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Sailor Ranko: The Harder They Fall: Chapter 6, Make Kuno Pay!
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or make me run for President of the United States.

Nick Tatopoulos surveyed the damage to the village on Okinawa Island. He took soil samples and numerous photographs. He was recognized worldwide as an expert on Godzilla but hated it when everyone called him 'The Worm Guy'. That was the name all the newspapers and newsreaders on TV used to describe him since no one could remember or pronounce his last name.

Philippe stood next to Nick. "Well? Is it going to nest?"

"Probably. Where and when is what I don't know yet." Nick reached down and grabbed a handful of blacked ground. "I'm more curious about why it destroyed the town. It doesn't make any sense."

Philippe checked his watch. They had to leave soon. "What do you mean? It's a monster. Destroying towns are what monsters do."

Nick let the ash fall from his grasp. "No it's not a monster. I've been telling people that for years. It's just an animal like any other. It only wants to survive, nothing more. So far the creature's pattern had been just searching for food. I don't understand what caused it to use its breath attack here." He had a thought. He turned to his companion. "Were there any witnesses who saw the actual attack?"

Philippe pulled out his Palm Pilot. He tapped on the display reviewing his notes. "Yes. There were two on a boat that said they saw the whole thing."

"Let's talk to them. I want to know EXACTLY what happened here."


Nick and Philippe entered Okinawa hospital in Okinawa city. Philippe produced a CIA identification card and was escorted with Nick to a hospital room. Nick nudged Philippe. "You don't work at the CIA do you?"

"I work for a similar agency, but for a better country," he showed his pride for his homeland.

Toru Tanaka was in traction. His speedboat was picked up and thrown by the giant monster when it went on a rampage and destroyed everything in sight. He fell over forty meters before hitting the water and had barely survived. He was hardly alive when the rescuers found him. Philippe pulled up a chair and sat next to him. He spoke in a soothing voice. "Sir, please tell us what happened."

Toru looked at the Frenchman. "I already told them everything."

Philippe gestured to Nick. "This is the Worm Guy. He needs to know about the monster."

Toru smiled and turned to look at Nick. "The Worm Guy! It is an honor to meet you."

Nick just nodded. He didn't understand a word of Japanese.

Philippe drew Toru's attention back to himself. "Please forgive him. He had not had the opportunity to learn Japanese. Now, please tell us what happened before Gojira attacked." Philippe pulled out a digital audio recorder and set it down to record everything.

Toru closed his eyes. "I will never forget that day for as long as I live."

** Flashback **

Toru was driving a speedboat just offshore. His friend Hiraku was water skiing behind him and was having a great time. The water started getting choppy and Toru cut the power to the boat. "Hey! It's getting too rough. Get back in here!" Toru started to pull in the rope and Hiraku swam back to the boat.

Hiraku climbed on board. "That's just like you Toru. First sign of rough waters and we always go back to port. Can't we have any..."

A loud roar was heard. The two men turned to see a giant creature about twenty meters offshore standing forty meters high. The creature's legs were still in the water so it was actually much taller. The monster just stood there looking for something. It paused to smell the air. It was attracted to a large warehouse.

Several men appeared in the windows of the upper floors. The place was known to be a Yakuza hideout to the locals. No one ever went to that place for fear of his or her lives. The men produced a rocket launcher and fired a shell at the creature. The rocket exploded on Godzilla's hand. The monster looked at its claw and then charged the man who fired the rocket. Several more men appeared in other windows and fired automatic rifles. The bullets didn't faze Godzilla in the least. It pissed it off. The spikes on the back of the monster glowed a bluish white color and it inhaled.

Godzilla breathed a white pillar of bright light from its mouth and engulfed the men and the building they occupied. The building exploded in a giant fireball from the weapons that were stored there. Godzilla felt the shockwave of the explosion. It then proceeded to engulf the entire village with radioactive fire. The attack only lasted two minutes. Each building that exploded and every electrical cable it touched only enraged the giant beast further.

