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Sailor Ranko: The Harder They Fall: Chapter 16, Warriors United.
Rebecca Ann Heineman

Ranma 1/2 and the characters therein are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. Based on "Sailor Ranko" by Duncan Zillman and "Twice in a Millennium" by Kevin D. Hammel.

I don't own these characters. Please don't sue me, kill me or give me a one-way ticket to Iraq.

Sailor Sun felt a wave of despair come over her. She formed a look of determination, raised her fist in the air and pulled it down to cast a spell. "Sun Beam Trammmmmm!" Neo Sailor Moon clamped her hand on the redhead's mouth to interrupt her teleportation spell.

Sun mumbled as she pulled her arm down again like she was pulling a brake cord to stop a bus. "Mmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm!" She was determined to invoke her teleportation magic to beam over to Ukyou's location.

Neo Moon kept one hand on the steering wheel of the speedboat and the other stuffed in Sun's mouth. "Look Sun, it's still dark. The sun won't be up for at least another twenty, maybe thirty minutes." She clamped down tighter as Sun squirmed to get away. "You teleport now and you'll fall asleep and get in the way. You wouldn't want that now would you?" Neo Moon released her grip once Sun relaxed and stopped screaming her spell phrase into Neo Moon's hand.

Sun felt behind her heart shaped broach that decorated her front yellow bow on her dress looking for her communicator that she had kept hidden there. She silently cursed as she remembered that she gave the little pink calculator looking thing to Ukyou. She turned to the Senshi seated next to her. "Jupiter, could you call my communicator? Ukyou has it. I've got know what's going on with her. I had a bad feeling about her."

Sailor Jupiter nodded and dialed Sun's extension on her communicator wristwatch. The Senshi only had watches for the nine main Senshi and Tuxedo Mask. Artemis hadn't gotten around to making watch communicators for Io or Sun yet since the cat didn't think it was a rush job. Sun hadn't asked Artemis to hurry up and get her a watch since he was a feline and Sun did everything she could to avoid any contact with the white furred claw repository. Sun hated cats. She hated anything to do with cats. She couldn't even say the word cat without stuttering.

Jupiter's watch made a tone as it tried to connect to Sun's communicator. It beeped several times and then went to Sailor Sun's obnoxious voice mail message. "You've reached the voice mailbox of Sailor Sun. This had better be important! Have a nice day. BEEP!"

Jupiter spoke leaving a message. "Talk to Artemis about getting you a wrist communicator you coward." She cut the line. Sun twitched her eyebrows at the mention of the name Artemis. Jupiter asked, "Sun, what's wrong? Why are you asking about Ukyou?"

Sun stopped twitching and stared at the approaching dock. She gauged that it was about a minute before they were close enough for her to jump to shore to run to the furniture store where she last saw her friend. "Ucchan's in trouble. I know it." She turned to Moon. "Something bad happened. You know what the future might be. Please tell me it'll be all right. Please?" Sun begged.

Neo Moon was expressionless. She tried to push the throttle forward but it already was at maximum speed. She didn't turn to look at Sailor Sun's pleading face. She kept the boat on course and let a tear slip out.


Sailor Io was not having a good time. Her communicator had fallen out of her hands and she tried three times to retrieve it from the pit of hungry pseudo dinosaurs. Each time she jumped down to get it; she had to leap back to keep from being torn apart by claws and razor sharp teeth or roasted in fire breath. Only her crowd control skills that she had learned from beating up the mass of boys sent by Tatewaki Kuno in her sophomore year at Furinkan kept her from being lizard food. She felt good at being able to keep several creatures at bay at the same time with her martial arts skill. She jumped out of the fray again and threw down a spell at the horde that had tried to attack her. "Lava Blast!" She blew up another baby Godzilla and landed like a gymnast on the ledge above.

Sailor Venus was several meters in the air suspended by her Love Me Chain attached to the ceiling to rain down Crescent Beam spells from directly above. The light she was producing from her magical attacks turned her into a perfect chandelier. She had run out of targets to shoot at so she kept her beam on for the sake of illumination. Sailor Io and Moon could sense where the living creatures were from all the bodies and debris that covered the floor of the dug out cavern. They blasted the few remaining stragglers into tiny pieces.

Tuxedo Mask had to hold on to his princess once in a while to keep her from falling into the pit below. It wasn't that she was clumsy at the moment. When she was in Senshi form, she had combat skills that were above average in Tokyo but considered pitiful in Nerima. The ledge she stood on kept crumbling away, causing her to almost slip and fall in the chaos below several times.

