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Sailor Ranko: The Harder They Fall: Chapter 9, Tokyo.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me pose for Nabiki's camera.

Nodoka was humming to herself as she briskly walked from the Tendo household to the train station. She checked the schedule and waited for the next train that would take her to Juuban. She had in her pocket of her kimono a list of potential apartments and small homes that would suit her needs. She couldn't wait to get to her son's apartment to tell him and his wife that her property in Nerima sold for much higher than she expected.

She sat on the bench among a crowd of people. Some people were gathering around a wall mounted TV. They were murmuring amongst themselves as some sort of newscast went on the air. Nodoka ignored it since she had better things to think about. The train arrived and she hopped up from the bench like a little girl going to a toy store and slid onto a seat in the train. The train appeared to have fewer people on it than normal for this time of the evening. Nodoka didn't mind. She had a seat all to herself. She placed her katana on her lap and held it to scare off anyone who would disturb her happy thoughts.

Her head was filled with joyous thoughts of spending a lot more time with her son.


The air base commander got the word he had been dreading. His subordinate gave him the news. "Sir, we have a confirmed sighting of Godzilla in Tokyo harbor."

The commander got up from his desk. "Are you sure?"

"We've confirmed from two sources. An oil tanker and this..." He turned on the TV in the commanders room. He turned the channel to a news station.

"... the streets. There is widespread chaos as the creature is approaching the west side docks in the bay. This is Eye in the Sky for channel NNN24 reporting." The TV showed an aerial view of Godzilla from the rear. The helicopter aimed its powerful light on the creature. The monster turned to face the camera. It inhaled and breathed a column of fire at the camera cutting off the picture.

The officer turned to the commander. "Convinced?"

He slammed his clenched fist on his desk nearly breaking the hardwood surface. "Scramble the fighters! I want this thing served up on my plate for breakfast!"

"The Americans have offered to assist. I've got the commander of the Okinawa base on the line outside."

"No, no. Tell him this is an internal matter." The base commander was a proud military man from a long line of brave Japanese warriors. He wanted to show the world that Japan could deal with the problem itself.

The siren went off and four jet fighters took to the sky. All fighters were equipped with Type 80 radar guided missiles. The Americans had briefed the Japanese that infrared-guided weapons failed miserably in the New York Godzilla attack. The attack on Tano confirmed that Type 93 infrared guided missiles were useless. Interception would be in twenty minutes.


Sailor Sun stood in awe at the sight of the magnificent creature. It didn't seem possible for an animal of that magnitude to even be real. Godzilla took a step back from the end of the pier. It snarled at the debris in the water. It exhaled its fire breath and roasted the remains of the speedboat and half of the dock. Sun turned away and raised her arms to protect herself. The heat wave sent a wall of hot gases over the street that ran alongside the bay. People fell over from the burning wind. Sailor Sun barely was able to stand. Her Senshi powers of the sun allowed her to withstand the intense heat that came from the breath attack.

Sun lowered her arms and saw the precision of the breath weapon. Only the tip of the dock and the immediate area around it was destroyed. The rest of the damage was limited to scattered small fires. There was no major structural damage in the adjoining buildings. There were several injured people on the ground. Sun ran to the nearest victim and patted out the fires on his clothes. She ran to three other people and put out the tiny patches of flame on their clothes as well. Sun looked up at the creature that appeared to be sniffing the air for something. Sun screamed to the crowd. "Everyone! Get away from the water!" She pointed away from the sea. "Run that way!"

The remaining few people in the area ran away from the ocean. Sailor Sun started leading the crowd to safety as the mighty beast just stood there. Sun dragged some people out of the street and onto the sidewalk out of harms way. A police officer arrived and dragged away the last of the injured people from the middle of the street. He stood with the injured and tended their wounds. He pulled out his radio and called in for backup.

Godzilla was examining the fragments that remained of the boat. Something caught its attention and it walked onto the street. Sun ran out of the way to prevent herself from being stepped on. The giant stood in front of the restaurant and looked around. Gusts of wind blew around the street as the massive head of the creature swished back and forth.

Sailor Sun prepared a magic attack. "Searing Plasma..." Godzilla turned and quickly ran down the street in the same direction as the Frenchmen. It didn't seem possible for a creature of that size to move as fast as it was walking. Sun dropped her attack and ran to the middle of the road. "Hey! Get back here you coward!"