The town's thirty buildings were knocked flat by a final swing of Godzilla's tail. The creature went back to the sandy shore and looked at the ruined village. It was still hungry. It stared at the burnt out ruins of the warehouse. It saw a dock with some people on it jumping into a boat. Godzilla inhaled and a plume of fire came out causing the boat's fuel canister to explode near Godzilla's face. Godzilla heaved its mighty fist and smashed the dock and the boat flat. It caught sight of Toru's boat. Toru panicked and started the engine. Godzilla heard the sound and ran at a speed that seemed impossible for a being of that size and in a moment it was on top of speedboat. Godzilla picked up the boat and both men fell off. Toru hit the water and surfaced a moment later. He floated face up in agony.

Godzilla threw the boat onto land. It shattered into hundreds of pieces when it hit the ground. Godzilla looked around for any sign of something that could attack it or something to eat. The monster slowly turned and went back out to sea.

Toru blacked out.

** End flashback **

Toru let out a breath of air. "Next thing I know, I'm here in the hospital. They told me Hiraku already went home. He paid me a visit this morning so I know he's ok."

Philippe stood up and bowed to Toru. "Thank you for honoring us with your time. Get rest and get well." He spoke in English to Nick. "Let's go. I'll translate on the way to the dock."

The two men left the hospital and got in the rental car and drove to the dock. Nick listened intently as Philippe played the recording of the interview and translated it into English. They arrived at the rental car drop off location when Philippe finished the translation.

Nick thought about the creature's behavior as they walked to the dock. They boarded a large high tech speedboat. Six other Frenchmen were waiting for them. They went into the main cabin and sat around a cramped table. Philippe greeted the commando leader. "It's good to work with you."

Paul, the commander, nodded his approval. "I've heard about you. You've got the respect of my commanding officer." He gestured to the other men. "This is Maurice our pilot, Francis our munitions expert, Albert our medic, Victor our sharpshooter and Alain who's in charge of the packages."

Philippe was pleased. "I take it you've got the packages?"

Paul pointed to Nick and spoke in French. "Is he cleared to know about the packages?"

Philippe changed the conversation back to English for Nick's sake. "Yes. He has clearance. How many and what's the yield?"

"We were only able to make two so far. The first is a 1 kiloton charge and the other is a 10 kiloton charge." Paul nodded to Alain. Alain reached into a cabinet in the back of the room and pulled out a large silver metal chest. He put it on the table and pressed a combination on the latch and it popped open.

Seated snugly in thick foam padding were two plastic objects that looked like giant white pill capsules. Alain pointed to the smaller of the two. "The one marked 'Alpha' is the one kiloton tactical device. We'll use this one if the creature is in shallow water. It can go about 200 meters deep before it implodes. The other marked 'Gamma' is the ten kiloton device and we'll use it if Godzilla is deeper than 200 meters."

Nick interjected. "Where's 'Beta'?"

Alain laughed. "It broke." The soldiers laughed. Nick didn't understand what was so funny. "We only could build two bombs. The third one couldn't be finished in time. Now, to arm," he pulled out Alpha and gave it a twist. The casing came off exposing wiring that was hastily put together. A dial that looked like an egg timer was stuck on the nose of the device. "Open this cover, turn this switch to the on position, then turn the timer." He turned the timer and it started ticking. "I expect a 30 second delay for this one and a two minute delay for the other."

Nick grew pale. Did this wacko just arm a nuclear device? Philippe held Nick's arm in place as he tried to bolt out of the room.

The egg timer stopped ticking. Alain shouted, "BOOM! We're all dead! HA HA HA!"

Nick needed to change his underwear. The men all burst out into total laughter. Alain continued, "Of course," he pulled out a key that was on a chain around his neck. "You need to actually arm the thing first with this."

Paul spoke up, "Ok, that's enough fun with the American. Alain, stow the packages." He began the briefing. "Here's the plan. Nick, you need to give us the most likely location that the creature will strike next. Once we have that, we will have Maurice pilot the boat to the area picked out and we will chum the water. Once the target arrives, we will leave the area and I'll bring the helicopter over the target and Alain will give our friend a serious headache. Any questions?"

Nick was unsure about a few things. "Uh... What about Electro Magnetic Pulse? Won't the bomb knock the helicopter out of the sky?"

Alain shook his head. "This is an undersea detonation with a limited yield device. We should be out of range. If not, well I've got a great life insurance policy." He smiled. The man seemed to welcome death.

"That makes me feel so much better."

