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Welcome to Burgerlib

The only low level library you'll ever need

Copyright 1995-2019 by Rebecca Ann Heineman becky[email protected]@bur[email protected]gerbe[email protected]cky.[email protected]com. Email all suggestions, corrections, optimizations and insults to her and she'll be eternally grateful.

It is released under an MIT Open Source license. Please see LICENSE for license details. Yes, you can use it in a commercial title without paying anything, just give me a credit.

Please? It's not like I'm asking you for money!

Documentation is found here.

Sections of interest:


  • Rebecca Ann Heineman - most of the codebase
  • Gary S. Brown - CRC32B
  • Jean-loup Gailly - Original Zlib compressor
  • Mark Adler - Original Zlib decompressor
  • Thatcher Ulrich - Hash template
  • Daniel Julius Bernstein - djb2 hash algorithm
  • Matt Pritchard - SafePrint