Neptune and Uranus stood on an adjacent outcropping sending blasts whenever they saw any movement in the pit. Five minutes of solid spell casting had the five Senshi tired beyond belief. Io called out. "Everyone! I think they're all dead."

Io closed her eyes and concentrated all her senses on the scene before her. She sent two more Lava Blasts to pick off the last survivors and meditated. She felt no more life below her. "We got them!" She let her mind drift from the combat and had an image flash before her. Io shot her eyes open shivering. She jumped down into the pit and retrieved her communicator from the yolk of a broken unhatched Godzilla egg. The device was disgusting to look at through the goo that covered it but it still worked. She hopped up to the ledge with Sailor Moon. "Moon, I've got to help Ukyou." The Senshi leader was about to speak a reply when Io jumped to the ledge where the team arrived in and ran off.

Moon held her arms to her waist looking up to where Io disappeared. "Well, that was rude."

Sailor Venus watched her friend disappear into the darkness and cast a Venus Love Me Chain to swing after the newest Senshi. "I'm going to follow her." She stopped at the ledge to the entrance tunnel and faced her leader below. "Can you guys do without me?" Venus shot a glance toward the exit as she thought she heard distant gunfire.

The room started to darken as the light from Io's lava and the flames from all the previous attacks began to burn out. Neptune and Uranus looked at their princess for a decision. Moon gulped and put her finger under her collar to loosen it from nervousness. She hated making arbitrary decisions. She stowed her Moon scepter and jumped up to Venus' position. "Let's see what's going on with Ukyou." The princess pointed to the carnage below. "I think the military can handle this now." The other Senshi gathered around their leader and nodded in agreement. They all crawled down the narrow passage into the sewer tunnel and ran under the opening to the street above.

Sailor Moon was the first to emerge from the manhole among a group of soldiers who surrounded the opening and had guns ready. She waved off the men. "Hey! We're the good guys, remember." The men lowered their weapons and stood back.

Tuxedo Mask, Sailors Moon, Venus, Uranus and Neptune quickly got out of the filthy smelling sewer and stood in a small group with numerous soldiers gawking at them. Moon broke the ice. "Have you seen a yellow skirted girl leave here?" Several men nodded. She pointed toward where she knew they left Ukyou. "Did she go that way?" The soldiers nodded again. "Thanks! Oh, and be careful down there. It stinks!" Moon jumped over the soldiers with the other Senshi following.

Uranus paused before she ran after everyone else. "I think we got them all. But be on your guard anyways." She leapt into the air leaving a group of very confused soldiers behind. They had been listening to the sounds of the battle for the last ten minutes and none of them were very enthused on entering the sewer.


Sailor Mercury felt Ukyou's neck to check for a pulse. Ukyou was alive and barely conscious. The Senshi turned suddenly as Shampoo screamed her battle cry again. "Aiya! Where green things come from?" She jumped off of a small dresser drawer in front of another Godzilla baby and stabbed it in the heart with the Silence Glaive.

Mercury stood up in awe at the battle before her. Konatsu was performing distraction techniques and hit and run tactics keeping several monsters busy while occasionally striking a killing blow. Shampoo preferred a more direct approach where she just screamed and spun the Glaive as if it was a rhythmic gymnasts baton. She had to choose her kills carefully since the room was filling quickly with bodies and there was no room for more.

Saturn opened her eyes and sat up in the bed from all the screaming both from Shampoo and dying giant iguanas. She watched in fascination as Shampoo wielded her weapon as if she was born with it. She turned to see Mercury frozen in place and saw a Godzilla emerge from the shadows behind her. Saturn screamed out a warning to Mercury with a raspy faint voice. "L-look out!"

The blue-skirted Senshi turned to her teammate to see what she was talking about. She took a step forward to get closer when a Godzilla slammed into her backside and fell on top of her. Mercury spun around as the beast's heavy weight crushed her onto the carpeted floor. She raised her gloved hands to ward off the creature when she realized it was gasping for air and became still. She pushed the body off of herself and saw Ukyou's katana shoved into the thing's chest.

Ukyou gritted her teeth in agony and pulled back her right hand in support of her body weight. She held her injured left hand on her chest. "Could you give me my katana back Sugar?"