Maurice joked, "I expect we'll be out of the area before they start dropping the package. I for one can't wait to surf a tidal wave."

Nick sighed. Philippe stood up. "Well gentlemen, we have a job to do. How long before the helicopter is ready?"

Paul answered, "It's being fueled now. Francis and Victor will finish the landing pad on the back of the boat so we can land the helicopter and refuel at sea if we need to."

Philippe patted Nick on the back. "Well, all we need is the location of where our friend is going to be next."

Nick reached into his backpack. He pulled out a map of Japan. "It struck on Okinawa Island first, then it went to Kasasa. Now, it can go northward or eastward. I really can't determine which. So we'll have to wait for it to make a move."

Maurice wasn't happy. "Great."

Nick continued, "However I've determined that Godzilla is not going to be too hard to trap."

Paul was interested. "How so?"

"The attacks were not in anger. It was just hungry. That means that it's not starving. If Godzilla were starving, it would be rampaging the countryside looking for food. Since it seems to be taking its time, that means that it not going to come after the boat unless we attack it first." Nick glared at Alain. "Once you drop that bomb, you'd better not miss."

Alain petted his bomb case. "Why?"

"I've seen a Godzilla that was pissed off. Trust me, you don't want to piss it off."


Nabiki was taking her lunch break. She was glad she was able to talk her way out of a detention for being over an hour late to school. Her train ride from Juuban took longer than expected since she missed her connecting train. She giggled thinking how it was Ranma who taught her the benefit of the puppy dog eyes and girlish charm to get out of trouble.

The P.A. system announced her name to come to the main office. She got up and went to answer the page. She entered the office. "You paged me?"

The secretary pulled out a slip of paper. "You have a message. She said it was important."

Nabiki was perplexed. She took the paper. It read, "Nabiki, give me a call, Akane." It had a phone number written below it. She smiled. "Could I use your phone, it's rather important."

The secretary glanced up from her solitaire game. "No, it's against the rules. Use the pay phone outside."

Nabiki silently cursed. If she could get away with not paying, she would. She went a group of phones away from the main lunch area. She called the number.

Akane answered. "Took you long enough."

"Hey sis, did you get a hold of them?"

"Yes. Now, I'm calling in a big favor for this. So it's going to cost you." Akane was holding back her laughter. She had always wanted to extort money from Nabiki for a change.

Nabiki tried to weasel out of paying. "After all I've done for you sis?"

"You cut us off financially, so Ranma is working almost every night to pay our bills."

"It's a learning experience for him. It's a lesson in life."

"Well here is my lesson to you..." Akane bit her lip. She didn't know how much was too much. "The price is twenty thousand yen."

"Now sis, that's a lot of money!"

"Take it or leave it."

"How about we compromise? Fifteen thousand yen." Nabiki wanted to laugh. She would have paid five hundred thousand yen for this.

"Ok, it's a deal. Does Kuno still practice Kendo after school?"

Nabiki made a fist and pulled it in front of her chest. She silently screamed, "YES!" She answered. "Yes, he practices with his club right after school at 3:30."

"Sailors Sun and Io will meet him at 4 PM at the Furinkan Gym. I suggest that you don't be there."

"Don't worry sis. I'll be long gone."

Akane looked at Makoto, Ranma and Usa. The four of them were holding back their glee. "Ok, I'll get them to show up. Bye." She hung up. "SUCKER!"

Nabiki hung up the phone. "SUCKER!"

Akane turned to the group. "Ok, we are going to have to make sure we know our parts ok?"

Makoto rubbed her hands together with anticipation. "Oh I just can't wait to nail this guy."

Ranma laughed. "I can't wait to see the look on his face!"

Usa added, "I really think it would work better with Minako or Usagi."

They all looked at each other. "Why not?"


Nabiki went over to Kuno who was reading a book of Shakespeare. Nabiki thought, "He's probably memorizing his poems for the Senshi." She coughed to get Tatewaki's attention.

Kuno lowered his book to see Nabiki sitting on the table in front of him. "What do you have for me today Nabiki Tendo?"

"Oh Kuno baby, you know I always deliver." She put her sunglasses on and basked in the sun.

Kuno put his book down. He was intrigued. Nabiki only acted this way when she had something of true interest for him. "And what are you going to deliver me? Do you have more photos for me to examine?"

