She was so used to eavesdropping on Ranma that she, for a moment, had forgotten that she had asked for a favor and now risked a set of plans that she had spent months preparing. Nabiki was going to graduate from High School in five weeks and she held in her hands the possibility of setting herself up for life. She had to salvage this deal at all costs. "Ranma!"

Ranma turned away from Ukyou as Nabiki got his attention again. "What?"

She gave Ranma the puppy dog eyes and pouty face. "I'm sorry. Please, I really need you to take this to Sailor Moon."

Ukyou smiled, "So it's Sailor Moon you're in love with."

Flaring a battle aura, Nabiki made fists in anger. "No! You sicko, I'm not a pervert!"

Ranma's defenses shattered at his main weakness toward the female race, the puppy dog eyes. He couldn't resist the puppy dog eyes and Nabiki knew it. He tried to fight it off valiantly but was losing the battle terribly. "What's in the envelope?"

With nothing to lose and everything to gain as far as she was concerned, Nabiki went for broke and spilled her guts. "I have the copyright and trademark on Sailors Sun and Io."

Shuddering and going white as a sheet in the process, he grabbed the envelope from Nabiki's hands and looked at the contents. Inside were photos of Sailors Sun and Io while they were fighting the Godzilla creatures and when they fought Happosai. There were artist's renditions of Senshi with names like Sailor Rhea, Titan, Charon, Phobos and other heavenly bodies. He slid out a pencil sketch with the name of Sailor Rhea and held it out for Nabiki to see. "Who's this?"

"I made it up."

"You made up Sailor Rhea?"

Nabiki twiddled her thumbs. "I needed an image to reserve the name."

"You know there is no Sailor Rhea, right?"

"Well, there wasn't a Sailor Sun or Sailor Io until recently."

Ranma shook his head slowly wondering if he should transform and teleport his sister-in-law to a nearby asteroid or congratulate her on her ingenuity. He pulled out a picture of his Senshi alter ego. "You trademarked Sailor Sun. Why?"

Nabiki loved talking about her favorite subject, business. "Simple, right now the Sailor Moon fan club is making big bucks selling Senshi merchandise. I'm proposing that I set up Senshi Enterprises and cut the Senshi in on the profits."

"Of all the hair brained, crazy, mindless, selfish..."

Grinning, Ukyou butted in. "That sounds like a wonderful idea."

Ranma was incredulous that Ukyou would even think about siding with Nabiki. "What? She's trying to profit off of the Senshi!"

"Well Ranchan, is the Sailor Moon fan club sharing any profits with the Senshi now?"

"Uh... I don't think so. Wait, how would you know?"

Ukyou remembered when she found out about Sailor Sun being Ranma. Ranma was adamant about being a Senshi was an unpaid position. "You once told me that the pay sucks."

Ranma contemplated his pathetic bank account balance. "Well duh! Senshi don't get paid."

Nabiki went for the jugular and refused to let go. "Now we can correct this problem." She put the pieces together from what she heard and took a calculated risk. The middle girl didn't get where she was without taking proper risks from time to time. "I can set up a foundation in which we can launder money so the Senshi can keep their identities a secret. I can manage this so that we can make a great deal of money that the Senshi won't have to worry about working ever again." Nabiki was on a roll. "Why, we could make a command center with the latest high tech toys, fight crime and fight for love and justice. The movie deal alone could net us billions of yen!" Her eyes glazed over at the idea of the biggest score of her career.

Ranma's jaw dropped. "Command center? You've flipped."

"Book deals! Monthly Mangas! I can see an Anime TV series about them! Imagine the possibilities!"

"You're crazy! Who'd want to watch an Anime about a bunch of magical girls?"

Ukyou smashed Ranma on the head with her spatula. "I would, you Jackass!" She turned to Nabiki. "When would they premiere the first episode?"

Nabiki smiled. She knew she was on the right track.

"C'mon Akane, you can tell me." Yuka asked for the seventeenth time. "What're the Senshi really like?"

Sayuri swooned. "I heard that Tuxedo Mask is really romantic. Tell me, does he really fight for love and justice with a rose?"

Akane choked. "Rose? Yeah, he fights with a rose." She sat thinking about Tux-boy's weapon and didn't have the heart to tell her friends that she thought it was pretty stupid to fight with plant parts.

"Can you arrange for us to get their autograph?" Yuka pleaded.

Sayuri pulled a photograph from her bookbag. "Yeah, could you get her to sign mine?"

Akane sighed for the tenth time during the conversation. "Okay, but no promises. Which Senshi do you want an autograph from?"

"This one!" They both shouted as they handed Akane color photos that looked like something that Nabiki would sell. Akane took the pair of photos and sighed for the eleventh time. "It figures. Just what she needs to feed her ego." The photos were both of Sailor Sun.

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