Mercury was flabbergasted. Ukyou should be in shock, a coma or dead from her injuries. The Senshi snapped back into action from her daze and yanked out the katana from the baby's chest and handed the hilt back to Ukyou's right hand. She glanced up and saw Konatsu fending off two creatures that were attracted to Ukyou's bloodstain on the ground. Mercury cast, "Shabon Spray Freezing!" A cloud of freezing mist flew from Mercury's hands, past Konatsu, and encased a baby in ice. Konatsu jumped the remaining creature and slit its throat an instant later.

Sailor Saturn placed her hands on Sailor Pluto's chest to heal the time Senshi's wounds. In moments, Pluto's chest and stomach regained their youthful appearance and the radiation burns she received from the giant Godzilla vanished. Pluto coughed and her eyes fluttered open. She sat up as her strength returned and cast off the blankets. She took good look around, extended her hands whispering. "Dead Scream."

In a few seconds, every living Godzilla in the room was reduced to smoldering ashes as balls of magical energy flew from Pluto's outstretched hands. Konatsu and Shampoo did double takes as their opponents burst into magical flame and fell in piles of dust. They turned to see the source of the blasts and saw a standing Sailor Pluto wearing very little. She held one arm over her breasts and only a tiny shred of her black skirt remained to cover the rest of her. Konatsu averted his gaze and his nose formed a trickle of blood. Shampoo gave a small bow of respect to her fellow warrior. Pluto kept her gaze to the entrance of the store and spoke to Konatsu. "What? Haven't you seen a naked girl before?"

Mercury lowered her arms and went back to Ukyou who was holding another dead Godzilla baby up with her katana plunged deep into its chest. Mercury pushed the baby off of Ukyou and held the chef's head in her hands. "How?"

Ukyou smiled and felt the pain wash over her. "Ask me later..." She closed her eyes and let unconsciousness ease the suffering. Mercury picked up Ukyou and took her over to the bed with Sailor Saturn. Pluto ran behind a wall and invoked her transformation to get another fuku. Shampoo stood guard while Konatsu hid in the shadows watching both the front of the store and keeping an eye on Ukyou.


"Corporal!" Sergeant Yamamura lowered his binoculars. "The main group has retreated. Have the men set their night vision to ultra-violet and hunt down these things. I want four man squads in two by two formations. Keep them in close groups and perform a building-to-building search. I want all of these things dead."

"Got it!" Corporal Utada radioed the orders to the ground troops. The entire area around the giant dead Godzilla was cordoned off to prevent any of the babies from escaping. Numerous squads of heavily armed soldiers were slowly advancing on the monsters that controlled the street. Things looked good for the military since they hadn't lost a single man in the battle and the Godzillas were dropping like flies.

Six Apache AH-2 attack helicopters flew over the area firing an occasional laser guided missile into small groups of creatures. Chain guns were fired in other groups leaving behind a trail of lizard parts wherever they hit their mark. Two helicopters circled an intersection where a high concentration of lizards was seen. "Echo two, this is Echo four. I see about ten targets entering a building."

"Echo four, this is Echo two. I confirm. I have laser lock."

"Echo four has laser lock. Firing missiles."

"Echo two firing missiles."

Twin salvos of laser guided missiles flew from their launchers from the two helicopters after the Godzillas that entered the Pine Furniture Emporium. In moments, the building would be leveled, neutralizing the targets.


Shampoo and Konatsu backed away from the window as another group of Godzillas jumped in. Both martial artists felt their danger sense go into overdrive as the sound of helicopters got louder. "Shampoo think time to go."

"I agree. We can carry Ukyou and the little one out of here." Konatsu jumped onto the ceiling and crawled like a spider over to Ukyou. He dropped down and grabbed his mistress in his arms. "Senshi! Follow me this way!" He jumped over a bed towards the storage room in the back of the store.

Shampoo jumped over to Sailor Saturn and held the little Senshi tight under her arm. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stiffen as the growls behind her got louder. She wasted no time leaping in the air, performing a somersault and landing on a mattress like a trampoline and flying through the open door to the storeroom after Konatsu.

Mercury and Pluto stared at each other for a moment. Pluto raised her hand to cast her spell again when she felt her own danger sense go off. A little voice in her head said. "Get the hell out!" She obeyed the voice by turning tail and running with five three-meter tall iguanas nipping at her back.

Mercury canceled her spell and followed the others at full speed. Her little voice was screaming into her ear. "Go! Go! Go!"