"4 o'clock at the Gym. Be there."

"And what is so special about that time. I will be there anyways for Kendo practice."

Nabiki pulled her glasses down to expose her eyes. "I arranged for the Senshi to meet you there at that time."

"Y-y-you did?" Kuno couldn't believe his ears. "Which one?"

"Both of them. Sailors Sun and Io have agreed to meet with you at 4 today."

Kuno dashed upright and pulled out a comb. He brushed his hair. "I must make myself presentable for my date with the Senshi. What shall I wear? Do you know what the Senshi like as gifts?" His mind was going in fifteen directions at once and all directions led to brick walls.

"Well Kuno, it does depend on one other thing." She held out her open palm.

"For this," Kuno reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash held together with a rubber band. "I came prepared. I knew you would not let me down."

Nabiki knew that money was more than enough to satisfy her for the moment. She quickly pocketed the money. "Don't be late. They won't stay around for long. You know, Senshi business." Nabiki slid off the table. "Pleasure doing business with you."

"Wait! What shall I wear?" Kuno was nervous. He wanted to make a good impression on his new loves.

Nabiki looked Kuno over. He was wearing his usual Kendo uniform. "You look fine." Nabiki looked at the sky. Kuno would probably be skyward at 4:01 PM. "Yes, you are dressed perfectly for today."

Nabiki went to the gym to look around for a good place to hide and take pictures. She needed some shots to sell Kuno as a souvenir for his 'date' today. She picked a spot near a bush near the front of the gym building then went off to class.


Tatewaki Kuno was a nervous wreck. He was watching the clock as the time neared 4 o'clock. He had ten minutes to go. His sparring partner made an overhead swing and connected on Kuno's shoulder causing the Kendo master to reel in pain.

Kuno jumped away from his opponent. "How dare you strike me?"

Kin was upset. "I made a fair blow. Why were you distracted?"

"Nothing." Kuno sat at the bench. He called Raidon to take his place to spar with Kin. Kuno fidgeted and checked the two bouquets of roses he purchased for his rendezvous.

Nabiki was hiding in the bushes with her camera at the ready. She had the telephoto lens aimed at the entrance of the Gym. At two minutes before four o'clock a bright light flashed near the Gym and six Sailor Scouts appeared in a circle holding hands. Nabiki barely contained her glee. She thought. "Akane really delivered. Makes me almost feel sorry I'm only paying her fifteen thousand yen for this." She snapped a photo.

Instantly all six Senshi turned to her direction, attracted to the sound of the camera clicking. Two of them leapt into the air and landed on either side of Nabiki. The red haired one held out her hand. "Give me the camera."

Nabiki snapped a photo of Sailor Sun and turned to the pink haired Senshi standing next to her and took her photo as well. The pink haired Senshi demanded. "Give me the camera NOW!"

Nabiki lowered the camera and putt the lens cap back on. "I'm Akane's sister. She said it was ok."

A third Senshi joined the group. She had short hair like Nabiki and wore a yellow mini-skirt. Sailor Io spoke. "I don't think Akane gave you permission to take our pictures."

The red haired one gave a tiny laugh then stood upright. The blue-skirted pink haired girl snatched the camera and popped the memory cartridge out and handed the camera back. She handed the cartridge to the yellow-skirted girl. The girl dropped the cartridge on the ground and cast, "Lava Blast!" The cartridge was incinerated.

"Hey! That costs money!" Nabiki was angry. She felt her pocket being pilfered.

Sailor Sun held three more cartridges in her hand. "These cost money too. Didn't Akane tell you not to be here?"

"Give those back!" Nabiki took the memory cartridges back. Sailor Sun grabbed Nabiki. "Sun Beam Transport!"

A flash appeared at the top of Tokyo Tower. Sailor Sun let go of Nabiki. "I think you'll behave now." Sun flashed out.

Nabiki was very dizzy. She wasn't prepared to be turned into a beam of light and have her molecules scrambled across town. She slid to the floor and passed out.


Sailor Sun and Io went to the entrance of the Gym. They had Neo Sailor Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mars following them. Sailor Sun and Io stood in the doorway. Neo Sailor Moon slid the door open to dramatically show all six girls at the entrance.