Sun ran after the creature. She pulled out her communicator and dialed the alert code. "Everyone, that thing's approaching..." She took a good look at where the thing turned at a street corner. She jumped to the rooftops and saw the Tokyo Tower directly ahead. "Shiba Park. It's right next to Tokyo Tower."


Nick, Philippe and Alain ran at top speed towards the Tokyo Tower. They thought that would be the most likely area that the Japanese military would set up some sort of defense or command post. They didn't count on a giant lizard stalking them as they ran away from the boat.

THUMP! Nick turned around and saw in the distance a very large and pissed creature slowly walking toward the intersection of the street they were on. THUMP! It stopped and started to sniff the air. It turned in their direction and started walking after them. THUMP! It was being careful not to step on any cars and pushed some of them aside to clear the road. THUMP! It got frustrated and started grabbing cars and threw them out of the way. THUMP! It gave the reptilian version of "I just don't care if it hurts my feet" look on its face and started crushing the cars as it stepped on them. THUMP!

Nick examined himself for any clue as to why the creature was following him. He smelled his shirtsleeve. He realized what it was tracking. He looked around for a clothing store. He stopped in front of one and whistled to his teammates.

Philippe turned to the noise from Nick. He glanced at the oncoming green freight train marching down the street in their direction. "WHAT THE HELL!?!?"

"Ditch the clothes! They smell like the boat." Nick threw off his shirt and unbuckled his pants.

Alain was in shock, a massive green iguana stomping down the street was not an everyday occurrence. He saw Nick performing his poor rendition of a strip-tease. "What the hell are you doing?"

Nick fell on the sidewalk face first. He forgot to take off his shoes before removing his pants. "The fish smell is what it's tracking. We've got to throw off the scent." He kicked off his shoes.

Alain and Philippe smelled their clothes. In seconds they dropped their equipment and undressed to their underwear. Nick ran into the clothing store first and grabbed a shirt and a pair of jeans off the rack. They were too big for him but he put them on anyways. He wasn't picky.

Alain and Philippe ran to the rack with their size and got properly fitting clothes. They were French. They would rather die than be caught in a bad suit.

Alain grabbed a large gym bag from a display in the sportswear section. He placed the nuclear charge in the new bag and left the canvas one on the floor. He ran to the front door. An angry shopkeeper yelled at him for stealing the clothes. Alain waved his rocket launcher and Philippe cocked his assault rifle which scared off the store owner. Nick stumbled out the door and the two Frenchmen followed him outside.

The three men ran to their discarded clothing and Philippe grabbed his extra ammo clips from the coat on the ground. Alain picked up his extra round for his rocket launcher. The men saw six girls in mini-skirts standing in an intersection down the block making poses and shouting something at the creature. Nick was dumbfounded by what he saw. Philippe grabbed Nick and dragged him off. "We can sight see later." They ran toward the tower.


Usagi entered Usa's room. She saw her wrapping up her kata. She went over to Diana and petted the little pink cat. "Usa, where have you been going to every night?"

Usa spun in place. She was trying to maintain balance on the tip of her shoe. "Out."

Usagi stopped petting Diana. She sat on the bed. "Could you please be more specific Usa? I am your mother and I deserve to know where my daughter is."

Usa stopped spinning and relaxed her muscles. "Mom, I can't really talk about it."

Their communicators beeped. They both pulled out identical wristbands and got the message from Sailor Sun. Usagi and Usa reached for their broaches and transformed. Both girls made the exact same pose when they finished their light show. They both were pleased at how the other looked like and said together. "COOL!" Only the pink hair and her developed muscles made Neo Sailor Moon any different from her mother. Both Sailor Moons were in their Super Sailor Moon fukus with white skirts and extra jewelry in their hair.

Sailor Moon commanded her daughter. "Let's get to Mercury's house! Just follow me!" They both jumped out the window of the bedroom and ran to Mercury's house.

The Inner Senshi except Io and Sun arrived at Mercury's place within ten minutes. Mercury began the quick briefing. "Io is on her way to Sailor Sun's location. Sun said the monster is green, fifty meters tall and really pissed off."

Jupiter groaned and got weak. "Did you say fifty METERS tall?" Venus and Moon wanted to faint.