Konatsu reached the loading dock door that separated them from safety. He held Ukyou's katana in his hand and prayed that the sword was strong enough to slice through an aluminum wall. He made a few quick strokes finding that the gods had heard his prayer as a circle of metal fell off revealing an escape route. He jumped out of the hole into the alleyway behind the building.

Konatsu took notice of the fact that he was in deeper trouble than he thought. The alley had five Godzillas huddled around a garbage dumpster munching on the trash from the restaurant on the other side of the alley. He looked at the fire escape above them and jumped to the second floor balcony. He knew he had little time so he held Ukyou over his shoulder and climbed on the outside of the fire escape as fast as he could to get to the roof on the tenth floor.

Shampoo popped out into the alley, took a moment to see where Konatsu went and jumped up after him. An instant later, two frantic Sailor Senshi with more hungry Godzillas behind them followed.

A missile entered the front window of the furniture store scoring a bulls eye. The entire room was engulfed in flames and the concussion ripped several support columns away. The front of the building began to collapse from the lack of support. The second missile entered and hit the floor exploding into a massive fireball. Three baby Godzillas were incinerated instantly while the others were crushed by debris.

Sailors Pluto and Mercury only reached the fourth floor balcony when the alley was bathed in fire. The building they exited fell backwards onto itself and showered the entire area with smoke and dust. Mercury lost her grip and slid down a meter before grabbing onto another iron railing holding on for dear life. Pluto jumped into the air and landed on the sixth floor balcony holding it tight as the air currents pulled the two magical girls downward.

The building that once had a furniture store on the bottom floor completely collapsed and a massive fireball erupted from the ground floor as the explosion was set free from the building that contained it. The entire city block was filled with a deafening roar as the fireball flew into the sky from the alley. Mercury felt her back burning up as the flames licked her uniform and singed her hair. A moment later, the fire disappeared as the upper floors of the building acted as a fire extinguisher by crushing the flames back down to the ground.

Mercury shed a tear in terror. She didn't want to end like this. "Mommy!" She cried as she felt the balcony giving way to send her to her death. Just as gravity took effect on her, she felt herself being lifted skyward as someone violently grabbed her arm and pulled her up. She was shaken around like a rag doll finally ending up on the roof of the building as she was thrown to safety by Konatsu.

Sailor Mercury opened her eyes and saw a very fuzzy world around her. She felt a terrible pain on her back from her injuries and smelt burnt hair. She bolted upright the moment a loud thud was heard next to her as Sailor Pluto landed on her butt from being thrown by Shampoo.

Konatsu and Shampoo nodded to each other as they confirmed that they were successful in rescuing the Senshi. Konatsu disappeared and reappeared next to Ukyou. He checked her pulse, found it was present and then checked her bandage on her leg. He ripped a small strip of cloth from his pants leg and added an extra layer of cloth to Ukyou's torn hand. "We've got to get her to a hospital. Where is the nearest one?"

No one else was in any position to answer Konatsu's question. Sailor Pluto was in a daze. Mercury was watching the stars float around her head. Shampoo was busy tending to Sailor Saturn who had fainted from healing Sailor Pluto.

"Please Ukyou. Stay with me." Konatsu begged as the smoke cloud that came from the remains of the building the helicopters destroyed obscured his view of the city. "Senshi! Shampoo! Do any of you know how to get to the hospital from here?"

Shampoo yelled out as the roof was engulfed in smoke and everything was going dark. "Shampoo no know! Where honored Senshi?"

Sailor Pluto sat up. "Senshi is in a world of hurt." Pluto tried to use her Senshi senses to get her bearings but failed miserably. She could detect evil or life forms but simple directions to a hospital in a smoke cloud was not something she could do. Everyone on the roof began coughing as the air became unbreathable.

Mercury had an idea. She sat upright while ignoring her pain and cast. "Shabon Spray!" A cloud of fog appeared from the Senshi pushing away the smoke. They still couldn't see a thing, but they could breathe again. She thought to herself. "And they said that spell was useless."


Sailor Neo Moon's speedboat was almost at the dock when suddenly Sailor Sun jumped out and landed on shore. She ran down the street trailing flames behind her. Sailor Jupiter's eyes bugged out at the speed that Sun achieved by using both her magic and her ki at the same time. "Wow! She's got to show me how she does that!"