The men reacted normally. Some passed out, others began to drool and others prayed to god thanking the almighty for the vision that stood before them. Tatewaki grabbed the flowers and marched with the confidence of Napoleon on the eve of the battle of Waterloo.

He stood before Sailor Sun and Io. "I presume you are here to meet with me?"

Sun and Io just looked at each other. They then turned to Kuno. Together they asked, "What do you want?"

"I have come to give you this." He held out flowers to each Senshi.

Neo Sailor Moon grew wide-eyed. She stood next to Sailor Io. "Do you accept the challenge?"

Io looked at Sun. "I think he might survive."

Sun held her gloved hand to her chin. "I don't know. He doesn't look like he's worthy of the challenge."

"I am most worthy." Kuno made a valiant pose with his hand on his bokken and his other hand holding a fan with the word 'Kuno' written on it. He had been practicing.

Sailor Venus stood next to Sun. "So, do you wish to take him?"

Neo Sailor Moon clapped her hands. "Why yes! I want a new daddy!"

Kuno turned to the pink haired girl. The hair color did make it look like that she was Sun's daughter. "New daddy?"

Jupiter looked Kuno over. "Of course. Human males don't last long."

Tatewaki was wondering what he got himself into. "Huh?"

Io nodded. "I'll challenge him first." She walked to the center of the Gym. "All of you men, OUT!"

The Kendo club members didn't really listen to the yellow-skirted Senshi. They were still in awe of the raw beauty in front of them.

Sailor Mars shouted. "Are you deaf? Leave now or risk getting hurt!"

Sailor Io raised her hands over her head. "Thunder Hammer Strike!" She made an overhead throw of ki and blasted a small trashcan. In moments the entire gym was cleared out. Kuno tried to run as well but Sailor Sun grabbed him by the collar.

Sun dragged Kuno to the center of the room. Jupiter and Venus shut the doors and stood guard. Sun let go of Kuno at Io's feet. "You've made a challenge. You've got to go through with it."

Neo Sailor Moon stood next to Io and Kuno as if she was a referee. Kuno got off the floor. "I didn't make a challenge."

Io tossed the flowers back at him. "You gave this to me didn't you?"

Kuno looked at the flowers and back at Io. "Of course, it's a token of my affection for you."

Io shot a glance to Neo Sailor Moon. Neo Sailor Moon raised an arm. "You have confirmed that you have issued a challenge of marriage. As per the laws of the Sailor Senshi, you must defeat Sailor Io in combat to win her hand. Sailor Io, please fight Tatewaki Kuno to the death." Neo Sailor Moon spun on her heel to let Kuno regret his decision.

"D-d-death? Wait a minute! Who said anything about a fight to the death?"

Jupiter laughed. "Told you he was a wimp."

Io bowed and took an attack stance. "Shall we begin? If you defeat me, I will date with you."

Kuno pulled out his bokken. "No, if you defeat me, I will date with you."

"That's no fun. If I defeat you, there won't be much left for the cremation urn." Io raised her hands above her head for a ki attack.

"W-w-wait! That's not fair!"

Venus called out, "What's not fair! You issued the challenge!"

Io cast out, "Thunder Hammer Strike!" She shot out a bolt of ki and threw Kuno into the back wall.

Kuno was winded but conscious. Io wasn't going to give Kuno the pleasure of escaping without a generous helping of pain. Sun yelled to Io, "Don't forget that I get him if he survives."

Io ran over to Kuno and grabbed his robe. She threw him over her shoulder and onto the hardwood floor. She then slapped his face and kicked him into the center of the room. She gave Kuno a few seconds to get up.

Kuno knew the Senshi were more powerful than what Io was dishing out. He decided that Io wanted Kuno to win. It gave him confidence. He grabbed his bokken from the floor. "Now fair one, I will defeat you! Strike! Strike! Strike!"

Kuno rapidly poked his bokken at Sailor Io. She easily dodged the attacks and stood back. "Lava Blast!" She threw a flaming ball of lava at the bokken causing it to explode in flame.

Kuno held a smoldering short piece of wood. "Uh, oh."

Sailor Io kicked the bokken fragment out of his hand and followed up with a punch to the jaw. Kuno spun around and fell on the floor in a daze. Sailor Sun gave a nod of approval and had a hint of envy. Sun wanted to be the one doling out the punishment instead of Io.