"Yes, this creature is massive. It's bigger than anything we've ever faced. It's right now somewhere near Sun's job on the bay." Mercury saw that Sailor Moon was pale from fright. She turned to Neo Sailor Moon. "Neo Moon, can you lead the teleport?"

Sailor Moon recovered from her attempt at a fainting spell. "I'm the leader here! I lead the teleport!"

Neo Sailor Moon crossed her arms and faced away from her mother. "Well I'm Sailor Moon too you know."

Sailor Mars glowed red. "Stop this pointless bickering!" She pointed to Moon. "You lead the teleport." She pointed to Neo Sailor Moon. "You should lead the attack."

Sailor Moon wanted to cry. "Who died and put you in charge?"

Neo Moon and Mars each grabbed the crybaby's hands and grabbed Mercury and Venus in turn. Jupiter completed the circle. Mercury instructed, "Moon concentrate on the creature and take us to a place where we can intercept it."

Sailor Moon closed her teary eyes and concentrated her magic. She focused her energy on Tokyo Bay. "Ok Mercury. I think I got it."

Mercury concentrated as well to help guide Moon to a proper location. The two girls agreed in their minds on a street corner and they all disappeared and reappeared in an intersection swarming with people running for their lives. The Senshi fanned out and faced the monster.

The girls immediately realized that this was a really, really bad idea. Godzilla was two hundred meters away and approaching fast. Sailor Moon took a step forward and made a pose. "I am Sailor Moon! I right wrongs and ugh..." Neo Sailor Moon grabbed her mother and ki jumped out of the way before a giant foot could smash them flat. Sailor Mars cast a "Fire Soul" at the reptile's leg and Jupiter cast "Supreme Thunder Dragon" on its tail. The monster kept going and walked past the Senshi.

Sailor Sun had teleported next to the other girls. "Hey guys..." She fell to the ground sound asleep. The sun had already set and Sailor Sun hadn't bothered to notice.

Godzilla was unfazed by the attacks. Its thick leathery skin deflected Jupiter's lightning and Mars' fire attack gave it an itch. The monster stopped in front of a clothing store and started sniffing the ground. The monster nudged its nose at the front door smashing the entrance and causing the facade of the building to fall down on the street. Godzilla reared its head and gave out a bellowing roar.

Sailor Venus and Mercury stopped their magic attacks. The six standing Scouts fell to the ground covering their ears. Sailor Sun woke up and was in agonizing pain from the noise.

Godzilla's spikes on its back glowed blue. It inhaled. Sun saw that there were people still scrambling out of the store. She cried out. "Oh no you don't! Searing Plasma Blast!" Sun threw a fireball right on Godzilla's face to distract it and the fireball exploded with tremendous force. The creature reeled from the impact and stood up on its hind legs with the tip of its snout over eighty meters in the air. It released its breath to the sky in a spectacular plume. Godzilla came crashing down on its claws, which shook the street. The quake knocked the Scouts back down to the ground.

Sailor Sun prepared another attack. Mercury scanned the creature with her computer. "Sun..."

"Searing Plasma Blast!" She threw another fireball at the monster. Godzilla moved aside and the magic fire missed it and flew into the sky harmlessly. Godzilla sniffed the air. It had Sun's scent.

Mercury looked at Sun and then at Godzilla. It dawned on her what the beast was doing. "Sun, I'd beam out right now if I were you."

Sun turned to Mercury. "This thing's a wimp. I handled things this big in Ryugenzawa with only martial arts." Godzilla gave out a mighty roar in Sun's face spewing out Godzilla spit all over her and causing her flaming red hair to flutter in the gale force wind. Godzilla took in a deep breath and raised a blue aura.

Sun got wide eyed as the beast opened its maw and lunged at the senshi. "Eep." The other Scouts ran for cover. Sun concentrated her teleportation magic on the Tokyo Tower behind the creature. "Sun Beam Transport!" She disappeared just as the entire street was bathed in radioactive fire. The cars all over the street exploded and were blown away in all directions.

Godzilla sniffed the ground to make sure that the tiny irritant was disposed of. It found no trace of Sailor Sun. It turned to the now empty clothing store. It took a step back to aim at the pile of clothes sitting out in front of the building to incinerate them. Godzilla breathed again obliterating the clothes, the store and the neighboring buildings.