Sailor Sun ran over rooftops, trees and anything that got in her way as she went to help her childhood friend. She felt that Ukyou was in danger and that time was rapidly running out. Ahead of her, she saw a flash in the skyline. She changed course slightly to get to the source of the distant explosion. As she neared the area, a cloud of gray then black smoke filled the sky. She jumped to the roofs of very tall buildings and sensed where Ukyou was. She changed course again and landed in a bank of fog that was on the roof of a single building. Sun paused for a moment as she recognized the fog as being Sailor Mercury's magic. "Mercury! Are you here?"

"Sun? Is that you?" Mercury cried out as she fell backwards from her pain. She muttered to herself. "Ow. Now I know how Mars felt." Sun caught her just before she hit the tarpaper that covered the roof. The Senshi of the Sun gently placed the Mercury princess down. "Are you alright Mercury?"

"I'll be fine." Mercury answered unconvincingly. She added. "Eventually."

"Where's Ukyou? Is she ok?" Sun concentrated her Senshi sense getting the answer she was looking for. "I'll be right back Mercury." She turned into the fog and fumbled for about five meters before she came across Konatsu and Ukyou. Konatsu at first took a defensive stance at the new intruder thinking it was one of the monsters. He dropped his guard once he saw that it was a Senshi. Sun knelt down to Ukyou's side. "How's..." Her jaw dropped the instant she saw Ukyou's leg.

Without hesitation, the Sun Senshi grabbed her best friend in the world, held her tight and disregarded Sailor Neo Moon's warning. She concentrated on Dr. Mizuno at Juuban Hospital and prayed for a miracle. "Sun Beam Transport!"

Sailor Mercury's mother, Dr. Mizuno was in the hallway going to the room of another child who was injured in the Godzilla attacks. She worked in the pediatric ward at the hospital and was exhausted from all the hours she and the rest of the staff were putting in during the crisis. A flash of light appeared before her. Sailor Sun stumbled then fell on the linoleum as a shocked doctor watched her fall. Sun pleaded before she fainted. "Help her." Sun went down with Ukyou's body landing on top of her.

Dr. Mizuno wasn't that surprised at Sailor Sun's appearance. She was surprised at the wounds on the girl she was carrying. "Get a gurney over here!" She called to a nurse. "I need this girl's blood type and at least 500 cc's of plasma." The nurse standing there was frozen in shock that a Senshi was on the floor. The doctor shouted at the top of her lungs. "NOW!"


Sailor Io ran up to a group of soldiers who were hiding behind a concrete barrier. They had their guns pointed down the street at a giant body of a dead Godzilla. One of the soldiers squeezed off three rounds from his M-16 rifle at something in the distance.

"Could you guys let me pass?" Sailor Io asked.

The men looked at her like she was insane. If any of them knew who she really was, then they would know for a fact that she was insane. The men just stared at the warrior and drooled.

"Perverts." Io jumped over the barrier taking a look around. The Senshi looked over her shoulder to the men. "Don't shoot me. You'll only make me angry." She ran off down the street.

A soldier picked up a radio mike. "We've got a Senshi approaching the target area. Everyone use caution. There is a Senshi in the area." A moment later, Sailor Moon, Venus, Uranus and Neptune jumped over the men after Sailor Io. "This is the 142rd. We've got at least five Senshi approaching the area. All units, be advised that there are several Senshi in the area."

Sailor Io saw a huge smoke cloud directly ahead coming from the remains of a burning crushed building. She stopped as she sensed that she was being watched. She spun to face her enemy. "Thunder Hammer Strike!" She launched a ball of ki and regretted it once she saw that her target was Sailor Neo Moon.

Neo Moon raised her hand in a ki strike. "Sugar Heart Impact!" Her pink colored ki blast deflected Io's energy and both balls of power exploded harmlessly between the two girls. "Watch where you're shooting that thing!"

Io was embarrassed. "Sorry Neo Moon!"

Sailor Jupiter peeked out from behind a wrecked car. "Are you two done playing around?"

Neo Moon looked over at the recent destruction ahead of them. "Did Sun do that?"

"Big explosion... Lot's of fire..." Io grumbled in a low voice. "Maybe."


Konatsu was panic-stricken. "Where'd they go?"

Mercury cast her spell again. "Shabon Spray!" She was lying on her back yet was able to make the proper hand gestures to cast her magic. The previous spell was wearing off and the smoke was trying to overwhelm the girls with choking black smoke.

Shampoo followed Mercury's voice. She held Sailor Saturn in her arms and knelt down next to Mercury laying the tiny Senshi next to her. "Shampoo think we safe here for now."

Pluto appeared from the mist. "Unless the military decides to level this building too. I suggest we get as far away from this place as possible."