"You are not worthy." Io turned to the other Senshi. "Is it agreed?"

All five other girls gave thumbs down. Neo Sailor Moon spoke like a referee. "It's been decided. Kuno has lost the challenge and now will pay with his life." All six girls jumped in a circle around Kuno. They all prepared their attack spells.

"Now wait! I didn't mean it! Honestly! It was Nabiki's idea!"

Neo Sailor Moon stopped her spell and held an open hand up. All the other girls stopped gesturing as well. Kuno didn't know that Senshi needed to speak their spells to cast them. All the girls were just waving their hands around. Neo Sailor Moon glared at Kuno with a stare that would freeze the room. "Am I to take it that you weren't aware of the laws of the Beautiful Sailor Suited Senshi?"

Kuno got on his knees. He clasped his hands together. "No! I didn't know that I am to die for losing a challenge."

Mars and Venus were holding back laughter. Sun pinched herself to keep from falling over in complete hysteria. Jupiter and Io gave looks of satisfaction at watching this disgusting pervert squirm like the cockroach he was.

Neo Sailor Moon made a pose. "I must have your word. You will not bother or challenge the Senshi or friends of the Senshi. If you go back on your word, we will hunt you down and KILL you." Neo Sailor Moon made sure she emphasized the word 'kill' in her speech.

"I give you my word! I will no longer bother the Senshi."

Neo Sailor Moon produced her Moon scepter. She aimed it at Kuno in a threatening manner. "NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Your vow must include friends of the Senshi!"

Kuno was confused. It was not a hard state for Kuno to enter. "Who are your friends?"

Sailor Sun announced. "Ranma Saotome is a friend of the Senshi."

Sailor Io added. "Akane Tendo is also a good friend of the Senshi."

Sun had a friend she wanted to help. "Ukyou Kuonji is a trusted friend of the Senshi."

Sailor Jupiter noticed Sun forgot someone. "The pig tailed girl is a teacher and friend of the Senshi."

Kuno went pale at the names of his hated enemies and his true loves were one by one declared off limits. "No. No. You can't ask that of me! I have sworn an oath to protect the pig tailed one and Akane Tendo from the clutches of Ranma Saotome! You must understand that they are prisoners."

Neo Sailor Moon was getting angry. "You either give me your word or face your punishment!"

"I-I can't."

Neo Moon started a speech. "You have issued false challenges."

Venus added, "You have harassed innocent girls."

Jupiter added, "You have tried to steal someone's wife."

Sun fumed, "You have tried to annul a marriage between two people."

Kuno begged, "It was to save Akane!"

Io was furious, "You have pissed off Akane Tendo!"

Mars added, "You are an enemy of the Senshi."

"No! I'm not your enemy!"

Neo Sailor Moon got in Kuno's face. "PROVE IT! Make the vow!"

Kuno was speechless. He saw in his mind the pig tailed one and Akane Tendo being dragged off by Ranma. They were screaming to Kuno for him to save them. He had to find a way out of this. The girls surrounding him started to back away. He knew they were going to create a crater when he sat unless he did what they demanded. "I give you my word."

Sun wasn't fooled. "Speak the entire vow!"

"I, Tatewaki Kuno will not harass the Senshi or their friends."

Io needed to hear a little more. "And you will not try to date with them or break them up with their husbands."

Kuno gritted his teeth. The girls were ready to blast him. "Nor will I try to date with... them..."

Jupiter raised her lighting rod in her tiara. "We haven't got all day!"

Kuno gulped. "Or break them up with their husbands."

Sun and Io gave smiles that almost ripped their faces off.

Neo Sailor Moon sent her scepter into subspace. "It's settled. Kuno let this be a lesson to you. Some battles you can never win." She tilted her head toward the door.

The six girls went to the edge of the room and formed a circle to Sailor Teleport. Sun paused the group, "Gimme a second."

Sun ran over to Kuno. "Kuno, the pig tailed one wanted you to have this."

Kuno looked up in expectant glee. He received the business end of her red boot and went through the roof and into the sky.

Sun ran over to the circle and grabbed on. Neo Sailor Moon led the teleport and they all vanished.

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