Godzilla lifted its front claws off the ground the smelled the air again. It turned to Tokyo Tower and tilted its head. It sniffed again.

Mercury brushed herself off from all the ash that had landed on her. She scanned the wind and for the location of Sailor Sun. She found Sun's communicator signal on the top floor of the tower. The wind was blowing in from the direction of the tower. Godzilla had perfect wind conditions to find Sailor Sun. She cursed. "Sun you idiot. Next time, teleport downwind."

Godzilla slowly walked to Shiba Park. It would cross the open area to get to the Tokyo Tower.


There was a large crowd of tourists on the observation deck of the Tokyo Tower. They were looking down at the battle going on in the distance down below. The people started to get worried when the monster showed that it had a breath weapon. The Tokyo Tower was tall, but Godzilla would have no problem knocking down the structure if it was so inclined.

Sailor Sun beamed in. "Don't you..." She fell flat on her face and snored. "Zzz..."

Some people crowded around the red haired Beautiful Sailor Suited Senshi. She muttered, "Dad, why did you take me there when you couldn't read Chinese? Zzz..."

One of the tourists was using a pair of binoculars on the chaos beneath them. She was watching the creature approach. "That thing is coming this way!"

There was a collective scream among the crowd as some of them ran to the elevator to escape. Other people ran to the emergency stairwell when it was obvious that the elevator was going to take too much time. Sailor Sun just snored.


Godzilla entered Shiba park just east of the tower. It caught a second familiar scent. It paused and glanced at the trees and plant life all around it. Nick, Philippe and Alain were hiding next to a blossoming cherry tree in hopes that the scent of the tree would throw off Godzilla. The plan had worked until the creature decided to enter the park they just happened to be hiding in.

Philippe turned to Nick. "I still say that running would be nice."

Nick had tied a cord around his waist to keep his pants from falling down. "Normally I'd agree with you. But right now, it's tracking us solely on scent. If it sees us and matches us up. We're toast."

Alain checked his rocket launcher. "If it makes a move on us, I can distract it with this."

Nick muttered. "As if that's going to do any good."

Philippe held his rifle and checked the clips. He cocked his rifle and held it ready. "I've got the explosive tipped rounds. I can seriously piss it off with this." Philippe faced Nick. "I'll just tell the thing that you killed its mother. That should make it want you dead too."

Nick wasn't laughing. "Funny."

A tuxedo clad man stood in the shadows near the men. He watched over Sailor Moon.


The six Scouts entered the park from the east. The tower was on the northwest corner. Sailor Io ran up to the group and joined them. "Sorry I'm late." She looked around. "Where's Sun?"

Mercury pointed to the tower. "She's up there. She's probably asleep since this was her second night teleport."

Io was worried about her Senshi husband. Sun was helpless when she suffered from teleportation fatigue. "What's the plan?" Io turned to look at the creature. She wanted to run in the opposite direction as fast as her senshi legs could carry her.

Mercury and the group stared at Sailor Moon. "Well?"

Sailor Moon slicked back her ponytails. "I say we dust it!"

Neo Sailor Moon rolled her eyes. "It's not a youma."

"It isn't? What else could it be?"

"It's an animal, plain and simple mom." Neo Sailor Moon tried to keep a calm attitude near her mother. It was painful sometimes to resist resorting to violence to knock some sense into the leader of the Senshi.

Jupiter raised a fist. "I say we dust it anyways."

They all shouted except for Neo Moon. "Right!" Neo Moon followed the plan anyway.

Moon led her warriors closer to the beast as it was deciding to approach a cherry tree with some men hiding behind it or the Tokyo Tower. The girls took positions and heard the roar of a jet engine high above. Moon looked in the sky and saw four planes making an attack run. "Lovely."

Jupiter shrugged. "I guess they want to have a crack at it."

Venus started to run for cover. "Let them." Mars jumped behind a large rock. The others stared at each other and then scattered.


The lead pilot got a visual on Godzilla. "The target has stopped and I've got a good lock. It's in an open field. I've got a clear shot. Permission requested to engage."

"Permission granted Alpha one. Engage the target."

The pilot got a radar lock on Godzilla and launched two Type 80 radar guided missiles. They homed in on Godzilla.