Konatsu joined the group. "Ok, which way do we go? I can't see a thing in this fog."

Mercury sat up again as her healing magic stopped the bleeding on her back. "The fog's better than choking to death from smoke inhalation. Pluto, could you teleport us out of here?"

"I was wondering when you were going to ask." She held onto her niece, Sailor Saturn and slipped into the time stream vanishing to nothingness.

"I wonder when she'll be back." Mercury groaned as she felt her back. "Could one of you tell me how bad my back looks?"

Konatsu took one look and averted his gaze. Mercury's dress was gone from just under her shoulders all the way down to her buttocks revealing just a little too much butt cheek. It really wasn't anything that would warrant a PG-13 rating, but Konatsu didn't like looking at naked people without permission. He realized he was acting stupid and turned back around. He stood afar as he examined the girl's exposed back. "You've got some discoloration and a lot of redness. You appear to have minor first and second degree burns but they seem to be vanishing before my eyes."

"That's good. My magic can heal first and second degree burns quickly. It's third degree burns that would take some time." Sailor Mercury slowly got up. "Could you two turn around and not look at me for a moment?"

Shampoo and Konatsu shrugged while turning around like Mercury asked them to. Konatsu hoped that this wasn't some sort of trick to ditch him. They heard the girl shout "Mercury Star Power! Make Up!" and a light show was reflected in the fog. "You can look now."

The two turned to see Sailor Mercury in a perfectly clean uniform. She looked like she had taken a bath. Her face was a little pale and she had difficulty standing. Shampoo rushed over to catch the short haired girl while she slid to the ground. "Why Senshi make light?"

"It was Mars' idea." She replied while she assumed a sitting position on the roof.

Sailor Pluto reappeared with a fully healed Sailor Saturn standing next to her. The little Senshi walked over to Mercury and placed her hands on the blue-skirted girl's back. Mercury was bathed in a yellowish glow for a moment. Saturn pulled her hands back with a smile on her face. "I did it Pluto-mama."

"Did what?" Sailor Moon appeared on the rooftop. "Mercury! Are you alright?" Sailor Moon knelt next to her friend.

Mercury answered. "I am now." She blinked. "Moon? When did you get here?"

"It was Sailor Io. She brought us here. Neptune is putting out the fire. Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, Neo Moon and Io are dusting the dinosaurs. I sensed that you were here so I came to see if you're ok."

Saturn beamed a Kasumi like smile. "I healed her Sailor Moon."

Mercury agreed while she rubbed her restored back. "That she did."

Sailor Moon noticed her injured outer Senshi weren't injured anymore. "Are you both ok?"

Pluto nodded. "Saturn and I are fine now. However, Ukyou was seriously injured."

Konatsu interrupted the little Senshi gabfest. "If you don't mind. Could any of you tell me where I can find out where Ukyou is? Where did Ran... Sailor Sun take her?" Konatsu grimaced as he almost made a terrible blunder by naming Sailor Sun in front of Shampoo.

Mercury thought about it. "She knows where Juuban Hospital is, so she could have taken her there." She pointed toward the direction of Juuban Hospital. "Juuban Hospital is..." A rush of wish blew past the Senshi as a black blur whizzed by. "Over in that direction." Mercury dropped a bead of sweat. "Shampoo, is everyone from Nerima that fast? Shampoo?" She turned to look at the Amazon.

Mercury's fog was lifting and the smoke from the fire below was thinning out. She saw the limp body of Shampoo and the four Senshi huddled around her. Mercury examined the Amazon. "She's got two broken ribs, dozens of bite marks, her jaw is broken. How was this girl standing?" She had a look of pure shock on her face. "This is impossible, this girl should have been in intense pain. How did she? Saturn! She needs your help."

Saturn knelt next to the unconscious Amazon and laid hands on her. She closed her eyes and concentrated her healing powers. It took over a minute of touching most of Shampoo's body to find and seal all the wounds that she had. She finished her healing and fainted from her exertion. Pluto cradled her niece in her arms and lightly kissed her forehead in thanks.

Shampoo awakened to the concerned faces of four Sailor Senshi. She immediately was aware that she didn't need to use her Amazon pain control technique anymore. She felt her ribs finding them perfectly intact. "What happen? Do Senshi heal Shampoo?"

Sailor Moon smiled. "Sailor Saturn helped you." She looked at the three Senshi and Shampoo. "Can the four of you tell me exactly what happened here?"

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