Godzilla spun to the sound of the rockets. It quickly glowed blue and breathed at the incoming missiles. They exploded in the intense heat. Godzilla spread its breath into the sky but the fighter jets were flying way too high for the attack to be effective.

Godzilla dug its claws into the ground and started digging. Tons of earth went flying everywhere. Most of it landed on the Inner Senshi burying them under mounds of dirt.

The lead pilot gave new orders. "This is Alpha one. I have a negative impact on the target. Alpha three and four approach from the north. Alpha two, follow me and approach from the south. We're going to have to hit it from two sides simultaneously."

Alpha three and four veered off and flew to the north. The lead plane and his wingman turned south. They would try again to pummel Godzilla.


Sailor Mars popped out of the dirt and stared at the sky trying to follow the jets. "What are they up to?"

Godzilla stared at the sky as well trying to figure out where the next attack would come from. It lowered its head back to the pit it had made and resumed digging.

"World Shaking!" Sailor Uranus cast her attack at Godzilla's rump.

"Deep Submerge!" Sailor Neptune hit Godzilla's dorsal fin. The two Outer Senshi just arrived and shot at the beast while it was distracted.

The water attack bounced harmlessly off Godzilla's armor. The earth attack shook the creature and it stopped digging and peered out of the ground at its attackers.

Sailor Uranus was amazed that her attack was almost useless. She prepared to attack again.

Godzilla opened its mouth to breath at its new foes. Alain jumped from behind his tree since he had nothing to lose. The tree was in the line of fire near the two Outer Senshi and they would have been barbecued if the creature attacked. He shouted at the top of his lungs as he fired at the creature's opening mouth. "Suck it down!"

Godzilla swung its tail into the ground and a pile of dirt made a cloud of rocks that knocked the rocket off course and it exploded in mid-air. The spray pummeled Sailor Uranus and Neptune. The three men stood in a line behind the tree and only got minor injuries. Godzilla growled and hunkered down to jump and land on the insolent bugs that dared to harm it.


The northern pair of jets were ready. "Alpha one, this is Alpha three. We are in position."

"Alpha three, this is Alpha one, we are in position. Begin your attack run."

From the north and the south, the sounds of jet engines could be heard. They were performing a coordinated attack and launched four missiles from the north and two from the south at the target.

Godzilla looked at the sky again and was about to breathe at the new group of incoming fire. It spun its massive head around and saw the other missiles coming from the other direction. It turned to the west and ran for it.

Alpha one's pilot couldn't believe what he was seeing. The creature moved out of the park faster than the radar could track it. The missiles smashed into the park's lake, a grassy area and two buildings. The blasts shook the area and huge fireballs lit up the night sky. Flaming debris rained down all over the south and west sides of the park.

The lead pilot swore into his helmet. He called his headquarters. "Base, we have a multiple negative impacts. I repeat, multiple negative impacts. Target remains and is traveling westbound. Please advise. Missile inventory is low."

The park was getting difficult to see. Smoke from the missile impacts filled the air with thick black clouds obscuring the view.


Sailor Io covered her ears with her gloved hands to protect her hearing from the explosions around her. "I thought they were supposed to shoot at the monster!"

Jupiter peeked from her hiding place. "Wow! I hope we don't get blamed for that."

The rest of the Inner Senshi popped out of the ground like prairie dogs. They brushed themselves off and grouped around Neptune and Uranus. Moon asked, "Where's Saturn and Pluto?"

Neptune and Uranus didn't stick around and they ran after Godzilla. They answered to Moon as they left, "We don't know." They jumped out of sight beyond a cloud of smoke.

Mercury stared at Tokyo Tower. "At least they're not sleeping on the job."

"And what's THAT supposed to mean?" Sailor Sun ran up to the group. "Sorry I'm late." Sun yawned.

Io ran over and held her husband and hugged her. She brushed aside one of her red bangs. "How did you wake up?"

Sun rolled her eyes as if she was being asked a stupid question. "Who could sleep though all that racket?"

Moon called out, "Girls, let's get that thing!" She ran after Uranus and Neptune. The rest followed their princess.

Sun moaned quietly. "Girls? I gotta remember I'm a girl right now." Sigh.

Neptune and Uranus wanted to have another chance to hit Godzilla with their attack spells. They got to the edge of the park where a large smoke cloud was forming from a missile impact crater in the grass. Neptune called out to her love, "Do you see it? Where is it?"

In response, the creature jumped through the smoke cloud and tried to land on the two Senshi. They barely jumped out of the way in time.

Godzilla ran back into the park. It startled the group of Inner Senshi as it ran by them nearly killing Jupiter as its massive foot missed her by scant meters. It ducked back into the hole it made in the center of the park and started digging again.

Sailor Moon made a pose. "Everyone, let's do it!"

All the girls with Uranus and Neptune included, formed a straight line. They all cast their attacks as Godzilla kicked up piles of dirt in the air.

Most of the attacks bounced harmlessly off Godzilla's hide. A lucky flying boulder intercepted Sun's Searing Plasma Blast. Only Io's Lava Blast and Mars Burning Mandala actually hit the creature. Godzilla dug faster and the body and then the tail quickly slid underground and out of attack range.

The cave entrance collapsed on itself and the rumbling faded away.

The girls stood at the ready. They slowly turned and viewed every corner of the park. Godzilla could have erupted from the ground anywhere and at any moment.

Mercury was scanning the ground. "What in the world?"

Moon stood next to Mercury. "What's the matter?"

Mercury didn't want to believe the readings she was getting from her scanner in her computer. "I lost it. I can't believe I lost a fifty meter tall dinosaur."

Mars was appalled. "You actually lost that thing!"

Mercury turned to Sun. "I think it doesn't care about you anymore. It's not trying to hunt you down. It was too busy digging a hole to escape."

Sun was miffed at that. "Doesn't care about me? Why I'll give it a reason to fear me!" She struck a heroic pose.

Io yelled at Sun. "What's with you? Do you have a death wish?" She hooked her shoe around Sun's boot and tripped her. "And knock it off with that stupid posing. It makes me sick." She struck a pose. She didn't know why.

Sun tripped Io and the raven haired girl fell on her butt. "Keep your defenses up." Sun hopped upright. She turned and saw the three men behind the tree trying to sneak off. "Hey! Stop!" Sun ran after the trio.

The other girls wondered what Sun wanted with those men. They followed her. Sun had caught up to the mystery guests. She jumped directly in their path. "You were on that boat weren't you?"

Philippe played dumb for a moment. He spoke in Japanese. "What boat?"

"The one that the green thing barbecued. Why was it after you?" Sun was going to beat the answers out of these men. They had just endangered an entire city by bringing that thing here.

Philippe saw that there was little use in lying. He didn't have to tell the entire truth. "We were fishing and got the chum on ourselves and the boat. There was an undersea explosion and we came here. I believe it thought that we tried to hurt it somehow."

Mercury and Sun didn't buy the excuse completely. It sounded close to the truth but they didn't trust these suspicious people. Mercury recognized Philippe. "You're the guy I saw in Okinawa." Mercury grew cold. "What's going on here?"

Nick Tatopoulos approached the girls. He spoke in English. "These men are with me." Philippe hoped that Nick wouldn't say something that would involve the French.

Mercury turned to the stranger. She spoke in English as well. "Wait. Aren't you Nick Tatopoulos, the Godzilla expert?"

Nick was overjoyed. There was someone who didn't call him by his hated nickname.

Sailor Venus looked at him. She understood the conversation in English but spoke in Japanese. "Yeah, he's that Worm Guy isn't he?"

All the girls nodded in agreement. Nick didn't understand what she said except the words 'Worm Guy'. He sighed. "We're here to study the creature. We got too close and it tracked us." He got defensive. "We had no idea that it would follow us here. Honest!"

Jupiter stared at Philippe's rifle, she spoke in English as well. "And that's why you're armed to the teeth? Guns like that can probably be bought in every street corner in the U.S. They're a little hard to come by in Japan."

"Look." Nick turned his head to the crater left by Godzilla's burrowing. "We've got a serious problem. Godzilla has the ability to burrow like a worm and minimize seismic waves. Once it finds a safe place to hide it can actually go into something like hibernation and it's almost undetectable."

Mercury scanned the ground again. She came up empty. "How to we find it?"

"It will come out soon. The only questions are where and when."

Sun and Moon nodded. They didn't understand a word in English that was spoken.

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